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Megan C. King, PhD

Associate Professor of Cell Biology

Research Interests

Cell Nucleus; Cell Biology; DNA Repair; Microtubules; Nuclear Envelope; Telomere

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Job Opportunities

Postdoctoral Associate position in the King lab at the Yale School of Medicine-

Our team focuses on defining the mechanisms that allow cells to sense and appropriately scale the mechanical properties of the nucleus in response to different physical environments, which may be perturbed in disease. We are looking for an ambitious individual to join our highly interdisciplinary team of cell biologists, biophysicists and physicists, who use cutting edge technologies, such as force spectroscopy, to assess nuclear mechanics (see our recent publication – Schreiner et al., Nat. Comm., 2015). Specifically, the current project focuses on how cells accommodate cell compression and cell stretch in mammalian model systems, focusing on the communication of force to (and response of) the nucleus. Preference will be given to individuals with a strong biophysical background, but others who are eager to learn such approaches are also welcome to apply. 

Please send your CV along with a statement of your interest to Dr. King at to be considered for this position.