Psychiatry Faculty

Krystal, John H.


Research Interests:Neurobiology; Pharmacotherapy; Genetics; Neuroimaging; Schizophrenia; Alcoholism; PTSD

Griffith, Ezra H

Deputy Chair for Diversity and Organizational Ethics

Research Interests:Forensic psychiatry; Cultural psychiatry

Clinical Interests:Adult psychiatry

O'Malley, Stephanie Samples

Deputy Chair for Clinical Research

Research Interests:Medications development for alcoholism and smoking; Risk reduction and young adult drinking; tobacco regulatory science; treatment methodology; patient treatment matching; biomarkers of treatment response

Picciotto, Marina

Deputy Chair for Basic Research

Research Interests:Neuroscience; Molecular basis of behavior; Intracellular signaling; Mouse genetic models

Rohrbaugh, Robert M

Deputy Chair for Education and Career Development

Research Interests:Undergraduate Medical Education; Post-graduate (Residency) Education; Electronic Medical Record; Practice Based Learning

Sledge, William Hurt

Deputy Chair for Clinical Affairs and Program Development

Research Interests:Adaptation to chronic illness including physical and psychiatric; Resilience and quality of life in special populations such as POWs and medically ill patients; Quality improvement; Cost effectiveness in behavioral medicine programs

Clinical Interests:Psychotherapy; Psychoanalytic psychotherapy; Brief psychotherapy; Hospital psychiatry; Aeromedical consultations; Behavioral medicine; Schizophrenia

Sinha, Rajita

Chief, Psychology Section

Research Interests:Stress; Relaxation; Chronic Disease; Addiction; Addictive behaviors; Clinical Prevention

Clinical Interests:Stress interventions; treatment of substance use disorders; behavioral interventions for excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, illicit drug use and overeating of comfort foods.

Ball, Samuel A.

Assistant Chair for Education and Career Development

Research Interests:Personality; Personality Disorders; Psychotherapy; Substance Abuse; Addiction Treatment; Psychodiagnosis; Homelessness; Treatment Dropout

Clinical Interests:Psychotherapy for substance use and personality disorders

Sernyak, Michael J, Jr

Chief Executive Officer, Connecticut Mental Health Center

Research Interests:Medical complications of psychiatric treatment; Medical/psychiatric comorbidities

Clinical Interests:Schizophrenia; Bipolar disorder; Clinical pharmacology; Public psychiatry;

Petrakis, Ismene Leonida

Chief of Psychiatry, VA Connecticut Healthcare System

Research Interests:Alcohol; Alcoholism; Dual diagnosis; Psychiatric comorbidity; Addiction; Neurobiology; Psychopharmacology; Familial vulnerability

Clinical Interests:Alcohol; Alcoholism

Hoge, Michael A

Director of Clinical Training in Psychology

Research Interests:Systems of care; Severe mental illness; Workforce development; Behavioral health; Supervision

Clinical Interests:Mental illness; psychological distress; behavioral problems

Abdallah, Chadi

Research Interests:Depression; PTSD; Stress; Trauma; Neuroimaging; Pharmaco-imaging; Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy; 13C-MRS; 1H-MRS; fMRI;

Clinical Interests:Treatment resistant depression; PTSD;

Addy, Nii Antie

Research Interests:Neurobiology of addiction; In vivo electrochemistry; Behavioral pharmacology; Systems neuroscience; Neurotransmission; Signal transduction

Aghajanian, George Kevork

Research Interests:Neurotransmission; antipsychotics; antidepressants; hallucinogens; opiates

Ahn, Kyung-Heup

Research Interests:GABA deficit in schizophrenia

Alreja, Meenakshi

Research Interests:Prefrontal cortex; Interneurons; Nicotine; Acetylcholine; Electrophysiology; GABA; glutamate; Hypocretin; MCH; Learning and Memory; Neurotransmitters; Signal Transduction; GnRH; Puberty; Fertility; HPG axis; Kisspeptin

Anez, Luis Miguel

Research Interests:Hispanic Mental Health and Substance Abuse; Personality Disorders within the Hispanic/ Latino population

Clinical Interests:Co-occurring disorders; Trauma

Angarita-Africano, Gustavo Adolfo

Research Interests:Medications' Development for Cocaine and Stimulants' Use Disorders based on glutamatergic pathways; Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy; Remote Wireless Sensor Network Technologies for detection of cocaine use; Sleep and Cocaine

Clinical Interests:Cocaine Use Disorders; Prescription Stimulants; Sleep and Cocaine; Depression; Emergency Psychiatry; Alcohol Use Disorders

Annamalai, Aniyizhai

Research Interests:Integrated primary care-behavioral health services; Refugee health; Cross-cultural issues in health care

Clinical Interests:Seriously mentally ill population; Primary care in the mentally ill; Refugee health; Cross-cultural factors in health and illness

Ansell, Emily

Research Interests:Cumulative adversity and stress; Normative and non-normative social processes; Interpersonal Theory and Assessment; Personality Disorders and Traits; Diagnostic Assessment

Anticevic, Alan

Research Interests:Schizophrenia; Psychotic disorders; Working memory; Emotion regulation; Substance abuse; Functional neuroimaging methods; Functional connectivity

Clinical Interests:schizophrenia, neuropsychological assessment

Arias, Albert J.

Research Interests:Alcoholism; Pharmacotherapy for alcoholism; Pharmacogenetics; Dual diagnosis; Drug Addiction

Axelrod, Seth R

Research Interests:Borderline personality disorder and comorbid conditions (e.g., substance use disorders, PTSD); Adaptations of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT); Mindfulness; Emotion regulation; DBT Formulation; Burnout

Clinical Interests:Borderline Personality Disorder

Baranoski, Madelon

Research Interests:Forensic psychology; Competency to stand trial evaluations; State of mind evaluations

Barry, Declan

Research Interests:Addictions; Chronic Pain; Opioid Dependence; Psychotherapy; Pharmacotherapy; Culture

Clinical Interests:Assessing and treating co-occurring chronic pain and opioid dependence; behavioral and cognitive-behavioral treatments; motivational interviewing; adult psychotherapy

Beauvais, John E

Research Interests:Clinical neuropsychology

Bedregal, Luis E.

Research Interests:Hispanics/Latinos; Mental Health; Natural Recovery; Substance Abuse/Alcohol Abuse; Cross-cultural psychology; Test development and standardization

Clinical Interests:Substance Use Disorders; Mental Health Disorders

Beech, Robert D.

Research Interests:Addictions Psychiatry; Bipolar Disorder; Molecular Neuroscience

Clinical Interests:stress-related disorders.

Behar, Kevin L.

Research Interests:NMR; 1H NMR; 13C NMR; In vivo brain metabolism; Glutamate; Gamma-aminobutyrate; Glutamine; Neuron-glial trafficking

Belitsky, Richard

Clinical Interests:General Adult Psychiatry; Forensic Psychiatry

Bell, Morris David

Research Interests:Cognitive Remediation; Neuropsychology; Neuropsychology of Schizophrenia; Psychiatric Rehabilitation; Schizophrenia; Supported Employment

Clinical Interests:adjustment, anxiety and depressive disorders; psychotic disorders; substance use disorders; neurocognitive assessment; psychoeducational assessments; cognitive remediation

Blumberg, Hilary

Research Interests:Adolescence; Bipolar Disorder; Brain; Depression; Development; Diffusion Tensor Imaging; Emotion; Endophenotype; Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Mania; Manic Depressive Disorder; Neuropsychiatry; Neuroscience; Women

Clinical Interests:Bipolar disorder, depression, adults, adolescents

Bunney, Benjamin S

Research Interests:Biological Sciences; Dopamine; Electrophysiology; Neurobiology; Neuropsychopharmacology; Parkinson's Disease; Pharmacology; Psychiatry; Psychosis; Substance Abuse

Carroll, Kathleen M.

Research Interests:Addiction and treatment; Evidence-based treatments; Treatment development; Computer-assisted therapies; Research-practice partnerships; Clinician training; Psychotherapy-pharmacotherapy combinations; Neurocognitive effects of behavioral therapies

Chawarski, Marek Cezary

Research Interests:Substance Abuse; Opiate Dependence; Risk Behaviors; Psychiatry; Psychology

Chepenik, Lara G

Clinical Interests:Emergency psychiatry, mood disorders, anxiety disorders

Chiles, Catherine

Clinical Interests:Hospitalist care; Delirium/Altered Mental Status; Psychiatric conditions either affecting or caused by medical illnesses; Patient interviewing skills

Comer, James Pierpont

Research Interests:Child development; Education

Connell, Christian

Research Interests:Adolescent Risk Behavior; Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Child Abuse and Neglect; Child Development; Child Welfare; Clinical Psychology; Community Studies; Consulting Services; Quantitative Methods

Cook, Joan M.

Research Interests:Traumatic stress; Geriatric mental health; Dissemination and implementation of evidence-based practices

Clinical Interests:Trauma psychology; Geropsychology

Cooney, Ned L

Research Interests:Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse Therapy; Clinical Trial; Cognitive Behavior Therapy; Cue Reactivity; Ecological Momentary Assessment; Human Data; Human Therapy Evaluation; Psychotherapy; Substance Abuse; Tobacco Smoking

Clinical Interests:Alcohol dependence, tobacco dependence, integration of mental health and primary care

Corlett, Philip R

Research Interests:Schizophrenia; Delusions; Prediction error; Associative learning; fMRI

Cosgrove, Kelly P

Research Interests:Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography; Positron Emission Tomography; Neuroimaging; Alcohol Dependence; Tobacco Smoking; Nicotine Dependence; Brain; nicotinic acetylcholine receptor; GABAA-benzodiazepine receptor; Sex differences

Crusto, Cindy A

Research Interests:Social determinants of health; Children's exposure to trauma; Family violence; Program and service system evaluation; School-based mental health; Community-academic partnerships; Prevention and health promotion

Davidson, Larry

Research Interests:Serious mental illness and addictions; Recovery and recovery-oriented care; System transformation; Self-determination and community inclusion as social policies

Clinical Interests:Individuals with serious mental illnesses and/or refractory substance use disorders

Delphin, Miriam E

Research Interests:Behavioral health disparities; Stereotyping biases; Individual, organizational and service system level cultural competence including such areas as training, program design and evaluation; System level strategic planning geared towards eliminating health disparities

Desan, Paul H

Research Interests:Seasonal Affective disorder; Light therapy; Circadian rhythms

Clinical Interests:Consultation psychiatry; psychiatry/medical co-morbidity Seasonal Affective Disorder, chronobiologic disorders

Diaz, Esperanza

Research Interests:Medication adherence in Latinos; Culturally sensitive services; Ethnicity and language influences on mood disorders diagnoses; Teaching methods for cultural sensitivity; Cultural formulation interview DSM5

Clinical Interests:Adult Psychiatry, persistent mental illness, adherence to medications, culturally sensitive services, Mental health services for Hispanics, methods to teach cultural competency.

DiLeone, Ralph Joseph

Research Interests:Addictions; Animal Behavior; Ethology; Animal Nutrition; Diseases and Disorders; Drug Abuse; Eating Disorders; Etiology; Evolution; Genetic Manipulation; Natural History; Obesity; Psychiatry

Dragoi, George

Research Interests:Learning and memory; internal representations; hippocampus electrophysiology; cellular assemblies; plasticity; NMDA receptors; optogenetics; neuropsychiatric disorders; neurocomputation; brain mapping

D'Souza, Deepak Cyril

Research Interests:Schizophrenia; Psychosis; Cognition; Psychopharmacology; Treatment; Glutamate; Cannabinoids; Substance Abuse

Clinical Interests:Schizophrenia Psychotic Disorders Treatment Substance and Alcohol Abuse Dual Diagnosis Cannabinoids

Duman, Ronald Stanton

Research Interests:Depression; Antidepressants; Stress; Molecular biology; Neuropharmacology Signal transduction pathways; Gene expression; Identifying the molecular and cellular adaptations that underlie the actions of psychotropic drugs and stress

Edens, Ellen Lockard

Clinical Interests:Addiction Psychiatry; Addiction and Pain; Addiction and PTSD.

Edwards, Laurie

Clinical Interests:Post traumatic Stress Disorder; Addiction; Substance Abuse; Forensic Populations; Auricular Acupuncture; Yoga

Encandela, John A

Research Interests:Medical education; Health services for vulnerable populations; cultural awareness in healthcare

Epelbaum, Daniel

Clinical Interests:Emergency psychiatry, IOP and PHP, mental health

Esterlis, Irina

Research Interests:Neuroreceptor imaging; Mood disorders; Tobacco addiction

Clinical Interests:Uni- and bi-polar depression; tobacco smoking; cognitive impairment

Fehon, Dwain C

Research Interests:Behavioral medicine; Resilience; Coping with chronic illness; Quality of life; Adolescent and young adult development; Depression; Psychotherapy

Clinical Interests:Behavioral medicine; adolescent and young adult development; cancer survivorship; liver transplantation; coping with chronic illness; cognitive behavioral therapy; stress management.

Fernandez, Thomas V

Clinical Interests:Tourette syndrome, tic disorders, child and adolescent psychiatry

Fiszdon, Joanna M

Research Interests:Psychosocial rehabilitation; Schizophrenia; Cognitive remediation; Social cognition

Flanagan, Elizabeth Hanford

Research Interests:Stigma; Discrimination; Health equity; Disparities; Cultural competence; Diagnosis; Classification; Clinicians' conceptualization of mental illness and diagnostic behavior; Subjective experience of mental illness

Forray, Ariadna

Research Interests:Reproductive Psychiatry; Substance Abuse in Pregnancy

Clinical Interests:Women's Mental Health; Perinatal Substance Abuse

Fox, Helen

Research Interests:Cocaine dependence; Alcohol dependence; Designer drugs; Novel psychoactive substances; Stress and immune system adaptations; Sex differences; Cognition and addiction; Emotion regulation; Pharmacotherapy development

Fucito, Lisa

Research Interests:Treatments for cigarette smoking and heavy drinking; Moderators of treatment response; Risk behavior mechanisms; Sleep disturbance and substance use; Multiple health behavior change; M-health; Health feedback

Clinical Interests:Smoking cessation; substance use disorders (tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs); insomnia and other sleep disorders; mood and anxiety disorders

Geha, Paul Y

Research Interests:Chronic pain, Obesity

Clinical Interests:pain, obesity

Gelernter, Joel

Research Interests:Complex trait genetics; Psychiatric genetics; Population genetics; Substance dependence; Gene mapping

Goldenberg, Matthew Nelson

Research Interests:Psychiatric Education; Emergency Psychiatry; Global Mental Health

Clinical Interests:Emergency psychiatry, sports psychiatry, global mental health

Gordon, Derrick M

Clinical Interests:Mental health of men and boys in the context of community and family life Family mental health Community consultation to increase mental health functioning

Goulet, Joseph Lucien

Research Interests:HIV; Psychiatric comorbidity; Substance abuse disorders; Clustering algorithms; Longitudinal statistical models

Grilo, Carlos M

Research Interests:Assessment and treatment of eating and weight disorders, psychiatric nosology and comorbidity; Clinical efficacy and comparative trials for bulimia nervosa; Binge eating disorder; Alcoholism; Psychopathology of eating disorders; Longitudinal study of personality disorders in adults; Studies of diagnostic comorbidity and psychopathology in adults and adolescents

Hamid, Hamada

Clinical Interests:epilepsy, neuropsychiatric diseases, traumatic brain injury, veteran's health

Hamlett, Nakia

Research Interests:Developmental psychopathology; Psychotherapy for children and young adults; psychodiagnostic assessment of children and young adults; positive behavioral support plans; psychotherapy integration; psychodynamic psychotherapy; behavioral therapies; parenting interventions

Harpaz-Rotem, Ilan

Research Interests:Post traumatic stress disorder;

Hawkins, Keith A

Research Interests:Psychometric properties and validity of neuropsychological methods; Neuropsychological characteristics of psychiatric conditions; Cognitive features and course of prodromal neurodegenerative disorders (AD; PD)

Heninger, George

Research Interests:Web based educational system for medical students; Neuropharmacology; Neuroimmunology; Web Based Education

Hermes, Eric D.A.

Research Interests:mental healthcare in large healthcare organizations; current approaches to the use of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic therapies in real-world clinical settings; pharmacologic agents in real-world clinical practice; computer-based therapies

Clinical Interests:Tele-Psychiatry, Psychiatry integrated in primary care

Hermes, Gretchen

Research Interests:stress; development; social enrichment and neglect; synaptic plasticity, metabolism; mitochondria; schizophrenia, depression, PTSD, anxiety

Clinical Interests:Schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, trauma, aging, infectious disease (HIV/AIDS), chronic disease, stress

Higgins, Diana M

Research Interests:Obesity; Pain; Healthcare Disparities

Clinical Interests:health psychology/behavioral medicine

Hoff, Rani A

Research Interests:Female veterans; Gambling disorders; Program Evaluation; Coping behaviors; Problematic Gaming; PTSD; Pain and mental disorders; Suicide prevention

Hoffman, Ralph Edward

Research Interests:Schizophrenia; Psychosis; Hallucinations; Delusions; Paranoia; Language; Pathophysiology; Neural network computer modeling; Transcranial magnetic stimulation; fMRI

Clinical Interests:Schizophrenia; bipolar disorder; hallucinations; delusions; paranoia

Hunt, Marcia G

Research Interests:Serious mental illness; Mental health recovery; Social roles; Mental health intensive case management; Peer service providers; Treatment alliance; Medical co-morbidities

Iennaco, Joanne DeSanto

Research Interests:Research interest include Occupational Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, Violence, and the interface between mental and physical health.

Iheanacho, Theddeus

Research Interests:Global Mental Health; Substance Use Disorders; Severe and persistent mental illness; Dual Diagnosis

Clinical Interests:Severe and persistent mental illness, substance use disorders, dual diagnosis

Jacobs, Selby Campbell

Research Interests:Psychiatric, clinical epidemiology, with a special focus on stress Organization and financing of psychiatric services

Jatlow, Peter I

Research Interests:Clinical pharmacology of psychotropic drugs; cocaine; drugs of abuse; ethanol; nicotine dependence;

Clinical Interests:Clinical chemistry; toxicology; therapeutic drug monitoring

Johannesen, Jason K.

Research Interests:Cognitive neuroscience; Psychophysiology; Neuropsychology; Cognitive remediation; Learning; Neuroplasticity; Neurodevelopment

Clinical Interests:schizophrenia; neuropsychology, cognitive remediation, vocational rehabilitation

Kapoor, Reena

Research Interests:Forensic psychiatry; Problematic sexual behaviors; Correctional psychiatry; Narrative medicine

Clinical Interests:forensic psychiatry; correctional psychiatry; violence and mental illness; problematic sexual behaviors

Kaufman, Joan

Research Interests:Child Abuse and Neglect; Risk and Resilience; Psychiatric Diagnoses.

Kaufman, Joy S.

Research Interests:Integrated systems of care; Use of data in program and policy decision-making; Contextual factors that impact outcomes for individuals with emotional and behavioral difficulties

Kerns, Robert D, Jr

Research Interests:Behavioral Medicine/Health Psychology; Pain and pain management; Healthcare disparities; Self-management of chronic disease

Clinical Interests:Health psychology; behavioral medicine; pain and pain management; stroke care; clinical neuropsychology; integrative primary care

Kidd, Kenneth Kay

Research Interests:Complex Human Disorders; Neuropsychiatric Disorders; Human Population ; Genetics; Human Evolution

Kiluk, Brian D.

Research Interests:Computerized cognitive behavioral therapy; Mechanisms of action; Cognitive function; Randomized clinical trials

Clinical Interests:substance abuse treatment; cognitive behavioral therapy; computer-assisted therapy;

Kim, Hyun Jung

Clinical Interests:Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Transitional Aged Youth, Student Mental Health, Cross-Cultural Psychiatry

King, Robert A

Research Interests:Tic disorders; Tourette's syndrome; Obsessive-compulsive disorders (children and adolescents); Adolescent suicide

Clinical Interests:Child and adolescent psychiatry; psychoanalysis; psychotherapy; psychopharmacology; tic disorders; Tourette's syndrome; Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders (OCD) in children and adolescents; trichotillomania (hair-pulling)

Kober, Hedy

Research Interests:Regulation of craving; Emotion regulation; Cognition-emotion interaction; Neural mechanisms of change; Mindfulness; Meditation; fMRI methods

Krishnan-Sarin, Suchitra

Research Interests:Substance use; Alcohol; Tobacco; Marijuana; Adolescent; Developmental; Prevention; Cessation; Biobehavioral

Kwan, Alex

Research Interests:Neural circuits; Inhibitory neurons; Executive functions; Working memory; Decision-making; Action selection; Two-photon microscopy; Optogenetics; Mouse behavior; Electrophysiology

LaPaglia, Donna M

Research Interests:Psychotherapy for substance use disorders; Training and supervision in addictions treatment; Behavioral interventions for addictions; Best teaching practices in psychology and psychiatry training programs.

Clinical Interests:Addictions Administration; Addictions Treatment; Clinical Supervision of Addictions Psychotherapies, Residency Education

Leckman, James Frederick

Research Interests:Child and adolescent psychiatry; Tourette's syndrome; Obsessive/compulsive disorder (OCD)

Clinical Interests:Child and adolescent psychiatry; Tourette's syndrome; Obsessive/compulsive disorder (OCD)

Leddy, Meaghan

Research Interests:Serious mental illness; Psychosocial Recovery and Rehabilitation; Veteran mental health; Women's mental health

Clinical Interests:Serious mental illness; Psychosocial Recovery and Rehabilitation; Veteran mental health; Social Skills Training; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Cognitive Processing Therapy.

Lee, Hochang B.

Research Interests:Dementia; Depression; Delirium; Asian American Mental Health; Restless legs syndrome; Post-surgical neuropsychiatric symptoms; Cardiovascular psychiatry

Leeman, Robert F.

Research Interests:Alcohol; Alcohol-related problems; Cocaine/opioid co-use; Gambling; Disinhibition; Impulsivity; Impaired control over alcohol use; Cognitive biases; Young adults; Human laboratory research

Li, Chiang-Shan Ray

Research Interests:Systems neuroscience; Psychophysics; Neural imaging; Cognitive control; Addiction; Psychostimulant; Alcohol; Anxiety disorders

Lombroso, Paul J

Research Interests:Translational Neuroscience; Identification of small molecule inhibitors of STEP; Child and adolescent psychiatry; Neuropharmacology

Malison, Robert

Research Interests:Neurobiology and genetics of substance dependence disorders; Psychostimulant (cocaine and methamphetamine) dependence; Drug abuse; Sleep and cognition; Impulsivity and stimulants

Marienfeld, Carla

Research Interests:Global mental health; Health services in addiction

Clinical Interests:Addiction Psychiatry; Opioid Addiction

Martin, Andrés S.

Research Interests:Inpatient child and adolescent psychiatry; Psychopharmacology; Pediatric psychosomatic medicine; Psychosocial aspects of pediatric oncology; Medical education in child and adolescent psychiatry

Clinical Interests:Inpatient child and adolescent psychiatry; Pediatric psychopharmacology; Pediatric psychosomatic medicine; Medical education

Martino, Steve

Research Interests:Motivation interviewing (MI); Clinician training strategies; Implementation science; Technology-based treatment approaches; Curriculum evaluation

Clinical Interests:Dual diagnosis; Substance abuse; Motivational interviewing; Cognitive behavioral therapy; Adult psychotherapy, brief interventions, dissemination and implementation of evidence-based practices

Masheb, Robin

Research Interests:Pain; obesity; eating disorders; cognitive-behavioral therapy; empirically-supported treatments; health behavior change; body image

Mason, Graeme F

Research Interests:Alcoholic intoxication; Alcoholism; Alcohol metabolism; Amino acids; Carbohydrates; CNS diseases; Fatty acids; Molecular mechanisms of pharmacological Action; Mood disorders

Mazure, Carolyn M.

Research Interests:Depression; