Devine, Lesley

Associate Research Scientist in Laboratory Medicine
Scientific Director, Cancer Center Immune Monitoring Laboratory

Research Interests: Effects of novel immune therapies on the immune system

    Eisenbarth, Stephanie C

    Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine, of Immunobiology and of Medicine (Immunology)
    Assistant Director, Clinical Immunology & Flow Cytometry Laboratories
    Director, Immune Monitoring Core

    Research Interests: Pattern Recognition Receptors; NOD-like Receptors (NLRs); Dendritic Cells; T cells; Allergy/Asthma; Vaccines/Adjuvants; Red Blood Cell Alloimmunization; Autoimmune Diabetes; Influenza

    • Office: (203) 737-4188
    • Lab: (203) 737-7680

    Smith, Brian Richard

    Professor of Laboratory Medicine, of Biomedical Engineering, of Medicine (Hematology) and of Pediatrics
    Chair, Department of Laboratory Medicine

    Research Interests: Inflammation-Coagulation Interface; Hematology; Bioethics; Biomedical Engineering; Laboratory Medicine Education; Therapeutic Pathology

    • Office: (203) 688-2286