Robert Brian Schonberger MD

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology

Current Projects

Integrating perioperative care into the treatment of hypertension.

Perioperative beta-blockade.

Novel therapies to reduce and treat gaseous microemboli.

Pharmacology and physiology of extra corporeal support.

Research Summary

Dr. Schonberger has a research interest in developing new anesthesia healthcare delivery models that aim to improve care coordination on the day of surgery with the aim to facilitate longitudinal cardiovascular risk-factor recognition and treatment in patients presenting for anesthesia.

He is also involved in several projects associated with perioperative care of the cardiothoracic surgery patient including the development of novel extracorporeal oxygenation techniques as well as other interventions to improve the safety and outcomes associated with surgeries involving patients with cardiac disease.

Selected Publications

  • Gipson KE, Rosinski DJ, Schonberger RB, Kubera C, Matthew ES, Nichols F, Dyckman W, Courtin F, Sherburne B, Bordey AF, Gross JB, Elimination of Gaseous Microemboli from Cardiopulmonary Bypass using Hypobaric Oxygenation, Annals of Thoracic Surgery (2014 Mar; 97:879-87). PMID: 24206970
  • Safavi K, Dai F, Gilbertsen T, Schonberger RB, Variation in surgical quality measure adherence within hospital referral regions: Do publicly reported surgical quality measures distinguish among hospitals that patients are likely to compare?, Health Services Research epub ahead of print March 11, 2014; PMID: 24611578
  • Schonberger RB, Burg MM, Holt NF, Lukens CL, Dai F, Brandt C. The relationship between day-of-surgery and primary care blood pressure among Veterans presenting from home for surgery. Is there evidence for anesthesiologist-initiated blood pressure referral? Anesthesia & Analgesia 2012;114:205-14.
  • Schonberger RB, Burg M, Feinleib J, Dai F, Holt NF, Brandt C. Atenolol Is Associated with Lower Day of Surgery Heart Rate as Compared to Long and Short-acting Metoprolol. Journal of Cardiothoracic & Vascular Anesthesia In Press.
  • Schonberger RB, Feinleib J, Lukens CL, Turkoglu OD, Haspel K, Burg M. Beta-blocker withdrawal among patients presenting for surgery from home. Journal of Cardiothoracic & Vascular Anesthesia 2012.
  • Schonberger RB, Haddadin AS. The anesthesia patient with acute coronary syndrome. Anesthesiology Clinics 2010;28:55-66.
  • Schonberger RB, Rosenbaum SH. Not much novel under the sun. Science 2009;326:1480-1.
  • Schonberger RB, Rosenbaum SH. Ethical Considerations. In: Ruskin KJ, Rosenbaum SH, eds. Anesthesia Emergencies. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 2011:77-84.
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