Genetics and Privacy

We are currently exploring many of the aspects of privacy law and ethics as they relate to genomics, particularly in light of falling costs of whole genome sequencing and the growing availability of these technologies to the public.  Of particular interest are the legal and regulatory issues associated with the privacy of genomics consumers.

Genomics and Athletics

Although there is a growing literature representing the correlation of genetic alleles with potential athletic ability, our interest lies more at the examination of those alleles that indicate a statistically higher propensity to sports related injuries.  It is in these instances where we find athletes are keen on gaining a better understanding of their genetics, and where genetic information can be put to practical use, for example in the formulation of dietary or exercise regimes, or in extreme cases, avoiding excessive athletic activity.

Intellectual Property and Synthetic Biology

We are generally interested in the intersection of science and the law.  In the case of synthetic biology we see a nascent technology that, given its hybrid nature, as a cross between the relatively predictable technologies of engineering and the relatively unpredictable technologies in biotechnology, creates a novel and interesting test for the discriminatory policies (based on the type of technology) of the courts