Madri, Joseph Anthony

Professor of Pathology

Professor of Pathology; Director of Education


Centrella, Michael

Senior Research Scientist in Pathology

Research Interests:Molecular aspects of bone growth factor and receptor expression and activity; control of protein synthesis initiation

Li, Qi

Associate Research Scientist in Pediatrics (Nephrology)

Research Interests:Cell- Matrix and Cell-Cell Interactions; Integrin-Mediated Signaling. Neural Stem cell development.

McCarthy, Thomas L

Research Scientist in Pathology

Research Interests:Hormonal and molecular control of IGF-I expression and TGF-b function in osteoblasts; osteoblast gene expression, including steroid hormone interactions with signaling pathways that control gene expression; native and synthetic sex steroid metabolism by osteoblasts, including synthesis of a selective estrogen receptor modulator by aging osteoblast cultures; interactions of protein kinases and steroid hormones as they affect gene expression

Liu, Jaime

Visiting Scientist, China

    Long, Jennifer

    Former Graduate Student, Cellular & Molecular Physiology

      Nath, Anjali

      Former Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Fellow