Susan F Cotmore PhD

Senior Research Scientist in Laboratory Medicine

Departments & Organizations

Laboratory Medicine

Research Interests

Parvovirus entry and uncoating; Subversion of nuclear environment for viral DNA replication more...


  • Ph.D., London University, 1973

Selected Publications

  • Cotmore, S.F. and Tattersall, P. Parvoviruses: small does not mean simple. Annual Review of Virology. 2014. Vol 1. in press.
  • Cotmore, S.F., Agbandje-McKenna, M., Chiorini, J.A. Mukha, D.V., Pintel, D.J., Qiu, J., Soderlund-Venermo, M., Tattersall, P., Tijssen, P., Gatherer D. and Davison, A.J. The Family Parvoviridae. ArchVirol. 2014. 159:1239-1247.
  • Li, L., Cotmore, S.F. and Tattersall, P. Parvoviral left-end hairpin ears are essential during infection for establishing a functional intra-nuclear transcription template and for efficient progeny genome encapsidation. J. Virol. 87:10501-10514, 2013.



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