Surgery Faculty

Udelsman, Robert


Research Interests:Hyperparathyroidism, Primary Papillary Thyroid Microcarcinoma, Parathyorid glands, Hyperparathyroidism in patients using lithium, endocrinology, adrenal glands

Clinical Interests:Endocrine Surgery, Parathyroid, Hyperparathyroidism, Endocrine Oncology, Pediatric Thyroid surgery, General Surgery, Pancreas and Adrenal Glands

Persing, John A

Section Chief, Plastics

Research Interests:Craniofacial growth and development; Cosmetic surgery/quality of life issues; Combined cerebral and facial trauma; Craniofacial vascular malformations; Hemangiomas

Clinical Interests:craniofacial deformities, vascular malformations and cosmetic surgery of the face and body

Detterbeck, Frank C

Section Chief, Thoracic

Research Interests:Cancer biology; Cancer imaging techniques; Prognostic markers of cancers; Multimodality (multiple therapies for) treatment of cancer; Evidence-based medicine

Clinical Interests:Thoracic oncology including: lung cancer, lung metastases, esophageal cancer, thymoma, mediastinal tumors, chest wall tumors, Pancoast tumors, mesothelioma, sarcoma; chest surgery including benign conditions; minimally invasive surgery for thoracic procedures

Mulligan, David Cobourn

Section Chief, Transplant

Clinical Interests:liver transplant, liver transplantation, kidney transplant, kidney transplantation, pancreas transplant, pancreas transplantation, liver surgery, liver tumors, liver malignancy, liver benign tumors, bile duct tumors, biliary malignancy, liver resection, living donor liver transplant surgery, living donor liver transplantation, whipple surgery, pancreas tumors, pancreatic cysts, pancreatic resection, liver allocation, liver distribution, UNOS, organ donation, organ allocation, transplant center alignment, ischemia reperfusion injury in livers, organ preservation

Sumpio, Bauer

Section Chief, Vascular

Research Interests:Diabetic foot disease; Cerebrovascular disease; Peripheral vascular disease; Wound healing; Atherosclerosis; Hemodynamics

Clinical Interests:Cerebrovascular disease, general vascular surgery, diabetic foot salvage, carotid disease; endovascular therapy, abdominal aortic aneurysm, ulcers, Peripheral Venous Disease (PVD); Periperal Arterial Disease (PAD)

Longo, Walter E

Section Chief, Colon & Rectal

Research Interests:Healthcare delivery of colon and rectal surgery; General surgery; Education; Clinical and basic science investigation of colonic inflammatory disorders; Surgical outcomes

Clinical Interests:Colon and rectal cancer surgery; Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD); Benign and malignant anorectal diseases; Pelvic floor disorders; Crohn's disease; Ulcerative colitis; Gastrointestinal surgery

Manuelidis, Laura

Section Chief, Neuropathology

Yuh, David Daiho

Section Chief, Cardiac

Research Interests:Cardiac valvular disease; Minimally-Invasive Approaches to Cardiac Surgery; Surgical Robotics; Computational Cardiac Modeling; Three-Dimensional Echocardiography

Clinical Interests:Coronary artery disease; cardiac valvular disease (i.e., mitral, aortic, tricuspid valves); minimally-invasive cardiac surgical approaches; ablative operations for atrial fibrillation.

Caty, Michael

Section Chief, Pediatrics

Research Interests:Pathophysiology of intestinal ischemia and reperfusion

Clinical Interests:neonatal surgery; thoracic surgery; intestinal motility disorders; pediatric renal transplantation; pediatric surgical oncology; pediatric laparoscopy; minimally invasive thoracic surgery.

Carling, Tobias

Section Chief, Endocrine

Research Interests:Improved outcomes in minimally invasive endocrine surgery; Molecular genetics of endocrine tumors of the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal (hyperaldosteronism, hypercortisolism, adrenal cancer, pheochromocytoma) and endocrine pancreas; Familial endocrine tumor susceptibility syndromes; Regulation of calcium homeostasis

Clinical Interests:Endocrine surgery; surgery of the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal gland, and endocrine pancreas; minimally invasive surgical techniques, under local and cervical block anesthesia; minimally invasive (posterior retroperitoneoscopic) adrenalectomy, outpatient Minimally Invasive Parathyroidectomy (MIP), and Minimally Invasive Thyroidectomy (MIT); neck dissection for thyroid cancer; intraoperative hormone monitoring

Chagpar, Anees B.

