Principal Investigator

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Jody L. Sindelar, PhD

Professor of Public Health (Health Policy), Professor of Economics, and Professor in the Institution for Social and Policy Studies

Executive Committee, ISPS

Research Associate, NBER

Research Interests

Aging; Alcoholism; Economics; Health Policy; Obesity; Smoking; Health Behavior; Smoking Cessation; Substance-Related Disorders; Social Determinants of Health; Health Care

Dr. Jody Sindelar is a Professor of Public Health and Economics at the Yale School of Public Health (YSPH), Department of Health Policy and Management (HPM), and at the Yale University Department of Economics. In addition, she is a Research Associate at the National Bureau Economic Research (NBER), Research Fellow at the IZA Institute of Labor Economics, Associated Faculty at the Institution for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS) at Yale, Bing Visiting faculty at Rand Corporation in Santa Monica,...

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Support Staff

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Kimberly Iacovetti

Senior Administrative Assistant Finance

Senior Administrative Assistant of Finance

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Kurt Petschke

Coordinator 4

Research & Project Coordinator

Mr. Petschke has been a Research and Project Coordinator in the Department of Health Policy & Management in the Yale School of Public Health since March 2004. His responsibilities include general research, project management, field surveys, data management, grant administration, budgetary oversight, and general administration of multiple research projects and studies under Principal Investigators Dr. A. David Paltiel and Dr. Jody Sindelar. Mr. Petschke also manages the Inclusion Body Myositis...

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