Yanling Wu MD, PhD, MSc

Associate Research Scientist in Medicine (Digestive Diseases)

Research Interests

Laboratory studies of DNA repair and gene targeting in human cells

Selected Publications

  • Wu Y, Velazquez H, Xu J, Desir GV. Renalase deficiency contributes to hypertension and ischemic reperfusion damage. Nature Medicine
  • Li G, Xu J, Wang P, Velazquez H, Li Y, Wu Y, Desir GV. Catecholamines regulate the activity, secretion, and synthesis of renalase. Circulation. 2008,117(10):1277-82.
  • Bing-guan Chen, Yanling Wu, and Zhongmin Liu. Myoblast Therapy, From Bench to Bedside. Cell Transplantation. 2006, 15:455-462.
  • Zhongmin Liu, Yanling Wu. Bing-guan Chen. Potent in vivo anti-tumor activity of isolated CD62Llow lymph node cells sensitized in vivo with tumor lysate-pulsed dendritic cell-based vaccines. Cytotherapy. 7(4):353-362,2005.
  • Xu, J., Li, G., Wang, P., Velazquez, H., Yao, X., Li, Y., Wu, Y, Peixoto, A., Crowley, S., Desir, GV. Renalase: a novel, soluble monoamine oxidase that regulates cardiac function and blood pressure. J Clin Invest. 2005, 115(5):1275-80.

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