Section Chief, Oncology Breast Center

Clinical Interests:breast cancer; breast health; ductal carcinoma in situ; invasive breast cancer; inflammatory breast cancer; invasive ductal carcinoma; invasive lobular carcinoma; Paget's disease; lobular carcinoma in situ; atypical hyperplasia; high risk; BRCA; nipple discharge; breast mass; mastectomy; skin-sparing mastectomy; nipple sparing mastectomy; sentinel node biopsy; Mammosite; accelerated partial breast irradiation; minimally invasive breast biopsy; axillary node dissection; lumpectomy; breast conserving surgery; personalized medicine; targeted therapy; hormonal therapy; multidisciplinary care; benign breast disease; fibroadenoma; phylloides tumor

Salem, Ronald R

Section Chief, Oncology

Research Interests:Combined modality therapy for esophageal cancer; Management of benign and malignant liver tumors

Clinical Interests:Malignant and pre-malignant diseases of the pancreas; liver and biliary system; esophagus; colon and rectum; laparoscopic staging of malignancies; laparoscopic splenectomy and distal pancreatectomy; gall bladder cancer; lymphoma; melanoma; sarcoma; multimodality management of pancreas and esophageal tumors; liver tumors in pregnancy; retroperitoneal sarcomas

Yarbrough, Wendell

Section Chief, Otolaryngology

Research Interests:Head and neck oncology; Salivary oncology; Mouse modeling of human cancer; Human-in-mouse cancer models; Tumor suppressor activity; Molecular defects in cancer; NF-kappa B; NF-kB; Signaling; DNA damage; Human papilloma virus; HPV

Clinical Interests:head & neck cancer; ent cancer, oral cancer, oropharyngeal cancer;throat cancer, laryngeal cancer;voice box cancer, head and neck cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, human papilloma virus, human papillomavirus, salivary cancer, acidic cell carcinoma, adenoid cystic, adenoid cystic carcinoma, mucoepidermoid, mucoepidermoid carcinoma, thyroid cancer, well-differentiated thyroid cancer, medullary cancer, medullary, papillary thyroid cancer, papillary, follicular thyroid cancer, follicular, anaplastic thyroid cancer, anaplastic, lymphoma, skin cancer, melanoma, lip cancer, tongue cancer, tonsil cancer, base of tongue cancer, nasal cancer, sinus cancer, esthesioneuroblastoma, buccal cancer, palate cancer, soft palate, hard palate, soft palate cancer, soft palate cancer

Davis, Kimberly A., MD

Section Chief, Trauma

Research Interests:Inflammation; Infection; Ventilator associated pneumonia; Sepsis; Shock; Resuscitation trauma systems; Trauma outcomes; Performance improvement and outcomes

Clinical Interests:Trauma; surgical critical care; emergency and elective general surgery; re-operative surgery, sepsis and resuscitation; shock; performance improvement; outcomes

Ariyan, Stephan

Clinical Interests:merkel cell carcinoma; squamous cell carcinoma; basal cell carcinoma; melanoma; skin cancer; malignant melanoma; reconstructive surgery; head and neck cancer;

Au, Alexander F.

Clinical Interests:Breast reconstruction; breast surgery; transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap; TRAM flap; deep inferior epigastric artery perforator flap; DIEP flap; transverse upper gracilis flap; TUG flap; free flap; gluteal flap; microsurgery; breast implant; tissue expander; nipple and areola reconstruction; body contouring; post-bariatric surgery.

Boffa, Daniel J.

Research Interests:prevention of tumor metastasis; early detection of lung cancer

Clinical Interests:Esophageal cancer; lung cancer; achalasia; gastroesophageal reflux disease; hiatal hernias; esophageal diverticulum; minimally invasive surgery; hyperhidrosis

Bonde, Pramod

Research Interests:Ventricular assist devices; Wireless heart; Resonant Energy Transfer (FREE-D); Percutaneous valve technology; Computational fluid dynamics; Heart transplantation

Clinical Interests:Minimally invasive cardiac surgery; Coronary artery disease; Valvular heart disease; LVAD/Artificial Heart; ECMO. Heart/Lung transplantation;

Bow, Laurine M.

