How to post a calendar event: step by step

Calendar page

(Figure 1)

  1. Go to calendar web page: 
  2. Top right of screen, select “Post Event” 
  3. You will be prompted to log into the system, either with your netID or an email address. Anyone with a valid email address can set up an account and submit events for approval, provided there is a Yale sponsor. 

In the Post Event screen there are five tabs: Event, Details, Calendars, Promote/Flyerboard, and Recurrence. Enter your information tab-by-tab as indicated below:

Event tab

(Figures 2a, 2b, and 2c)

  1. The title of the event must include the name of the series if there is one (e.g. Medical Grand Rounds, followed by the title of the talk, e.g. "Viral Oncogenesis: From Hospice to Hope")
  2. Note that the talk title is in quotes and is preceded  by a colon: Medical Grand Rounds: "Viral Oncogenesis: From Hospice to Hope"
  3. Select the month and date of your event, using the calendar on the right of the screen
  4. Event Time: fill in hours, am or pm (no periods), or All-Day Event 
  5. Description: a brief description of event; if available include a sentence about the speaker’s research interests and a sentence about what will be covered in the talk.
  6. Building/Room: street address of building, city, state

Details tab

(Figure 3)

  1. Website (if there is one; this could be the speaker’s faculty page)
  2. Audience (see drop down menu for selection)
  3. Admission (note here if there is a fee or if advance registration is required)
  4. Food (if there is food, check here)
  5. Tags (entering keywords here will allow the event to show up in search results)
  6. Contact (your name and contact information will appear here automatically. You can change this if someone else will be the contact person.)
  7. Speaker INFO
    1. Name of speaker: First, Middle, Last and suffix (please include degrees!)
    2. Title: this is for the speaker’s academic or professional title
    3. Department 
    4. Organization: speaker’s institution or company
    5. Hosted by: sponsoring department and name of person hosting, if applicable
Jane E. Doe, MD, PhD
Nathan Smith Professor of Medicine
Internal Medicine

Calendars tab

(Figure 4)

  1. Select any of the other calendars in the system on which you would like your event to appear
  2. Your event will appear by default on the calendar you are editing (see top left of screen in calendar view, before posting the event)
  3. Each department and many smaller units on campus maintain calendars in the system, which are displayed on their websites. When checked, the event will go into that calendar administrator’s approval queue. If approved, the event will appear on the unit’s calendar on its website.

Promote/Flyerboard tab

(Figure 5)

  1. Upload flyer, brochure, etc. Currently, only single page documents are supported.
  2. Large files take time. Do not close window while waiting for upload to complete, or the event may disappear from calendar.
  3. If your event is of school-wide interest and is open to the YSM community, select Weekly Digest.

Recurrence tab

(Figure 6)

  1. Use for a regularly scheduled event
  2. Set the day of the week or month and the frequency
  3. The entire series may be edited, or you may open a single occurrence to add date-specific details.
Figure 1: Post Event

Figure 1: Post Event

Figure 2a: Event Tab

Figure 2a: Event Tab

Figure 2b: Event Tab Details

Figure 2b: Event Tab Details

Figure 2c: Event Tab Description

Figure 2c: Event Tab Description

Figure 3: Details Tab

Figure 4: Calendars Tab

Figure 5: Promote/Flyerboard tab

Figure 6: Recurrence tab