Support Personnel

Support personnel oversee Center instrumentation. The Center is open to all Yale investigators and to as many non-Yale investigators as possible. If you would like to join the Center please send your name, department, institution, title and paragraph length description of your project to



Role on Project

Kenneth WilliamsMolecular Biophysics & BiochemistryDirector, Biomed. HPC Center; Director, Keck Foundation Biotechnology Resource Lab; Director, Yale/NHLBI Proteomics Center; Director, NIDDK Microarray Biotechnology Center
Robert BjornsonComputer ScienceHigh performance computer consultation and programming support
Joseph T. ChangStatisticsBiostatistics support
Kei CheungCenter for Medical InformaticsBioinformatics and database support
Mark GersteinMolecular Biophysics & BiochemistryBioinformatics support
Paul GluhoskyManager
Yale Work Station Support Services
Systems administration support for the Center for High Performance Computation
Philip LongDirector Yale ITS
Yale University Chief Information Officer
Member of Internal Advisory Committee
Perry MillerDirector
Center for Medical Informatics
Oversee bioinformatics and database support
Charles PowellDirector
Yale Academic Media & Technology ITS
Oversee institutional IT support and integration. Oversee systems administration support
Martin SchultzComputer ScienceOversee high performance computing consultation and programming support
Heping ZhangPublic Health, and StatisticsBiostatistics support
Hongyu ZhaoEpidemiology and Public HealthOversee Biostatistics support provided by the Keck Laboratory's Biostatistics Resource