W Dean Rupp Jr PhD

Professor of Therapeutic Radiology

Departments & Organizations

Therapeutic Radiology/Radiation Oncology: Radiobiology


  • Ph.D., Yale University, 1964

Selected Publications

  • Gordienko I, Rupp WD. A specific 3' exonuclease activity of UvrABC. EMBO J. 1998 Jan 1517(2):626-33.
  • Gordienko I, Rupp WD. The limited strand-separating activity of the UvrAB protein complex and its role in the recognition of DNA damage. EMBO J. 1997 Feb 1716(4):889-95.
  • Gordienko I, Rupp WD. UvrAB activity at a damaged DNA site: is unpaired DNA present? EMBO J. 1997 Feb 1716(4):880-8. PMID: 9049316 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


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