Susan F Cotmore PhD

Senior Research Scientist in Laboratory Medicine

Departments & Organizations

Laboratory Medicine

Research Interests

Parvovirus entry and uncoating; Subversion of nuclear environment for viral DNA replication more...


  • Ph.D., London University, 1973

Selected Publications

  • Tewary S.K., Liang L., Lin Z., Lynn A., Cotmore S.F., Tattersall P., Zhao H., Tang, L. Structures of minute virus of mice replication initiator protein N-terminal domain: insights into DNA nicking and origin binding. Virology. 476:61-71. 2015.
  • Cotmore, S.F. and Tattersall, P. Parvoviruses: small does not mean simple. Annual Review of Virology. 1:517-537. 2014.
  • Mihaylov, I.S., Cotmore, S.F. and Tattersall, P. Complementation for an essential ancillary nonstructural protein function across parvovirus genera. Virology. 2014. 468-470:226-237



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