Sandra G. Resnick PhD Clin

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Research Interests

Psychiatric rehabilitation; Recovery; Evidence-based practice; Severe mental illness; Psychiatric disability; Supported employment; Vocational rehabilitation; Veterans; Peer support; Implementation and dissemination

Selected Publications

  • Goldberg, R.W. & Resnick, S.G. (2010). US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) efforts to promote psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 33, 255-258. PMID: 20374981
  • Resnick, S.G. & Rosenheck, R.A. Scaling up the dissemination of evidence-based mental health practice to large systems and meaningful timeframes. (2009) Psychiatric Services, 60, 682-685.
  • Pogoda, T.K., Cramer, I., Rosenheck, R.A., Resnick, S.G. (2011). Qualitative analysis of barriers to supported employment implementation. Psychiatric Services. 62, 1289-1295
  • Resnick, S.G., Rosenheck, R.A. Integrating peer support and mental health services: A quasi-experimental study of recovery orientation, confidence and empowerment. (2008) Psychiatric Services, 59, 1307-1314.
  • Barber, J.A., Rosenheck, R.A., Armstrong, M., Resnick, S.G. Monitoring the Dissemination of Peer Support in the VA Healthcare System. (2008) Community Mental Health Journal, 44, 433-441
  • Resnick, S.G., Fontana, A., Lehman, A.F., & Rosenheck, R.A. An empirical conceptualization of the recovery orientation. (2005) Schizophrenia Research, 75, 119 – 128.
  • Resnick, S.G., Rosenheck, R.A., & Drebing, C. What makes vocational rehabilitation effective?: Program characteristics versus employment outcomes (2006) Psychological Services, 3, (239-248).

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