Blood Bank Services

Accredited by AABB and CAP, the Blood Bank performs routine and specialized compatibility testing and provides blood components to support the transfusion needs of a number of specialty services. These include cardiac and vascular surgery; solid organ transplantation (liver, heart, lung, kidney, pancreas); the Yale Cancer Center, cell therapy transplant program, and hematology service; a level 1 trauma center; and the maternal- fetal medicine and newborn special care services.
Although the blood bank employs automated testing methods to promote efficiency and rapid turnaround time, the laboratory is staffed around the clock with dedicated medical technologists who can solve complex serological problems and provide appropriate component therapy to patients. In addition, the blood bank maintains a frozen reserve of some rare antigen negative red cells as well as other Group O red cells to ensure an adequate blood supply during times of shortage.

Cell Therapy Processing Laboratory

The Richard D. Frisbee III Cellular Processing Laboratory is an integral part of the YNHH cellular therapy/bone marrow transplant program.

YNHH Tissue Bank

The YNHH Tissue Bank was established in 2007. The goal of the Tissue Bank is to provide centralized guidance, quality control, and safety monitoring for the procurement, storage, and distribution of tissues.