Key recent papers

Secondary motor cortex: where 'sensory' meets 'motor' in the rodent frontal cortex.
Barthas F, and Kwan AC.
Trends in Neurosciences, in press (2017).


Fast and slow transitions in frontal ensemble activity during flexible sensorimotor behavior.
Siniscalchi MJ, Phoumthipphavong V, Ali F, Lozano M, and Kwan AC.
Nature Neuroscience, 19, 1234-1242 (2016). [Link to article


Longitudinal effects of ketamine on dendritic architecture in vivo in the mouse medial frontal cortex.
Phoumthipphavong V, Barthas F, Hassett S, and Kwan AC.
eNeuro, 3(2), 0133-15.2016 (2016). [Link to article


Full publication list

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