Research Interests:Clinical relevance of HLA antibodies in organ transplantation; Transplant immunology; Vascular biology

Callender, Glenda G

Research Interests:Outcomes in endocrine surgery, including minimally invasive thyroid and parathyroid surgery, laparoscopic and posterior retroperitoneoscopic adrenalectomy; Outpatient parathyroidectomy; Intraoperative laryngeal nerve monitoring; Endocrine oncology clinical trials

Clinical Interests:Endocrine surgery; surgery of the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal gland, and endocrine pancreas; minimally invasive surgical techniques, under local and cervical block anesthesia; laparascopic and posterior retroperitoneoscopic adrenalectomy; outpatient minimally invasive parathyroidectomy (MIP) and thyroidectomy; intraoperative laryngeal nerve monitoring; neck dissection for thyroid cancer

Centrella, Michael

Research Interests:Molecular aspects of bone growth factor and receptor expression and activity; control of protein synthesis initiation

Cha, Charles H

Research Interests:Development of robotic and laparoscopic approaches for benign and malignant conditions of the liver, pancreas and stomach; Effects of angiogenesis on gastrointestinal malignancy; Gene silencing techniques to knockdown proliferation of hepatocellular carcinoma in vitro and in vivo; Diagnostic and therapeutic utility of angiogenic inhibitors for treatment of solid tumors; Clinical outcomes in surgery for sarcoma, hepatobiliary, gastric and esophageal malignancy

Clinical Interests:Surgery for benign and malignant disease of the liver, bile duct and pancreas; surgery for gastric and esophageal cancer and sarcoma; minimally invasive surgery (robotic and laparoscopic) for cancer

Christison-Lagay, Emily

Clinical Interests:pediatric solid tumors; thoracic tumors; neonatal surgery; pediatric oncology; pediatric thyroid disease; neuroblastoma; childhood sarcomas.

Colberg, John W.

Research Interests:Urologic oncology

Clinical Interests:Urologic oncology including kidney cancer, testicular cancer, prostate cancer, penile cancer and bladder cancer; robotic surgery

Cowles, Robert A

Research Interests:Enteric nervous system function; Intestinal adaptation; Intestinal failure; Parenteral nutrition-associated liver disease; Biliary atresia; Choledochal cyst; Surgical education

Clinical Interests:Short Gut Syndrome, Aerodigestive disorders, Esophageal atresia, Esophageal Replacement and Reconstruction, Complex Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), Biliary disease (biliary atresia, choledochal cyst), Pancreatic disorders

Dardik, Alan

Research Interests:Vein graft adaptation; Fistula adaptation; Markers of blood vessel identity during vein graft and AVF adaptation; How understanding the mechanisms of vein graft adaptation lead to improved tissue engineering; Effects of aging on vein graft adaptation; Bioengineering a "better" blood vessel

Clinical Interests:aortic surgery; complex peripheral reconstruction; bloodless surgery; endovascular surgery; minimally invasive vascular surgery; venous disease; dialysis access; wound healing; clinical research; clinical trials; veterans' care; access to vascular care for veterans

Darr, Umer Mansoor

Clinical Interests:cardiac surgery; Aneurysm Aortic Surgery; Aortic Surgery; Cardiac Ablation; Cardiac Arrhythmias; Cardiovascular Surgery; Heart Surgery; Thoracic Aortic Surgery.

Dewar, Michael

Clinical Interests:Aortic Valve Surgery; Minimally Invasive Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery; Mitral Valve Repair Surgery; Ross Procedure.

