School of Public Health Faculty

Cleary, Paul D.

Dean, Chair

Research Interests:Health Care Quality; Quality Improvement; Healthcare Organizations; Patient-Centered Care; Health Services Research

Leaderer, Brian Paul

Deputy Dean and Vice Chair

Research Interests:Exposures to air contaminants; Air quality issues

Zhao, Hongyu

Department Chair for Biostatistics

Research Interests:Statistical genomics and proteomics; Bioinformatics; Data integration; High dimensional data; Network and graphical models; Disease risk prediction; Herbal medicine; Microbiome

Vasiliou, Vasilis

Department Chair for Environmental Health Sciences

Research Interests:Mechanisms of Cellular Responses to Environmental Stress, Gene-Environment Interactions; Alcohol and Disease; Aldehyde Dehydrogenases and Glutathione in Metabolism and Disease (specifically, diabetes, gout and cancer), Cancer Drug Discovery, and Evolution of Gene Families.

Ko, Albert Icksang

Department Chair for Epidemiology of Microbial Disease

Research Interests:Urban slum health, Leptospirosis; Dengue; Bacterial meningitis; Vaccine preventable diseases

Busch, Susan H

Department Chair for Health Policy & Management

Research Interests:Health insurance; Mental health care; Affordable Care Act implementation

Lichtman, Judith

Department Chair for Chronic Disease Epidemiology

Research Interests:Cardiovascular Diseases; Stroke; Women's Health; Elderly; Young; Outcomes; Quality of Care

Abdala, Nadia

Research Interests:Virus inactivation studies; HIV prevention research; Alcohol related HIV risk behaviors; HIV risk reduction interventions.

Aksoy, Serap

Research Interests:African trypanosomes; Bacterial symbionts of tsetse flies

Allore, Heather G

Research Interests:State transition models; Experimental design; Longitudinal methods; Missing data Methods; Marginal structural models; Latent class models; Trajectory models; Dynamic stochastic models; Joint models

Altice, Frederick Lewis

Research Interests:Interface between infectious diseases and substance abuse; HIV, HCV, and tuberculosis treatment in vulnerable populations (including injection drug users and prison inmates); Antiretroviral therapy; extended release naltrexone, buprenorphine and methadone treatment in management of co-morbid conditions; Healthcare integration; Adherence interventions; Behavioral interventions

Clinical Interests:Infectious diseases; HIV/AIDS; Viral hepatitis (HBV, HCV) and Tuberculosis; Addiction Medicine (Opioid substitution therapy, Pharmacotherapy for alcohol dependence; Methamphetamine Abuse); Motivational Interviewing; Health Services Research; Implementation Science, Global Health, Health Policy, Epidemiology

Andiman, Warren Alan

Research Interests:Prospective longitudinal studies of clinical outcomes in a cohort of perinatally infected HIV-positive children; Morphologic, metabolic and endocrinologic consequences of longstanding HIV infection and antiretroviral therapy; Virologic and immunologic factors associated with long-term survival in perinatally infected HIV-positive children; AIDS clinical treatment trials in HIV-positive children; Transitioning long-term survivors of pediatric HIV infection into adult healthcare practices; Epidemiology and clinical manifestations of renal disease in HIV positive children

Clinical Interests:Pediatric infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS; Viral disease of children; Clinical trials in children; Diagnostic virology; international adoption; transition of HIV+ adolescents and young adults to adult health care venues

Attardo, Geoff

Research Interests:Insect vectors; Reproduction; Genetics; Biochemistry; Tsetse fly; Nutrition; Viviparity; Trypanosomiasis; Africa

Baltimore, Robert Samuel

Research Interests:Neonatal Infections; Epidemiology of Community-Acquired Infections; Epidemiology of Nosocomial Infections

Clinical Interests:Pediatric Infectious Disease; Nosocomial Infections; Newborn Infections; Tuberculosis; Cystic Fibrosis, pediatric infectious diseases; bacterial diseases; nosocomial infections

Barbour, Russell

Research Interests:Spatial Statistics, Bayesian simulations, Latent Class Analysis, Network Text Analysis, Generalized Estimating Equations, Neural Networks

Bing, Xiaoli

Research Interests:Insect Control; Symbiosis; Glossina spp.; Trypanosomiasis; Wigglesworthia;

Bogucki, Sandy

Research Interests:Firefighter health and safety; Physiology of firefighting; Planning and medical response to disasters

Clinical Interests:Emergency Medical Services

Bracken, Michael B.

