Research Personnel

Support Personnel oversee major projects on NCRR Grant RR19895.




 Title of Proposed Research

Ken WilliamsYale/NHLBI Proteomics Center & Keck LabYaleHigh Performance Computational Approaches for Protein Identification and for Analyzing Large, MS-Based Datasets To Identify Biomarkers for Ovarian Cancer and Other Diseases.
Anne BarangerChemistry WesleyanMolecular Dynamics Simulations of the U1A-RNA Complex
Victor BatistaChemistryYaleElectronic Structure Calculations And Quantum Reaction Dynamics Simulation Studies Of Oxidation Mechanism Common To All Cytochrome P450s
Irina BuhimschiObstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive SciencesYaleIdentification Of Proteomic Biomarkers For Early Diagnosis And Targeted Therapy Of Intra-Amniotic Inflammation, Preterm Labor, Preeclampsia, Eclampsia And Adverse Maternal And Fetal Pregnancy Outcome
Joseph ChangStatisticsYaleMarkov Chain Monte Carlo Methods Of Multivariate Linkage Analysis To Understand The Genetics Of Dyslexia And Autism, Simulating and Reconstructing Genetic Networks, and Other HPC-Dependent Research from the Department of Statistics 
Kei Cheung
Michael V. Osier
Center for Medical InformaticsYaleGomine: A Tool To Analyze Microarray Data Using Gene Ontologies
James DuncanDiagnostic Radiology & Biomedical EngineeringYaleImage Guided Neurosurgery And Quantitative Analysis Of Left Ventricular Strain From 4D Images
Mark Gerstein Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry YaleExploring Large Graphs Of Protein-Protein And Regulatory Interactions, Large Scale Blasts, And Large Scale Molecular Simulation And Structural Comparisons
Josephine HohPublic HealthYaleComplex Disease Gene Mapping, DNA And Protein Sequence Analysis, And Evolutionary Model Simulations
Jonathan KniselyTherapeutic RadiologyYale3D Registrations of Multiple Volumetric CT scans using Rigid and Deformable Registration for Radiotherapy Dosimetric Planning
Richard LiftonChair, GeneticsYaleUse Of High Performance Computing For Genetic Analysis
Paul LizardiPathologyYaleAnalysis Of The Proteome In Dysplasia And Cancer, And Integration Of Proteomics Data With Array-CGH, Microsatellite-LOH, And Viral Infection Status
Charles LockwoodChair, Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive SciencesYaleAnalysis Of Multiple Biochemical, Biophysical, And Genetic Markers Of Preterm Delivery Risk Across Gestation 
Charles LockwoodObstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive SciencesYaleCharacterization Of Best Patterns Of Care For High Risk Pregnant Women.
Fumio MatsumuraDept Mol. Biol. & Biochem.RutgersMicrofilament Organization During Mitosis And Cell Transformation.
Andrew MirankerMolecular Biophysics & BiochemistryYaleMolecular Simulations Of The Amyloid Assembly Process
Michel Nussenzweig Molecular ImmunologyRockefellerB Cells and Antibodies: Laboratory to Bedside
Gordon ShepherdNeurobiologyYaleLarge Scale Computations Of The "Neuron" Code
Fred J. SigworthCellular and Molecular PhysiologyYaleCryo-EM Structure Determination Of Ion Channel Protein Structures
Michael SnyderMolecular, Cellular & Developmental BiologyYaleMapping Annotations Onto The Human Genome, And Processing Large Microarray Data Sets
Kevin WhiteGeneticsYaleMapping Relationships Between Gene Expression Patterns And Cis-Regulatory Elements, And  Probabilistic Analysis Of Large-Scale Molecular Networks
Heping ZhangPublic HealthYaleIdentification Of Neurological Pathways In Developing Brain And Intensive Statistical Computation
Hongyu ZhaoPublic HealthYaleTranscriptional Regulatory Pathway Modeling and Mapping Complex Disease Genes