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Dhasakumar S. Navaratnam, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Neurology and of Neuroscience

Research Interests

Hearing; Neurobiology; Neurology; Neurosciences; Postural Balance

Dhasakumar Navaratnam MD, PhD is a neurotologist and neurologist who provides advanced comprehensive evaluation and treatment for patients with hearing and balance problems. He received his MD from the University of Colombo and his PhD from the University of Oxford. He completed his residency in neurology and post-doctoral training in hearing research at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Navaratnam is funded by the NIH and performs basic science research on aspects of...

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Jun-Ping Bai, PhD

Research Scientist in Neurology

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Shumin Bian

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist 3

Dr. Shumin Bian was trained in biochemistry and biophysics at Ohio State University before joining Professor Edward Moczydlowski’s lab in the Pharmacology Department at Yale School of Medicine to study the mechanisms of calcium activation of BK channels. Now he is a member of Fred Sigworth’s lab working on the biochemistry of ion channels, particularly using cryoEM for structure-functional study. He is also interested in channel-associated proteins and the involvement of ion channels in signal...

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Bon Koo

Alexei Surguchev

Simone Montoya 
Medical Student University of Miami

Alberto Ortega 
Grad Student UC Berkely

Haresha Samaranayake 

Grad Student UConn