High-Resolution Transcriptome Map

Popular brain transcriptome methods are powerful at detecting global gene expression. These approaches, however, fail to capture gene expression from small cellular groups in a heterogeneous organ such as the developing brain. We developed a high resolution transcriptome (HRT) method to determine the full repertoire of transcripts in neural stem cells, migrating neurons, and differentiating neurons. Using HRT, we defined five transcriptional programs that govern different developmental mechanisms such as stem cell maintenance, neurogenesis, migration, and differentiation. These five transcriptional programs contain largely uncharacterized genes as well as intergenic transcriptionally active regions that possibly encode novel transcripts.

alt text

You can perform a quick search for your gene of interest in the box below. Expression levels and layer distribution will be presented in a histogram. Additional information can be found in Ayoub et al 2011and in Supporting Information. Raw sequence and mapped data for this study has been deposited in the Gene Expression Omnibus (GSE30765).

NOTE: Now you can explore our transcriptome data on the UCSC genome browser. The data is available as a track-hub.

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