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Suite 8300G
New Haven,CT 06511 

Office: 203.737.2765
Lab: 203.737.3514
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Grutzendler Lab Jobs

We are always looking for talented candidates at the postdoctoral, predoctoral and undergraduate levels. Our laboratory is interested in a variety of topics related to neuroscience, neurodegeneration and vascular biology. The majority of projects are imaging-oriented (In vivo two photon microscopy,confocal and electron microscopy) in combination with genetic and pharmacological manipulations.Postdoctoral applicants must have a PhD or MD/PhD degree in a research area that may include neuroscience, vascular biology, immunology, molecular biology, cell biology or physiology. Postodoctoral candidates should have a strong publication record and demonstrated ability to work and write independently. 

Cover letter, names of references and current CV should be emailed to: