Our current research efforts span the following areas of investigation:

  • systems biology of transcriptional regulation
    • genome-wide analysis of insulator function
    • chromosome topology
    • transcription elongation control
  • functional genomics technology development
    • methods for investigating transcription rates across the human genome
    • methods for detecting chromosomal looping
    • chromatin proteomics

Postdoctoral Fellows

Highly motivated recent PhDs or senior graduate students are invited to apply for a postdoctoral scholar position in our laboratory to study gene regulation. Current research activity involves high level integration of HiC, GRO-seq, mRNA-seq and ChIP-seq for mechanistic understanding of gene regulation in innate immunity, pluripotency and lineage commitment. Applicants with a strong background in biochemistry, genomics and computational biology are preferred. Please send a CV, letters of recommendation, and reprints of recent papers to Tae Hoon Kim.

Graduate Students

Eligible students are those admitted to the Combined Program in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS) at Yale. Computational and bench projects in functional genomics, cancer biology and innate immunity are available for rotation and for thesis research. Please contact <a href="mailto:taehoon.kim@yale.edu" rel="nofollow">Tae Hoon Kim</a> for more details.

Undergraduate Students

Computational and bench projects are available for students interested in functional genomics, cancer biology and innate immunity.