Research Interests:Perinatal and pediatric epidemiology; Evidence-based health care and medicine

Bradley, Elizabeth H.

Research Interests:Global health and management; Implementation science; Cardiovascular disease and quality of care; Hospice care

Bruce, Robert Douglas

Research Interests:Substance abuse/dependence; Infectious diseases; HIV; Hepatitis C

Clinical Interests:Substance Abuse/Dependence and Infectious Diseases; HIV; Hepatitis C; Evidence Based Treatments for Addiction and HIV

Bucala, Richard

Research Interests:Mechanisms by which host immunity converts from a protective response to one producing disease and tissue pathology; Emergence of steroid resistance; Biochemical, biological, and genetic characterization of the MIF cytokine family; MIF's role in malaria and global infectious diseases; Pharmacologic immuniomodulation of the MIF pathway; Role of fibrocytes in different systemic fibroses

Clinical Interests:General Rheumatology; Autoimmune Diseases; Rheumatoid Arthritis; Systemic Fibrosis; Y-NHH Consultation

Buta, Eugenia

Research Interests:statistical methods in biomedical research; Bayesian inference; statistical computing

Calabrese, Sarah K.

Research Interests:Black LGBT (Sexual/Gender Minority) Health; Health Disparities; Intersectionality; Stereotypes; Discrimination; Healthcare Provider Bias; HIV Prevention; Sexual Health; HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

Cappello, Michael

Research Interests:Molecular parasitology; Hookworm pathogenesis & vaccine development; International child health

Clinical Interests:Infectious Diseases; Tropical Medicine and Parasitology; International Adoption

Cartmel, Brenda

Research Interests:Nutrition; Cancer prevention; Cancer survivorship

Chen, Xi

Research Interests:Health economics; Development economics; Labor economics; Social interactions and networks; Applied econometrics; China; India; Indonesia

Chen, Ying

Research Interests:glutathione redox biology; oxidative stress

Childs, Jamie

Research Interests:Hantaviruses; Arenaviruses; Rabies; Rickettsia; Bartonella; Borrelia; Leptospira

Claus, Elizabeth Brooks

Research Interests:Meningioma; Genome-wide association study; DCIS; Low-grade glioma; Risk prediction; Genetic epidemiology; CNS breast metastases; Intra-operative MRI; LCIS; Acoustic neuroma; Radiation-associated meningioma; stereotatic radiotherapy

Clinical Interests:Brain tumors; Meningioma; Glioma; Central nervous system metastases; Breast metastases; Acoustic neuroma; Radiosurgery; Computer-Guided Intra-operative Neuronavigation, Melanoma

Cohen, Ted

Research Interests:tuberculosis; HIV; mathematical modeling; antibiotic resistance; surveillance; policy; infectious disease; program support; spatial analysis

Curry, Leslie

Research Interests:Quality of health care and patient experiences with health and health care systems; Organizational culture and performance; Scale up of innovations; Social and health care spending

Dai, Feng

Research Interests:Genetic Epidemiology, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research in Anesthesiology, Applied longitudinal data analysis

Davidoff, Amy Joan

Research Interests:Medicare Part D; Affordable Care Act; Medicaid expansions; health insurance enrollment; cancer surivors; prescription medications; outcomes research

Dembry, Louise-Marie

Research Interests:Hospital epidemiology; Prevention and control of healthcare associated infections and antimicrobial resistant organisms; Molecular typing techniques in study of prevention and control of healthcare associated infections; Antimicrobial resistant organisms

Clinical Interests:Inpatient management of and consultation for infectious diseases; healthcare associated infections; hospital epidemiology

Desai, Mayur Mahesh

Research Interests:Epidemiologic Methods; Health Services Research; Mental Disorders; Cardiovascular Disease; Global Health

DeVita, Vincent T, Jr

Research Interests:Drug Resistance; Hodgkin's Disease; Lymphomas; Molecular Technology.