Dinauer, Catherine A

Research Interests:Pediatric thyroid disorders

Clinical Interests:Pediatric endocrinology; Pediatric thyroid disorders; Pediatric thyroid cancer

Duffy, Andrew

Research Interests:Surgical skills training; Virtual reality surgical simulation; Clinical outcomes for bariatrics; Hernia; Colon surgery

Clinical Interests:Advanced laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgery; laparoscopic colon surgery for colon cancer or diverticulitis; laparoscopic bariatric surgery for morbid obesity; laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery; laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding; laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy; laparoscopic surgery for reflux and achalasia; laparoscopic Nissen; laparoscopic Heller myotomy; laparoscopic splenectomy; laparoscopic paraesophageal hernia repair; laparoscopic repair of abdominal-wall hernias; laparoscopic repair of inguinal hernias; gall bladder, gall stones, cholecystectomy, gall stone pancreatitis; Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD); Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Crohn's disease; ulcerative colitis, appendicitis

Einarsdottir, Hulda

Clinical Interests:Cancer of the colon, rectum and anus; Inflammatory Bowel Disease; Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis; Pelvic Floor Disorders; fecal incontinence, anal sphincter injury, rectal prolapse, rectocele. Benign anorectal disorders; hemorrhoids, abscess, fistula. Laparoscopic surgery, reconstructive surgery.

Elefteriades, John Alex

Research Interests:Genetics of thoracic aortic aneurysms; Spinal cord and brain protection; Blood test for aneurysm disease; Deep hypothermic circulatory arrest and its effect on cognitive abilities; Novel heart transplantation technique; Advanced left ventricular failure; Transplantation

Clinical Interests:Cardiac surgery, aortic surgery, aneurysm surgery, arrhythmia surgery, thoracic surgery, left ventricular aneurysmectomy, advanced left ventricular dysfunction, surgery for cardiac and cardiothoracic diseases

Emre, Sukru H.

Research Interests:Living donor liver transplantation; Quality of life after transplant; Recurrent diseases after transplantation; Acute rejection; Autoimmune hepatitis; Organ allocation and organ donation; Chronic allograft dysfunction; Early graft function/dysfunction; Infectious complications of immunosuppression; Complications of transplantation and immunosuppression; Expanded donors; High-risk recipient; Immunosuppressive agents; Ischemia-reperfusion injury; Malignancy: donor, transplant candidates, and transplant recipients; Post-Tansplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder (PTLD); Hepatocellular carcinoma and transplantation; Surgical techniques and complications; Viral hepatitis

Clinical Interests:Adult and pediatric liver transplant; Split liver transplant; Living donor transplants; Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery including hepatocellular carcinoma and hepatoblastoma; Portal hypertension and shunt surgeries; Immunology and immunosuppressive management of post transplant patients; Organ allocation and donation; Acute liver failure; Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy (FAP); Biliary atresia; Hepatitis C

Geibel, John P

Research Interests:Gastric Acid Secretion; Colonic Fluid Transport; Renal Physiology; Intracellular Ion Activity Measurements; Calcium Sensing Receptor; Diarrheal disease; electrophysiology; CFTR; AMPKinase volume regulation

Ghiassi, Saber

Research Interests:Outcomes of bariatric surgery for treatment of obesity and related comorbidities

Clinical Interests:Treatment of obesity and its related medical comorbidities through minimally invasive surgery; Laparoscopic treatment of achalasia, laparoscopic treatment of gastroesophageal reflux and hiatal hernia repair; laparoscopic hernia repair; Laparoscopic colon surgery

Gusberg, Richard Jefferson

Research Interests:Informed consent; Carotid surgery and neurocognition; Health care disparaties; Simulation in education

Clinical Interests:aortic aneurysms (including thoraco-abdominal), aortic occlusive disease, carotid disease, stroke prevention, arterial disease of the kidneys and intestines (renovascular disease, hypertension, mesenteric ischemia), arterial disease of the legs, limb preservation, standard (open) surgery and minimally invasive (endovascular) interventions, with an emphasis on quality of life and functional outcomes

Han, Dale

Research Interests:Clinical outcomes; Gene expression profiling; Tissue microarray analysis; Biomarker analysis; Melanoma; Merkel cell carcinoma; Sarcoma

Clinical Interests:Melanoma; Merkel Cell Carcinoma; Squamous Cell Carcinoma; Basal Cell Carcinoma; Sarcoma; Retroperitoneal Sarcoma; Extremity Sarcoma; Surgical Oncology; Skin Cancer

Hashim, Sabet

Research Interests:Mitral valve repair for degenerative and ischemic mitral regurgitation; Mini-invasive aortic and mitral valve surgery;Trans-arterial aortic valve replacement(TAVR); Trans-venous Mitra-Clip for mitral regurgitation. Arterial conduits for coronary revascularisation.

