Available Equipment & Software

Equipment List




  • Tecnai 200kV STEM/TEM w/ field emission gun, HAADF detector, hardware/software for dual-tilt tomography
    Can be reserved for up to 2 hrs for use in the Yale EM facility.
  • Tecnai T12 TEM (120 kV) in conjunction with Leica Cryo-CLEM system
    Can be reserved for up to 2 hrs for use in the Yale EM facility.
  • FEI Vitrobot vitrification robot to prepare cell or protein samples
    For subsequent cryo-TEM and single particle analysis or cryo electron tomography

  • Gatan high sensitivity camera for EM
    available for demonstration in Yale EM facility




  • LaVision BioTec Light Sheet UltramicroscopeNote! Sample prep is critical. Please see the FAQ webpage for more information.
  • Two-photon laser scanning microscope with NDD PMTs
    outfitted with Chameleon Vision II laser (see above; can be reserved for 1 hr)





  • The Zeiss Light sheet microscope will not be installed on the Yale campus, but can be viewed at the Zeiss center in Thornwood, NY which is 1.5 hours away by car, or via Zeiss provided bus.
    Individuals interested in seeing a demonstration of this instrument at the Thornwood center should contact Geoff Guimaraes directly via email (geoff.guimaraes@zeiss.com).

Featured Software for Post Acquisition Image Analysis

  • Gatan 3view software
    3D rendering and quantiative measurement software suitable for analysis of serial block-face EM and correlative microscopy

Featured Accessories

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Molecular Probes / Invitrogenempty


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SunJin Lab

Vendor suggested protocols for immunostaining can be downloaded here using 1) a SOP for RapiClear, 2) passive CLARITY for confocal, or 3) passive CLARITY for Lightsheet imaging. Tissues with endogenous fluorescent proteins can instead directly follow the shorter protocols listed in the product information files below.