Clinical Interests:Consultations on Patients with Lymphomas; Hodgkin's disease; Breast Cancer; Melanoma; Cancer Chemotherapy; Epidemiology; Public Health

DeWan, Andrew Thomas

Research Interests:Genetic epidemiology; Statistical genetics; Asthma; Preeclampsia; Sepsis

Diuk-Wasser, Maria Ana

Research Interests:Disease ecology; Eco-epidemiology; Spatio-temporal risk modeling; Lyme disease; Babesiosis; Emerging zoonoses; Pathogen interactions; Tick-borne diseases; Dengue; West Nile virus;

Dubrow, Robert

Research Interests:Glioma; Glioblastoma; HIV-related malignancies; Immunosuppression and cancer

Durham, David Petrie

Research Interests:Dengue; HPV; Clostridium difficile; Nipah; Hepatitis C; Vaccination policy; Stochastic modeling; Cost-effectiveness

Esserman, Denise Ann

Research Interests:Applied Survey Sampling; Survey Sampling; Longitudinal Data; Clustered Clinical Trials; Adherence Data

Ettinger, Adrienne S

Research Interests:Effects of environmental exposures and nutritional influences on reproductive, perinatal, and children's health; Global health; Molecular epidemiology

Ferrucci, Leah McArthur

Research Interests:Skin cancer; indoor tanning; modifiable cancer risk factors; cancer survivorship; colorectal cancer, nutritional epidemiology

Fiellin, David A.

Research Interests:Substance abuse treatment in primary care; Emergency department and HIV specialty settings opioid agonist treatment with buprenorphine; Pharmacologic treatment of alcohol

Clinical Interests:Primary care; general internal medicine; addiction medicine

Fikrig, Erol

Research Interests:Vector-borne diseases; Lyme disease; Human granulocytic ehrilichiosis; West Nile virus

Clinical Interests:Lyme disease; Anaplasmosis; General infectious diseases; Rheumatology

Fish, Durland

Research Interests:Vector-borne diseases; ecology; evolution; epidemiology; prevention; climate change; borrelia; babesia; ticks; mosquitoes

Forman, Howard Paul

Research Interests:Healthcare policy; Health economics; Medicare and medicaid finance; Radiation risks and consent practices; MQSA; Women in radiology; Workforce in radiology; Undergraduate and graduate education

Clinical Interests:Computed tomography (CT); Abdominal imaging; Genito-urinary imaging; Trauma and emergency imaging

Friedland, Gerald

Research Interests:HIV care; Injection drug use and HIV; Anti-retroviral agents; Tuberculosis, HIV and TB drug resistant TB; Prevention and treatment in vulnerable populations

Clinical Interests:Infectious diseases; HIV care

Friedman, Abigail Sarah

Research Interests:Health Economics; Risky Behaviors; Electronic Cigarettes; Behavioral Economics; Mental Health; Health Policy

Galvani, Alison P

Research Interests:Applications of epidemiology and evolutionary ecology in the study of numerous diseases

Gent, Janneane Ferguson

Research Interests:Air pollution; Childhood asthma

Gill, Thomas Michael

Research Interests:Epidemiology and prevention of functional decline; Disability among community-living older persons; functional assessment; clinical trials

Clinical Interests:Memory loss; Dementia; Geriatric assessment; Depression; Frailty; Functional decline; Disability

Ginsberg, Gary Lee

Research Interests:Risks of environmental chemicals to children and other potentially vulnerable populations including those with pre-existing disease and genetic polymorphism; exposures to chemicals from consumer products; physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling.

