Robert O Jacoby DVM, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Comparative Medicine; Chief, Clinical Services, Yale Animal Resources Center

Departments & Organizations

Comparative Medicine

Research Interests

Pathogenesis of rodent viral infections; Laboratory Animal Pathology; Vivarium Management; Laboratory Animal Medicine; Pathology


  • D.V.M., Cornell University, 1963
  • Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1969

Selected Publications

  • Compton SR, Jacoby RO, Paturzo FX, Smith AL (2004) Persistent Seoul virus infection in Lewis rats. Arch Virol. 149(7):1325-39.
  • Ball-Goodrich LJ, Paturzo FX, Johnson EA, Steger K, Jacoby RO (2002) Immune responses to the major capsid protein during parvovirus infection of rats. J Virol. 76(19):10044-9.
  • Jacoby RO, Ball-Goodrich L, Paturzo FX, Johnson EA (2001) Prevalence of rat virus infection in progeny of acutely or persistently infected pregnant rats. Comp Med. 51(1):38-42.


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