Christopher Pittenger

Principal Investigator

Christopher Pittenger earned his MD and Ph.D. degrees from Columbia University, where his graduate work was done with recent Nobel Prize recipient Eric Kandel. He returned to Yale University - where had done his undergraduate studies - for residency and research training in psychiatry in 2003. He joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor in 2007 and was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor in 2013.

Jessica M. André

Postdoctoral Associate in Psychiatry


Jessica has been a postdoc in the laboratory since 2011. Her focus is in obtaining a better understanding of neuropsychiatric diseases through assaying the behavior of animal models. She enjoys working in academia and aims to establish myself as an effective researcher and administrator. She intends to make important contributions taking advantage not only of her scientific expertise, but also her administrative, organizational, and mentoring skills.

Luciana R Frick

Postdoctoral Associate in Psychiatry

Lina Li

Research Assistant, PittLab


Lina is currently working in the Pittenger Lab as a Research Assistant. Over the past twenty years she has previously worked in laboratories at the University of Michigan, Pfizer, and Yale University. She is the co-author of fourteen publications, and her skills lie in basic animal research, with a focus on molecular and cellular techniques.

Maximiliano Rapanelli

Postdoctoral Associate in Psychiatry

Meiyu Xu

Associate Research Scientist in Psychiatry


Meiyu has been a postdoc in the laboratory since 2009. Her focus has been studying the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the pathophysiology of Tourette syndrome (TS) using virus tools and mouse models. She received a grant award in 2011 from the Tourette Syndrome Association.