Clinical Interests:Mitral valve repair;minimally invasive incisions for mitral repair( anterior thoracotomy, lower mini-sternotomy and sub-mammary), surgical ablation of atrial fibrillation (Maze procedure); bilateral mammary bypass grafting; minimally invasive aortic surgery; complex valve operations; tricuspid valve surgery; reoperative coronary and valve surgery.

Hsia, Henry C.

Research Interests:wound biology; regenerative medicine; tissue engineering

Clinical Interests:Wound Care; Regenerative Medicine; Reconstructive Surgery

Indes, Jeffrey

Research Interests:Clinical outcomes of endovascular and open surgery; Limb salvage in diabetic patients; Open and Endovascular Surgical Education; Aortoiliac Occlusive Disease; Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

Clinical Interests:Carotid Artery Disease; Stroke, Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency; Upper Extremity Arterial and Venous Disorders; Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS); Thoracic and Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms; Aortoiliac Occlusive Disease; Lower Extremity Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD); Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT); Varicose Veins; A-V Access for Hemodialysis; Peripheral Artery Aneurysms

Issaeva, Natalia

Research Interests:Oncogenes and tumor suppressors; DNA replication and repair; P53 regulation and signaling; Head and neck cancer; Human papilloma virus

Judson, Benjamin L.

Clinical Interests:oral cavity tumors; pharynx and larynx tumors; salivary tumors; skin cancers; thyroid tumors; sinonasal and skull base tumors; head and neck surgery

Kaml, Gary J

Research Interests:Trauma Care; General Surgery; Emergency General Surgery; Minimally-Invasive Surgery; Surgical Critical Care

Clinical Interests:Trauma Care; General Surgery; Minimally-Invasive General Surgery

Karimi, Mohsen

Research Interests:improved surgical techniques, including lower need for heart medications, shorter ventilator support, lower complication rate, and much shorter length of stay in the hospital; blood conservation measures to improve outcomes in pediatric cardiac operations; blood conservation in cardiac surgery; limited or no-blood transfusion during cardiac surgery.

Clinical Interests:Pediatric Congenital Heart Surgery; Adult Congenital Heart Surgery.

Khan, Sajid A

Research Interests:Cancer; metastasis; oligometastasis; microRNA; gene expression profiling; microsatellite instability; clinical outcomes; surgical resection; surgical palliation; liver metastasis; pancreas; gastric cancer; gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST); early onset colorectal cancer; sarcoma

Clinical Interests:Surgical oncology; malignant (cancerous) and pre-malignant diseases of the liver, bile ducts, gallbladder, pancreas, duodenum, stomach and esophagus; gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST); colon and rectal cancers; early onset colorectal cancer; melanoma; retroperitoneal sarcoma; extremity sarcoma; minimally invasive surgery; multi-modality treatment

Killelea, Brigid

Research Interests:Breast conservation therapy; Mastectomy; Sentinel lymph node biopsy; Axillary lymph node dissection; Breast MRI

Clinical Interests:breast cancer; breast oncology; breast conservation therapy; sentinel lymph node biopsy; benign breast disease; DCIS; management of high risk patients; breast MRI; mastectomy; axillary lymph node dissection; fibroadenoma; papilloma; phylloides

Kim, Anthony W

Clinical Interests:Cancer of the lung and esophagus; chest wall tumors; mediastinal tumors; thymomas

Kirshbom, Paul, MD

Clinical Interests:neonatal and cardiac repairs; congenital heart disease; neurological protection; pediatric cardiac surgery; pediatric cardiovascular surgery; pediatric thoracic surgery.

Kopf, Gary Sheldon

Research Interests:Arrhythmia surgery for congenital heart disease; Clinical research on long term survivors of congenital heart surgery; Experimental surgical models for congenital heart surgery; Web-based educational tools for congenital heart surgery

Clinical Interests:Pediatric cardiac surgery; adult cardiac surgery; adult congenital heart disease

Kulkarni, Sanjay

Research Interests:The role of complement inhibition in kidney and liver transplantation; Methods to decrease pain for living kidney donors; UNOS & CMS regulations and compliance; Living donor risks and perceptions.

