Historical Listing by Year of Patent Applications, Publications, and Poster Abstracts from the Yale/NIDA Neuroproteomics Research Center

Patent Applications:

1.  Pevsner, Paul H., Naftolin, F., Fadiel, A. and Gulcicek, E. (2007) Methods for Preparation of Live Body Tissues for Examination (USPTO patent filed,Pub No. US 2007/0110666).



127. McClure-Begley T.D., Papke R.L., Stone K.A., Stokes, C., Levy A.D., Gelernter J., Xie P., Lindstrom J.M., Picciotto M.R. (2014) Rare human nicotinic acetylcholine receptor alpha 4 subunit (CHRNA4) variants affect expression and function of high affinity nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. J. Pharmacol. Exp. There., in press. (PMID: 24385388)

126.Wu, X., Chi, R.J., Baskin, J.M., Lucast, L., Burd, C.G., De Camilli, P., and Reinisch, K.M. (2014) Structural insights into assembly and regulation of the plasma membrane phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase complex. Dev. Cell. 28: 1-11. (PMID: 24360784).

125. Zhang, Y., Tang, W., Zhang, H., Niu, X., Xu, Y., Zhang, J., Gao, K., Pan, W., Boggon, T.J., Toomre, D., Min, W., and Wu, D. (2013) A Network of Interactions Enables CCM3 and STK24 to Coordinate UNC13D-Driven Vesicle Exocytosis in Neutrophils. Dev Cell 27: 215-26. (PMCID: PMC3834565, available on 10/28/14). (PMID: 24176643)

124. Wu, M., Wu, Xudong., and De Camilli, P. (2013) Calcium oscillations-coupled conversion of actin travelling waves to standing oscillations. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 4: 1339-1344. (PMCID: PMC3557052) (PMID: 23297209)

123. Wiseman, S.L., Shimizu, Y., Palfrey, H.C. and Nairn, A.C. (2013) Eukaryotic elongation factor-2 kinase (EF2K) is degraded by the proteasome in response to stimulation via the SCFβTRCP ubiquitin E3 ligase. J. Biol. Chem. 288: 17803-17811. (PMCID: PMC3682579) (PMID: 23640883).

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119. Robison, A.J., Vialou, V., Mazei-Robison, M., Feng, J. Kourrich, S., Collins, M., Wee, S-M., Koob, G., Turecki, G., Neve, R., Thomas, M., Nestler, E. (2013) Behavioral and Structural Responses to Chronic Cocaine Require a Feedforward Loop Involving ΔFosB and Calcium/Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase II in the Nucleus Accumbens Shell. J. Neurosci., 33: 4295-4307.  (PMCID:  PMC3658178) (PMID: 23467346).

118. Plattner, F., Hernandéz, A., Kistler, T. M., Pozo, K., Zhong, P., Yuen, E., Hawasli, A., Cooke, S., Tan, C., Guo, A., Weiderhold, T., Yan, Z., Bibb, J.A. (2013) Memory enhancement by targeting Cdk5 regulation of NR2B, Neuron, in press

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115. Kim, I., Pan, W., Jones, S.A., Zhang, Y., Zhuang, X., and Wu, D. (2013). Clathrin and AP2 are required for PtdIns(4,5)P2-mediated formation of LRP6 signalosomes. J. Cell Biol. 200: 419-428. (PMCID: PMC3575536) (PMID: 23400998).

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111. Devereaux, K., Dall’Armi, C., Alcazar-Roman, A., Ogasawara, Y., Zhou, X., Wang, F., Yamamoto, A., De Camilli, P., and Di Paolo, G. (2013) Regulation of mammalian autophagy by Class II and III Pi 3-kinases through PI3P synthesis. PLOS ONE. 8:e76405. (PMCID: PMC3789715) (PMID:24098492).

110. Destaing, O., Ferguson, S.M., Grichine, A., Oddou, C., De Camilli, P., Albiges-Rizo, C., and Baron, R. (2013) Essential function of dynamin in the invasive properties and actin architecture of v-SRC induced podosomes/invadosomes. PLOS ONE. 10: e77956. (PMCID: PMC3857171) (PMID: 24348990).

109. Craft, G.E., Chen, A., Nairn, A.C. (2013) Recent Advances in Quantitative Neuroproteomics. Methods (Elsevier) issue on Quantitative Proteomics, pii: S1046-2023(13)00112-6. doi: 10.1016/j.ymeth.2013.04.008. (PMID: 23623823).

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103. Wu, M., and De Camilli, P. (2012) Supported native plasma membranes as platforms for reconstitution and visualization of endocytic membrane budding. in Lipids, Methods in Cell Biology (Wenk, M.R., Di Paolo, G., eds) Academic Press, volume 108:3-18. (PMCID pending) (PMID: 22325595) .

102. Sousa, L., Lax, I., Shen, H., Ferguson, S.M., De Camilli, P., and Schlessinger, J. (2012) Suppression of EGFR endocytosis by dynamin depletion reveals that EGFR signaling occurs primarily at the plasma membrane. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 109:4419-2 (PMCID: PMC3311323) (PMID: 22371560) .

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