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Elias Lolis, PhD, BA

Professor of Pharmacology

Director of Graduate Studies

Research Interests

Education; Immune System Diseases; Inflammation; Neoplasms; Parasitic Diseases; Pharmacology; Crystallography, X-Ray; Enzymes and Coenzymes; High-Throughput Screening Assays

Elias Lolis received his PhD in 1989 from MIT in Chemistry/Biochemistry studying the three-dimensional structure and mechanism of triosephosphate isomerase. He was a postdoctoral associate at the Laboratory of Medical Biochemistry at Rockefeller University studying the functional interaction between advanced glycation end products (AGEs) and the immune system. He joined the Yale faculty in 1991 as an Assistant Professor focusing on the structure, mechanism, and inhibition of chemokines,...

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Gregg V Crichlow, PhD

Visiting Research Scientist in Pharmacology

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Leepakshi Khurana

Postdoctoral Associate

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James W Murphy, PhD

Associate Research Scientist in Pharmacology

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Georgios Pantouris

Postdoctoral Associate in Pharmacology

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Deepa Rajasekaran, PhD

Visiting Research Scientist

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Matthew R Dean


Zachary Gannam

Graduate Student

Cali Inferrera


Georgia Loucopoulos

Postgraduate Student

Eric Rosenberg

Graduate Student

Pre & Post Graduate Alumni

TraineePeriodTypePrior DegreeResearch ProjectCurrent Position
Natalie Drucker2013-2014 BS, Yale UniversityCXCR4 small molecule ligandsYale Club, NYC
Mansur Ghani2012-2014 BS, Yale UniversitypKa of D-dopachrome tautomeraseYale MD Student
Yoonsang Cho2005-2012PostPhD, 2005, Texas A&M Univ.Parasitic and human MIF inhibitionAssistant Prof, Dept of Biochem, St. Louis Univ.
Gregg Crichlow2002-2011PostPhD, 2002, Univ. of CTHuman MIF inhibitionDir Structural Biology, Innovimmune Biotherapeutics
Swen Zierow2006-2009Pre\PostPhD, 2008, Univ. of Aachen, GermanyParasitic MIF, human D-dopachrome tautomeraseLab Head, DSP-Development, Sandoz, Austria
Kai Kevin Jin2002-2004PostPhD, 2002, Univ. of Southern CaliforniaMIF-MIF receptorBasic Life Sci Res Assoc, Stanford University
Thomas Scheuermann1999-2004PreBS, 1996, Gordon College, Wenham, MAThiopurine methyltransferase structureField Applications Specialist, GE Life Sciences
Jodi Lubetsky (Yellin)1997-2002PreBS, 1996, MITMIF structure-functionDirector, Science Policy, American Association of Medical Colleges
Aristidis Sachpatzidis1997-2002PreBS, 1996, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GreeceChemokine structure-functionAssoc Res Sci, Orthopaedics, Yale University
Michael Sachsmanoglou 2000-2002PostMD, 1994, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GreeceeNOS-caveolin-complex; Cytoplasmic cytokine domainsM.D. – Greece
Sanjeev Jain2000-2001PostMD/PhD, 1990, Univ. of Wisconsin, MadisoneNOS-caveolin complex; GATA-3Columbia Asthma & Allergy Clinic
Marc Deller2000-2001PostPhD, 2000, University of Oxford, UKCytoplasmic cytokine domainsResearch Associate, Scripps Institute
Michael Hodsdon2000-2001PostMD/PhD 1997, Washington University, St. Louis, MOvMIP-II interactions with chemokine receptorsAssociate Professor, Yale University
Chris Dealwis1996-1999PostPhD, 1993. Birkbeck College, EnglandStromal cell-derived factor-1a (SDF-1a) structure-functionAssociate Professor, Case Western Reserve University
Elias Fernandez1996-2001PostPhD, 1995, Loyola University of ChicagoSDF-1a and viral macrophage inflammatory protein II (vMIP-II)Associate Professor, University of Tennessee
Theodora Pinou1994-1996PostPhD, 1993, New York UniversityChemokine receptorsAssociate Professor, Western Connecticut State University
Melissa Swope (Willis)1993-1998PreBS, 1992, Central Missouri State UniversityMIF structure-functionProject Officer, Division of CBRN Countermeasures, US Department of Health and Human Services U.S.
L. Fred Jerva1993-1996PreBS, 1990, College of Notre DameMacrophage inflammatory protein-2 structure-functionClinical Information Science Directory, AstraZeneca
Hong-Wei Sun1992-1996PostPhD, 1992, University of IowaMIF structure-functionChief, Biodata Mining & Discovery NIAMS, NIH

