Zuoheng Anita Wang PhD

Assistant Professor of Public Health (Biostatistics)

Research Interests

Statistical Genetics; Bioinformatics; Genomics

Research Summary

Dr. Wang's research focuses on development of statistical and computational methods to address problems in genetics, in particular, the identification of genes contributing to common complex diseases. She has developed statistical methods to address both dependent and partially-observed data and has applied these methods to problems in association analysis of complex traits in related individuals. Her current project involves multiple hypothesis testing in GWAS. Another research area of interest involves using next-generation sequencing data for detection of rare variants.

Selected Publications

  • Wu, C., DeWan, A., Hoh, J., and Wang, Z., (2011) A comparison of association methods correcting for population stratification in case-control studies. Annals of Human Genetics, 75:418-427.
  • Wang, Z., (2011) Direct assessment of multiple testing correction in case-control association studies with related individuals. Genetic Epidemiology, 35:70-79.
  • Wang, Z., and McPeek, M.S., (2009) An incomplete-data quasi-likelihood approach to haplotype-based genetic association studies on related individuals. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 104:1251-1260.
  • Wang, Z., and McPeek, M.S., (2009) ATRIUM: Testing untyped SNPs in case-control association studies with related individuals. American Journal of Human Genetics, 85:667-678.
  • Wang, Z., Li, Y., Li, Q., and Wu, R., (2009) Joint functional mapping of quantitative trait loci for HIV-1 and CD4+ dynamics. The International Journal of Biostatistics, Vol. 5: Iss. 1, Article 9.

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