Additional formatting tips

Please follow these guidelines to make your event easier to find and promote.

Event tab

Description: In the box, a brief description can be typed to explain the event. In the case of an ALL DAY event, the schedule may be cut and pasted in this box so that people know more about what is going on that day.

Details tab

Speaker: Please list speakers name with degrees and no periods. For example: John E. Smith, MD, PhD 

Title: This box is for the speaker's academic or business title(s) and not the title of the talk. For example:  Associate Professor.

Department: This box indicates the speaker’s department. For example: Pediatrics. 

Organization: This box indicates the speaker’s institution or company. For example: Harvard Medical School, UNESCO, Genentech Inc. 

Hosted by: Department (and, if applicable, the faculty host) that is sponsoring the event. (If there is an individual, please enter the host's name with degrees (as shown above for Speaker.)

Calendars tab

Unless the event is restricted to a specific department, please check off Yale School of Medicine calendar. Other calendars in the system (which display on the websites of individual departments and programs) may also be selected. The administrator of each calendar decides whether to approve events that have been submitted to that calendar. 

Important: If an event is sponsored by several departments, groups or sections, please coordinate the listing of the event with the other sponsor to prevent it from being listed twice. If you are the listing department, please be sure to check off all groups that the other sponsor wants included as well.

Promote/Flyerboard tab

Upload Flyer: If there is a flyer or brochure advertising the event, it is always an added piece which will bring interest to your event. Please browse and attach it here. 

Weekly Digest: This category should be checked if the event topic or speaker is of special interest to a large community or notable in some way. Each week five or six events from the Weekly Digest are selected as featured events. These events are highlighted at the top of the weekly email (which goes out to 11,000 email addresses on campus early Friday morning of the week before). These events include a photo of the speaker and a brief article about the event. We write the article with information supplied by you and/or the speaker directly. Contact Michael Fitzsousa at for more information on this process.

Upload a thumbnail image: Images will display in the main calendar and Weekly Digest.

Questions? Contact Claire Bessinger at (203) 785-5954 or