Mass Spectrometers

Mass Spectrometers
9.4 T APEXQe FT-ICR & UltimateBruker Daltonics LC PackingsExact mass for small molecule (i.e. organic compounds, lipids, oligosaccharides, peptides, glycans, drugs, etc.), PTM (i.e. Cys modification, palmitoylation, methylation, ubiquitinylation, SUMOylation, etc.), structural elucidation and relative quantitation for small molecule
LTQ-Orbitrap XL & nanoACQUITYThermo Scientific Waters Corp.Phosphorylation site determination and other PTM id entification, SILAC analysis, MudPIT and LC-MS/MS Protein Identification
4800 MALDI Tof/TofApplied BiosystemsMALDI-Tof/Tof protein Identification of DIGE spots, peptide mass fingerprint mapping, sequencing of beta peptides, intact protein masses etc.
4000 Q-Trap & nanoACQUITYApplied Biosystems Waters Corp.Targeted Proteomics using multiple reaction monitoring; small molecule quantitation
Q-Star ELITE & nanoACQUITYApplied Biosystems Waters Corp.iTRAQ and ICAT Protein Profiling, MudPIT
Q-Star XL & PE Series 275 HRes LC SystemApplied Biosystems Perkin ElmeriTRAQ and ICAT Protein Profiling, MudPIT
Q-Tof Micro & capLCWaters Corp.ESI, LC-MS of intact proteins, oligonucleotides and small molecules
Q-Tof Ultima & nanoACQUITYWaters Corp.LC-MS/MS Protein Identification and de novo MS/MS
Q-Star XL (ion mobility)1Applied BiosystemsSmall molecules and peptide analysis

1Equipped with a Waters nanoACQUITY UPLC system
2This mass spectrometer belongs to Dr. Juan Fernandez de la Mora, from Yale Mechanical Engineering Department, and services/collaborations are offered to the research community. Please contact or for information.