High School and Undergraduate Alumni

StudentPeriodStatusDegreeResearch ProjectCurrent Position
Danielle Katz1992-1993Yale Undergrad Thesis StudentBS, Yale College, 1993 MD, SUNY, Albany Med. School, 1997MIP-2 mutantsAssociate Professor, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Upstate Medical University
Sophia Tsaklakrides1993-1994Yale UndergradBS, Yale College, 1994 MIP-1alphaSenior Study Director, Health Studies at Westat, Rockville, MD
Yonhee Cha1994-1995UndergradBS, Wesleyan Univ., 1995 MD, SUNY Downstate Medical School, 1999 MIP-1alphaMD, Long Island Jewish Med Ctr
Robert M Turner, Jr.Summer, 1994BiostepBS, Morehouse College, 1995Interactions of the Erythropoietin ReceptorAccenture Consulting
PhD, Yale Univ., 2002
Rani Lopez1995-1996Postgrad
Akilah F WeberSummer, 1997BiostepBS, Xavier Univ., 2000 MD, Univ of Rochester Medical School, 2004Expression and Purification of Macrophage Inflammatory Protein-2Assistant Professor, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Migdelisel ColonSummer, 1998BiostepUniversity of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campusdeoxycytidine kinase
Andre Matthews1999-2005Biostep MD ThesisBS, Morehouse College 2000 MD, Yale School of Medicine, 2005 Emory Univ, Emergency Medicine Residency, 2005-2008vMIP-II Mutagenesis: Locating the Binding Site of a Novel Viral Protein Associated with HHV-8Associate Professor, Emory School of Medicine, Emergency Medicine
Robert Peace2001-2Yale UndergradBS, Yale College, 2002Enzymatic studies of MIFDeceased
Alvaro Huerta2003Yale UndergradBS, Yale College, 2003NEMO cloning and mutagenesisStanford Law School
Jason W GilleylenSummer, 2004 Summer, 2005BiostepBS, Morehouse College, 2006, MD, Columbia School of Physicians and Surgeons, 2012Co-crystallization of Mus Musculus Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase Phosphatase-1 With P38 and ERK-1 Resident, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Kemunto Makaya2004-2005Yale Undergrad Thesis studentBS, Yale College MD, Yale School of Medicine, 2009Insights from the SDF-1/CXCR4 system in yeastResident, UCSF
Catherine Chen2005BiostepBS, Johns Hopkins Univ, 2005 MS, Yale School of Medicine, 2010An Inside Look at Cancer Metastasis: Protein Interactions with CXCR4 via SDF-1 Mediated SignalingPharmacology Grad Student, Yale Univ
Michelle Kim2006-2007High SchoolKinetic analysis of parasitic MIFUndergrad, Boston University
Ajala Osagie2008BiostepBS, Rutgers Univ., 2009Mapping of CXCR4 N-terminus residues critical for ligand binding and activation.Grad Student, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
Trent Worrell2008-2009PostgradBS, 2008, Tufts Univ.AMPA receptor regulatory protein
Jeeha Park2008-2011UndergradKinetic and migration assay of MIFUndergrad, University of Connecticut
Demetra SklaviadisSummer, 2009High SchoolAnatolia College (HS), 2010Hookworm MIF co-crystallizationMIT undergrad
Rubi Luna2010BiostepBS, Johns Hopkins Univ., 2012Real-time MIF-CXCR2 signalingUndergrad, Johns Hopkins Univ
Kevin Kim2010-2011High SchoolGene CloningUndergrad, Brown University
Srujana Saibiwar2011-presentGradMS, 2005, Kakatiya University, IndiaCellular studies of MIF receptorsMS, University of New Haven

ee Eun Park

2011High SchoolPurification of MIFCheshire High School
Gee Young Jung2011UndergradCell line studies with MIFUndergrad, University of Connecticut
Malin HavstadiusSummer 2013, 2014High SchoolCXCR4 mutants/tyrosylprotein sulfotransferase 
Gabrielle HummelSummer 2014High SchoolRas-like domain 
Richard NelliSummer 2014High SchoolEnterokinase purification