Gould Rothberg, Bonnie Elyssa

Research Interests:Molecular cancer epidemiology; Cancer prognosis; Melanoma; Skin cancer; Lung cancer; Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors (PNETs); Tuberous Sclerosis Complex; Next generation sequencing; Somatic tumor mutations; Germline genetic variation; Immunohistochemistry-based biomarkers; Biospecimens and biobanking; Lifestyle choices associated with cancer outcome

Grau, Lauretta E

Research Interests:HIV prevention; Hepatitis prevention; Harm reduction; Health psychology; Injection drug use; Overdose prevention; Substance abuse within Families

Greenhalgh, Scott W

Research Interests:Infectious disease modeling, Hybrid dynamical systems, Control systems, Numerical Analysis, Operations Research

Grigorenko, Elena Leonidovna

Research Interests:Psychology; Learning disabilities; Neuropsychiatric genetics

Clinical Interests:Yale Academic Skills Clinic (

Gross, Cary P

Research Interests:Cancer policy; Health policy; Comparative effectiveness; Cancer outcomes; Research ethics and integrity

Clinical Interests:Cancer screening and prevention

Guarino, Peter D

Research Interests:Randomized clinical trials; Infectious disease epidemiology; Comparative effectiveness research; Informed Consent research

Gueorguieva, Ralitza

Research Interests:Longitudinal Data; Mixed Effects Models; Joint Modelling

Hadler, James Loggins

Research Interests:health disparities, area-based socioeconomic measures, infectious diseases, vaccine effectivness, foodborne disease, influenza, Human papilloma virus, varicella

Hawley, Nicola

Research Interests:global non-communicable disease, obesity, diabetes, maternal and child health, pregnancy health, infant feeding, prenatal care

Heimer, Robert

Research Interests:Mortality and morbidity in relation to injection drug use; HIV and hepatitis C transmission; Evaluation of prevention and treatment for people who inject drugs

Hoff, Rani A

Research Interests:Female veterans; Gambling disorders; Program Evaluation; Coping behaviors; Problematic Gaming; PTSD; Pain and mental disorders; Suicide prevention

Hoh, Josephine

Research Interests:Interactions among genes; Environmental exposures

Holford, Theodore R

Research Interests:Development and application of statistical methods in health research; Methodology for the analysis of spatial and temporal trends in disease

Hromi-Fiedler, Amber J

Research Interests:Food insecurity; prenatal nutrition; infant/child nutrition; nutrition in emergencies

Humphries, Debbie L

Research Interests:Hookworm infection; nutrition and susceptibility to infection; food security; practice based community health research; community research capacity

Ickovics, Jeannette R

Research Interests:Maternal and Child Health; Prenatal Care; Teen pregnancy and STD risk; Obesity and chronic disease prevention; Community engaged research; Interventions; Randomized controlled trials

Irwin, Melinda Liggett

Research Interests:Energy balance; Cancer prevention and prognosis

Jones, Beth A.

Research Interests:Cancer; Health disparities; Breast cancer; Mammography screening; African american; Black; Hispanic/latino; Breast density; Neighborhood; Racism; Obesity; Communication; GST-polymorphisms; P53; Survival

Justice, Amy Caroline

Research Interests:Chronic disease; HIV infection; Veterans Aging Cohort Study

Kane, Michael John

Research Interests:High-Performance Statistical Computing, Graphical Models

Kaplan, Edward H

Research Interests:Operations research for public policy and management; Homeland security and counter terror operations research; HIV/AIDS policy and management issues; Applied probabilistic modeling and statistics

Keene, Danya Elizabeth

Research Interests:health inequality; racism; housing affordability and housing policy; geographic determinants of health; stigma and spatial stigma;

Kershaw, Trace

Research Interests:HIV/STD prevention; Reproductive epidemiology; Maternal-child health epidemiology

Khoshnood, Kaveh

Research Interests:Infectious disease epidemiology

Klein, Martin

Research Interests:Curriculum Development; Pedagogy; Social Entrepreneurship

Kolev, Nikolay G

Research Interests:Trypanosoma brucei; RNA processing; Gene expression regulation

Krause, Peter James

Research Interests:Vector borne diseases

Clinical Interests:Vector borne diseases in children and adults; Pediatric infectious diseases