Clinical Interests:Total laparoscopic donor nephrectomy; Kidney Transplantation; Liver transplant; Pancreas transplant; Hepatobiliary surgery; immunosuppression management; Peritoneal dialysis access

Kwei, Stephanie Lynn

Research Interests:Breast reconstruction

Clinical Interests:Breast Reconstructive Surgery; Breast Surgery; Bariatric Body Contouring Surgery; Aesthetic Surgery

Lannin, Donald R

Research Interests:Breast disease and cancer; Clinical trial for the study of tamoxifen and raloxifene (STAR trial)

Clinical Interests:Surgery exclusively for benign and malignant diseases of the breast, including breast cancer, high-risk screening; breast biopsy, sentinel lymph node biopsy, ductal lavage, ductoscopy

Leder, Steven B.

Research Interests:Speech and swallowing abilities of patients with head and neck cancer; Tracheotomy; Ventilator dependency; Dysphagia diagnostics and rehabilitation

Clinical Interests:Speech, language, swallowing, and voice problems/disorders; speech language pathology

Lui, Felix Y

Research Interests:Shock; Trauma systems organization; Resuscitation in trauma; Pediatric trauma; Necrotizing soft tissue infections

Clinical Interests:Trauma; surgical critical care; emergency and elective general surgery; re-operative surgery; sepsis and resuscitation; shock

Maerz, Linda L

Research Interests:Quality improvement in the surgical intensive care unit; Clinical outcomes in sepsis; Glycemic control in the critically ill.

Clinical Interests:Trauma; surgical critical care; emergency and elective general surgery; re-operative surgery, sepsis and resuscitation; shock

Mangi, Abeel A.

Research Interests:LVAD; Cardiac transplant; Database; Outcomes; Heart failure

Clinical Interests:Trans-Catheter Valve Replacement; TAVR; Mechanical circulatory support; Destination therapy LVAD implantation; Total Artificial Heart; Lung transplant off mechanical support; Cardiogenic shock; Bridge to recovery; Heart Transplantation; Alternative list transplantation; Multiple organ transplantation; Lung Transplantation; Bronchial arterial revascularization; Transplantation off mechanical support; Concomitant cardiac operation at time of lung transplant; Multiple organ transplant, specifically lung-liver; Pulmonary Re-transplantation; Pulmonary hypertension, thromboembolic disease and pulmonary thromboendarterectomy; Minimal access mitral valve repair; Mini Right Thoracotomy; Mini Sternotomy; Aortic surgery; Valve sparing root replacement; Aortic arch and elephant trunk placement; Thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm replacement; Aortic valve repair; Surgical therapies for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; Septal myectomy; Thin septum left ventricular outflow tract obstruction; Surgical therapy for pericardial diseases; Re-operative & complex cardiac surgery; Aorta Graft; Aorta Surgery; Aortic Dissection; Aortic Valve Repair; Aortic Valve Replacement; Aortic Valve Surgery; Arterial Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts; Artificial Heart; Atrial Septal Defect Closure; Bypass Surgery; Complex Aorta Surgery; Coronary Artery Re-operation; David Procedure; David Reimplantation Operation; Epicardial Lead Placement; Heart Failure Surgery; Heart Surgery; Heart Surgery for Marfan Syndrome; Heart Surgery Reoperation; Heart Transplantation; Heart-Lung Transplantation; Heart Valve Surgery; High-Risk Re-operation Surgery; Left Ventricular Reconstructive Surgery; Lung Transplantation; Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery; Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery; Minimally Invasive Surgery; Mitral Valve Repair; Mitral Valve Replacement; Mitral Valve Surgery; Modified David's Reimplantation Procedure; Myectomy; Myocardial Biopsy; Off Pump Bypass Surgery; Off Pump Heart Surgery; Organ Transplantation; Partial Artificial Heart; Pericardiectomy; Radiofrequency Ablation; Removal of Atrial Myxoma; Removal of Cardiac Tumors; Re-operation Valve Surgery; Surgery for Infective Endocarditis; Surgery for Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm; Surgical Ablation Of Atrial Fibrillation; Surgical Procedures for Atrial Fibrillation; Tricuspid Valve Repair; Tricuspid Valve Replacement; Valve Surgery; Ventricular Assist Device

Maung, Adrian

Research Interests:Improvements in trauma care; Invasive and non-invasive monitoring in critical care; Ventilation weaning; Immunological changes after injury;

