Seth M. Powsner MD

Professor of Psychiatry and of Emergency Medicine; Director, Crisis Intervention Unit

Research Interests

Computer and Information Sciences; Computer graphics; Data Systems; Information retrieval; Medical informatics; Psychiatry

Research Summary

Dr. Powsner's research interests center around clinical data presentation and education. Computer technology makes it far easier to collect and retrieve clinical information than to understand it. Dr. Powsner's work tries to present data in ways that invite trainees to contemplate how their patients have responded to prior treatments, and then think through plans for further treatment. He is also exploring inexpensive digital video as teaching tool for active clinical environments.

Computers can make clinical information comprehensible, not just available. In collaboration with Professor Edward Tufte of the Dept. of Political Science, Dr Powsner has worked on graphical display of patient information. Better presentation of clinical information should simplify diagnosis and treatment.

Selected Publications

  • Wang D, Powsner S, Eisendrath S (2009) , Factitious Disorder In Kaplan H, Sadock B (eds), Comprehensive Textbook, , Baltimore, Williams & Wilkins
  • Powsner S (2007) , The Emergency Department Setting In Leigh H, Streltzer J (eds), Handbook of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry, New York, Springer, Published
  • Powsner S (Nov 2005) "Manufacturing vs repair" in health care., JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association, 294(20)2580
  • Powsner S, Powsner D (Mar 2005) Cognition, copyright, and the classroom., The American journal of psychiatry, 162(3)627-8
  • Powsner S, Spitzer R, Sex, Lies, and Medical Compliance, Lancet, 361, 2003-4, 14 Jun 2003

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