Edward Vincent S. Faustino MD, MHS

Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Critical Care); Visiting Professor of Pediatrics (University of the Philippines College of Medicine)

Departments & Organizations

Yale Medical Group

Office of Student ResearchPediatrics: Pediatric Critical Care Medicine: Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Research Interests

venous thrombosis; thromboembolism; anticoagulation; hyperglycemia; hypoglycemia; glucose control; clinical trial; biomarker; critical care; child more...


  • M.D., University of the Philippines, 1997
  • M.H.S., Yale School of Medicine, 2014

Selected Publications

  • Vidal E, Sharathkumar A, Glover J and Faustino EV. Central venous catheter-related thrombosis and thromboprophylaxis in children: A systematic review and meta-analysis. J Thromb Haemost 12:1096-1109, 2014.
  • Polikoff LA and Faustino EV. Venous thromboembolism in critically ill children. Curr Opin Pediatr 26:286-91, 2014.
  • Tala JA, Silva CT, Pemira S, Vidal E and Faustino EV. Blood glucose as a marker of venous thromboembolism in critically ill children. J Thromb Haemost 12:891-96, 2014.



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