Krumholz, Harlan M

Research Interests:Outcomes research in cardiovascular disease

Clinical Interests:General cardiology; health outcomes; public health

Lee, Mary Alice

Research Interests:Children's health care; maternal health and health care; Medicaid & CHIP; oral health care

Leifheit-Limson, Erica C

Research Interests:Psychosocial Epidemiology; Cardiovascular Disease; Stroke; Outcomes; Quality of Care

Lerchenmueller, Marc Johannes

Research Interests:Entrepreneurship; Organizational behavior; Health care innovation

Levy, Becca

Research Interests:Psychosocial influences on aging

Lewis, Jessica Beth

Research Interests:pregnancy; prenatal care; intimate partner violence; sexual risk; adolescents; adolescent couples; group prenatal care

Clinical Interests:marital therapy; family therapy

Li, DeWei

Research Interests:Spatial and temporal patterns of airborne fungi, indoor molds, anamorphic fungi.

Lin, Haiqun

Research Interests:Statistical methods for time-varying biological responses

Lindow, Janet C.

Research Interests:immunopathogenesis; leptospirosis; infectious diseases; neglected tropical diseases; epidemiology; immunology; diagnostics and vaccine development

Louis, Elan D

Research Interests:involuntary Movements; tremor disorders; essential tremor; neurodegenerative diseases; neuroepidemiology; neurotoxicology; genetics; history of neurology

Clinical Interests:Patients with involuntary movements, with a particular interest in tremor disorders.

Lu, Lingeng

Research Interests:Cancer etiology; Cancer diagnostic and prognostic markers; Personalized therapy

Ma, Shuangge Steven

Research Interests:Bioinformatics; Survival analysis; Semiparametric methods; Cancer study; Mental disorders; Health economics

Ma, Xiaomei

Research Interests:Cancer etiology; cancer outcomes research; epidemiological methods

Makuch, Robert Walter

Research Interests:Clinical studies; Methodology

Marc, Linda Geralde

Research Interests:HIV; Mental Health; Men who have Sex with Men; Sexual Violence; Women; Vulnerable Populations

Marks, Lawrence Edward

Research Interests:Human sensory, perceptual, and cognitive function; Psychophysics; Synesthesia

Mayes, Linda C

Research Interests:Early adversity; Stress regulation; Parental addiction; Risk for drug use in adolescence; Neural circuitry of social attachment and parental behavior; Developing reward systems; Electrophysiology

Clinical Interests:Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; Early child development

McMahon-Pratt, Diane

Research Interests:Immune Response to Infectious Disease; Immunotherapy; Vaccine

Miller, Alice M.

Research Interests:Impact of law and policy on construction and experience of gender, sexuality, health and human rights in domestic and global settings.

Miller, I George, Jr

Research Interests:Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV); Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus (KSHV); Tumor virology

Clinical Interests:Viral diseases; Hodgkin's Disease; Kaposi's Sarcoma; Lymphoma; Multiple Myeloma

Monin, Joan K.

Research Interests:Aging; Caregiving; Emotion; Health; Attachment

Munstermann, Leonard E.

Research Interests:Molecular genetics; Insect vectors; Phlebotomine sand flies; Entomology; Phylogeny; Taxonomy; Speciation

Ndeffo Mbah, Martial Loth

Research Interests:Mathematical modeling; Infectious disease epidemiology; Tropical diseases; behavioral modeling; Cost-effectiveness of public health interventions

Nembhard, Ingrid

Research Interests:Health care management; Organizational behavior; Organizational learning; Performance improvement; Quality of health care

Niccolai, Linda M.

Research Interests:Sexually transmitted infections; Human papillomavirus vaccine; HIV; Epidemiologic methods; Qualitative research

Nunez-Smith, Marcella

Research Interests:Healthcare workforce diversity; Cancer disparities; Patient assessment of healthcare experiences; Healthcare system strengthening to address chronic disease in low and middle resource settings; Discrimination in health care systems; Role of race in professional experiences

Otero, Jorge Enrique

Clinical Interests:Emergency Medicine health care delivery, Ultrasonagraphy in emergency care, International Emergency Care delivery, Quality improvement in Emergency health care delivery, Cost effective Technologies applied in Middle Income Countries for improvement of delivery of care

Paltiel, A. David

Research Interests:Operations research; Disease simulation modeling

Pandey, Abhishek

Research Interests:Mathematical epidemiology and evolution of infectious diseases; Cost-effectiveness of public health interventions; Vaccination Policies; Computational dynamical systems and optimization

Parikh, Sunil

Research Interests:Translation research in malaria; Pharmacology of antimalarials; HIV-malaria co-infection; Host response to malaria infection; Innate immunity to malaria

Peduzzi, Peter Natale

Research Interests:Clinical trials; Comparative effectiveness research; General statistical methods; Variable selection

Pereira, Gavin

Research Interests:pregnancy; pollution; particulate matter; pm2.5; air pollution; preterm; satellite; remote sensing; built environment; Australia

Perez-Escamilla, Rafael

Research Interests:Breastfeeding; Household food security measurement and outcomes; Maternal HIV and child development; Community health workers; Type 2 diabetes; Community nutrition program design and evaluation; Maternal-child public health nutrition; Health disparities

Pettigrew, Melinda Mary

Research Interests:Infectious diseases; microbiome; antibiotic resistance; respiratory tract infections; COPD

Pitzer, Virginia

Research Interests:Transmission dynamics; Rotavirus; Typhoid fever

Risch, Harvey A

Research Interests:Cancer etiology and prevention; Epidemiologic methods; Pancreatic cancer; Ovarian cancer; Gastric cancer; Esophageal cancer; Expert work-product

Rosenheck, Robert

Research Interests:Homelessness; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Ross, Joseph Solomon

Clinical Interests:Primary care - general medicine

Ruddle, Nancy Hartman

Research Interests:Cell trafficking and inflammation in autoimmunity and lymphoid organ development

Russi, Mark Bernard

Research Interests:Occupational and environmental epidemiology; Infectious disease epidemiology; Healthcare workers' health issues

Clinical Interests:Occupational and environmental health problems; cancers and carcinogenic effects; exposures among healthcare workers

Salovey, Peter

Research Interests:Health Communication; Health Behavior; Human Emotion

Schlesinger, Mark J

Research Interests:Health care

Shapiro, Eugene D

Research Interests:Vaccines; Lyme disease; Epidemiology of infectious diseases

Clinical Interests:Lyme disease in children; Infectious diseases; Vaccination

Shebl, Fatma M.

Research Interests:HCV response to treatment; Natural history of HCV infection; Immune response; Infection-related cancer; Cancer epidemiology; Cancer immunology; Inflammation; Research methodology

Shenson, Douglas

Clinical Interests:Clinical preventive services, particularly disease screening and vaccinations.

Sindelar, Jody L.

Research Interests:Substance abuse economics

Skolnik, Richard Lee

Research Interests:long-run financing of HIV/AIDS; health financing in low-income countries; TB control; undernutrition;

Smith, Megan Veenema

Research Interests:Mental health promotion and prevention in children and families; Mental illness in pregnancy and parenting; Community-based mental health research; Community-based participatory research in mental health; Gender disparities in mental illness

Snow, David L

Research Interests:Prevention; Health promotion; Workplace interventions; Stress; Coping; Social support; Intimate partner violence

Sofair, Andre N.

Research Interests:Emerging infectious diseases

Clinical Interests:General internal medicine; Hepatitis C

Sosa, Lynn Ellouise

Research Interests:Tuberculosis- genotyping; Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Stachenfeld, Nina S

Research Interests:Environmental physiology; Reproductive hormone effects on temperature and body fluid regulation; Polycystic Ovary Syndrome; Orthostatic tolerance; Blood pressure regulation

States, Sarah Louise

Research Interests:Disease ecology; Lyme disease; babesiosis; Mycoplasma gallisepticum; behavioral ecology

Stolar, Marilyn

Research Interests:study design, latent variables, multivariate outcomes, longitudinal and/or clustered data

Stowe, Meredith H

Research Interests:Epidemiology of isocyanates and other occupational or environmental exposures.

