Jie "Jacky" Zhang, M.D.

Postgraduate Fellow


Shantou University Mental Heatlh Center, Guangdong, China


Jacky came from Shantou University Mental Health Center, Guangdong, China and worked as postgraduate fellow at the Department of Psychiatry, Yale University for 18 months from 10/31/2011. Jacky is very interested in identifying neurobiological, molecular, and cellular mechanism underlying neurodevelopmental dysfunction induced by perinatal stress. In the Stevens lab, he was actively involved in the project that investigates the function of astroglial cell and GABAergic system implicated behavior deficits evoked by prenatal stress. He will focus on exploring neurobiological and neurochemical changes as a result of prenatal stress to further understanding pathophysiological mechanism of neuropsychiatric disorders and to identify novel pharmacotherapeutic target for better treatment. Currently, Dr. Zhang is a clinical psychiatrist in Guangdong, China.