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Chattering cells generate rhythmic burst firing during activation by a visual stimulus

Intracellular recordings from a chattering cell during presentation of a visual stimulus. During activation by a moving bar stimulus, the chattering cell generated rhythmic oscillations in the frequency range of 30-60 Hz (C and D). Intracellular injection of a depolarizing current pulse (D) of 0.8, but not 0.2, nA amplitude resulted in repetitive burst firing. The frequency of burst firing was related to the intensity of current injection (F).

From Gray, C.M. and McCormick, D.A. Chattering cells: superficial pyramidal neurons contributing to the generation of synchronous oscillations in the visual cortex. Science 274: 109-113.
Movies of Visual Responses in the Four Cell Types in Visual Cortex 

Cortical Chattering cell: Response to a Moving Bar Stimulus: 2.3 Megabytes AVI (Windows)

Fast Spiking non-pyramidal cell. Visual responses: 2.0 Megabytes AVI (Windows)

Intrinsic Bursting large Layer V pyramidal cell. Response to visual stimulus: 2.0 Megabytes AVI (Windows)

Regular spiking cortical pyramidal cell. Visual responses to drifting grating: 3.5 Megabytes AVI (Windows)