Clinical Interests:Trauma surgery; surgical critical care; shock; emergency general surgery

McCarthy, Thomas L

Research Interests:Hormonal and molecular control of IGF-I expression and TGF-b function in osteoblasts; osteoblast gene expression, including steroid hormone interactions with signaling pathways that control gene expression; native and synthetic sex steroid metabolism by osteoblasts, including synthesis of a selective estrogen receptor modulator by aging osteoblast cultures; interactions of protein kinases and steroid hormones as they affect gene expression

Michaelides, Elias

Research Interests:Eustachian tube surgery; Balance disorders

Clinical Interests:Hearing loss; Ear infections; Facial paralysis; Cochlear implants; Skull base tumors; Acoustic neuroma; Dizziness; Balance disorders

Modlin, Irvin M

Research Interests:Pancreatric, gastriccolonic endocrine, biochemical phenomena in the gastrointestinal system

Clinical Interests:Neuroendocrine tumors, carcinoid tumors, endoscopy, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), gastrointestinal disease, gastrointestinal cancer, pancreas cancer

Nadzam, Geoffrey

Clinical Interests:weight loss surgery, bariatric surgery, laparoscopic gastric bypass, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, paraesophageal hernia repair, hiatal hernia repair, ventral hernia repair, incisional hernia repair, nissen fundoplication, antireflux surgery

Narayan, Deepak

Research Interests:Melanomas; Hemangiomas and vascular malformations; Pathogenesis of Dupuytren's disease

Clinical Interests:Melanoma; Sarcoma; Merkel cell tumors; Cutaneous cancers; and post oncologic ablation reconstruction for head and neck and breast cancers

Ochoa Chaar, Cassius Iyad

Research Interests:Premature peripheral vascular disease; Endovenous ablation of varicose veins; Endovascular aortic aneurysm repair; Deep vein thrombosis; Catheter-directed thrombolytic therapy

Clinical Interests:Carotid endarterectomy; carotid artery stenting; peripheral arterial disease (PAD); lower extremity bypass surgery, endovascular treatment of peripheral arterial occlusive disease; open and endovascular treatment of aneurysms; dialysis vascular access; varicose veins; open and endovascular surgery;

Ozgediz, Doruk

Research Interests:Global health; Global surgery; Health disparities; Access to care; Burden of surgical disease; Partnerships and collaboration; Uganda; Capacity-building; Pediatric surgery

Clinical Interests:pediatric general surgery; neonatal surgery; minimally invasive surgery; thoracic surgery

Perkal, Melissa F

Research Interests:Outcomes in surgical intensive care, particularly for veteran and geriatric patients

Clinical Interests:surgical education, particularly for medical students

Reddy, Vikram

Clinical Interests:Anal cancer; colon cancer; rectal cancer; inflammatory bowel disease; Ulcerative Colitis (UC); Crohn' disease; motility disorders; constipation; fecal incontinence; genetic counseling & testing; colostomy; ileostomy; endoscopy; high-risk screening; j-pouch or ileoanal anastomosis; laparoscopic surgery; minimally invasive surgery; ostomy; laparoscopic colon resection; laparoscopic proctocolectomy; laparoscopic rectal cancer surgery; laparoscopic ostomy; Transanal Endoscopic Micro Surgery (TEMS); Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES); hemorrhoid; fistula; fissure

Rizzolo, Lawrence James

Research Interests:Retinal disease; Tight junctions; Outer blood-retinal barrier; Epithelia; Human embryonic stem cells; Bio/tissue engineering; Medical education

Clinical Interests:Medical education

Roberts, Kurt Eric

Research Interests:Natural Orifice Transluminal Surgery (NOTES); Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS); Gallbladder surgery; Endoluminal surgery; Surgical simulation and training; General surgery education; Obesity in adults and adolescents; Laparoscopic trauma and emergency surgery; Surgical outcomes

Clinical Interests:Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES); Single incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS); cholecystectomy; laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgery; bariatric surgery; repair of hernias; surgery for reflux and achalasia (esophagus); colon surgery; laparoscopic trauma and emergency surgery; endoluminal therapy (a revolutionary approach to Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease [GERD]); surgery for pancreatitis; invisible incision appendectomy.

Rodriguez-Davalos, Manuel I

Research Interests:Pediatric Transplantation, Living Donor Liver Transplantation, Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Portal Hypertension Surgery, Meso-Rex Bypass, Organ Preservation and Machine Perfusion.

Clinical Interests:Adult and Pediatric Liver Transplantation; Living Donor Liver Transplantation; Hepatobiliary Surgery; Portal Hypertension; Meso-Rex Bypas (Rex-shunt); Hepatoblastoma; Minimally Invasive and Robotic Liver Surgery; Kidney Transplantation

Rosenthal, Ronnie A

Research Interests:Geriatric surgery education; Healthcare delivery

Clinical Interests:Gastrointestinal disease, biliary disease, geriatric gastrointestinal surgery

Santos-Sacchi, Joseph

Research Interests:Mammalian inner ear

Sarac, Timur Paul

Research Interests:Endovascular therapy, AAA stents, medical devices

Clinical Interests:Endovascular therapy, re-operative surgery, mesenteric ischemia, abdominal aortic aneurysms, thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms, claudication, toe ulcers, ischemiic legs, ischemic rest pain, leg bypasses, diabetic vascular disease, renal vascular hypertension, carotid artery disease, stroke, tias, thoracic outlet, varicose veins.

Sasaki, Clarence Takashi

Research Interests:Laryngeal physiology; Head and neck cancer

Clinical Interests:Surgery of sinus, larynx, pharynx and nose neoplasms; diagnostic and therapeutic broncho-esophagology; surgery of the skull base; endoscopic surgery for Zenkers diverticulum; minimally invasive surgery for correction of voice and swallowing disorders; endocrine cancer; esophageal cancer; head and neck cancer; pediatric cancer; skin cancer; laryngology

Schuster, Kevin

Research Interests:Continuous glucose monitoring; Outcomes in trauma and emergency general surgery; Closure of abdominal wall defects; Ultrasound in trauma and critical care; Tissue engineering of skin and abdominal wall components; Surgical education

Clinical Interests:General surgery; trauma, surgical critical care; emergency and elective general surgery; sepsis and resuscitation; shock

Steinbacher, Derek Matthew

Research Interests:Tissue engineering and regeneration; Fat grafting; Distraction osteogenesis; Stress shielding; 3-Dimensional analysis and planning

Clinical Interests:cleft, craniofacial, maxillofacial and orthognathic surgery; cosmetic surgery of the face and body; rhinoplasty; facial reanimation for palsy; facial reconstruction.

Stitelman, David H

Research Interests:In Utero Gene Therapy

Clinical Interests:Minimally invasive surgery, pediatric surgical oncology, correction of congenital anomalies

Tellides, George

Research Interests:Vascular biology; Immunology; Transplantation

Clinical Interests:Cardiothoracic surgery

Thomson, J Grant

Research Interests:Flap physiology; Microsurgery; Tendon repair; Breast reconstruction

Clinical Interests:Hand surgery; wrist surgery; endoscopic carpal tunnel; arthritic hand reconstruction; microsurgery; lower extremity reconstruction; breast reconstruction; brachial plexus injuries; reconstruction; and repair; peripheral nerve surgery; occupational disorders of the upper extremity; trauma-related pain, skin cancer; melanoma; head and neck cancer; esophageal cancer; breast cancer

Yavorek, George A

Clinical Interests:Colorectal cancer, anal cancer, diverticular disease, ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, laproscopic colon and rectal surgery; hemorrhoids, anal fissures and fistulas, rectal prolapse

Yoo, Peter Steven

Research Interests:Organ transplantation; Organ scarcity; Hepatitis; Portal hypertension

Clinical Interests:Transplantation of liver, pancreas, kidneys in adults and children; Liver tumors in adults and children; Minimally invasive surgery; Pediatric liver diseases; Portal hypertension; Management of immunosuppression and related infections; Bile duct disorders; Living donor transplantation; Polycystic kidney disease; Difficult dialysis access; Organ donation;

Young, Nwanmegha

Research Interests:Laser surgery; Professional voice; Neurologic disorders of the larynx

Clinical Interests:Vocal cord paralysis, professional voice, neurologic disorders of the larynx, laryngeal cancer, prevention diagnosis and treatment of voice and swallowing disorders, laser surgery, general ENT