Bio Profile

Kevan Herold, MD

Professor of Immunobiology and of Medicine (Endocrinology)

Deputy Director for Translational Science, YCCI

Director, Yale Diabetes Center


My background and research are in translational immunology. I am interested in understanding the basis for autoimmune diseases and developing new therapies based on our understanding of disease mechanisms. My focus has largely been in the field of autoimmune Type 1 diabetes. The work encompasses basic laboratory work understanding the regulation of autoreactive T cells to clinical trials that involve novel therapeutics. As part of these studies I have also been very interested in analysis of...

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Research Interests

Endocrine System Diseases; Immune System Diseases

Clinical Interests

Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1


Justin Garyu

Graduate Student

Jenny Mei

Undergraduate Student

Jeff Hurlburt

Lab Aide

Isabel Beshar

Undergraduate Student