Sun, Ning

Research Interests:Systems Biology; Statistical Analysis; Genomics

Talbert-Slagle, Kristina

Research Interests:global health; complex systems; health spending; social services spending; infectious disease; HIV/AIDS; public-private partnerships; water and sanitation

Tebes, Jacob Kraemer

Research Interests:Community psychology; Prevention & public health; Social justice; Resilience in vulnerable populations; Prevention of adolescent substance use; Culture and human diversity; Recovery from serious mental illness; Community research methodology, including CBPR, mixed methods, and program evaluation; Transdisciplinary team science; Philosophy of science

Tinetti, Mary Elizabeth

Research Interests:Falls and injuries; Mobility; Clinical decision-making in the face of multiple health conditions; Harms and benefits of medications

Clinical Interests:Geriatric assessment; Falls and injuries; Dementia; Cognitive impairment

Tschudi, Christian

Research Interests:African trypanosomiasis; Gene expression profiling; Gene discovery; Next-generation sequencing; RNA interference

Van Ness, Peter H

Research Interests:Analysis of categorical and longitudinal data; Techniques for handling missing data; Qualitative data analysis; Measurement issues; Gerontologic biostatistics

Vigneron, Aurelien

Research Interests:Insect immunity; Trypanosomiasis; Symbiosis; Glossina spp.; PGRP

Wang, Shiyi

Research Interests:Cost-effectiveness analysis; Comparative effectiveness analysis; Meta-analysis; Outcomes research; Simulation modeling

Wang, Zuoheng Anita

Research Interests:Statistical Genetics; Bioinformatics; Genomics

Warren, Joshua Lindsey

Research Interests:Spatial/Spatiotemporal Statistics; Bayesian Statistics; Bayesian Nonparametrics

Weinberger, Daniel Martin

Research Interests:Vaccine effectiveness; Bacterial evolution; Strain dynamics

Weiss, Brian L.

Research Interests:Insect disease vector; Symbiont; Trypanosomiasis; Wigglesworthia; Sodalis

White, Marney A.

Research Interests:Binge eating disorder; Obesity

Clinical Interests:Eating disorders; Obesity; Smoking cessation; Mood Disorders; Anxiety Disorders

Yamin, Dan

Research Interests:Mathematical modeling of infectious diseases; Cost-effectiveness analysis of intervention programs; Game theory and Mechanism design;

Yeckel, Catherine Weikart

Research Interests:Obesity; Insulin resistance; Exercise physiology and metabolism;Metabolic Syndrome; Autonomic Nervous System; Inorganic arsenic metabolism; Cardiovascular risk

Yonkers, Kimberly Ann

Research Interests:Women's health; Psychiatric Disorders in Women; Gender Differences in Mental Health; Substance Use Disorders in Women; Perinatal Mental Health; Premenstrual Disorders

Clinical Interests:Mood disorders in women; Premenstrual dysphoric disorder; Managing psychiatric and addictive disorders in pregnancy

Yousey-Hindes, Kimberly Marie

Research Interests:Infectious Disease

Yu, Herbert

Research Interests:Gene-environment interaction in cancer development and progression; Energy balance and mitogenic growth factors in cancer; Lifestyle's impact on epigenetic regulation in relation to cancer risk and prognosis; Molecular markers for cancer detection, prognosis and treatment

Zelterman, Daniel

Research Interests:Applied statistics

Zhang, Heping

Research Interests:Biostatistics; Genomics; Epidemiology; Psychiatry; Pregnancy; Infertility; Substance Use; Bioinformatics

Zhang, Yawei

Research Interests:Cancer epidemiology; Etiology; Survivorship; Adverse birth outcomes; Genomics

Zhao, Xin

Research Interests:Insect disease vector; Trypanosomiasis;

Zheng, Tongzhang

Research Interests:Environmental exposures; gene polymorphisms; gene-environment interaction and human health; Cancer epidemiology and etiology

Zhu, Yong

Research Interests:Circadian genes; MicroRNAs; Shift-work; Breast Cancer; Lymphoma; Prostate Cancer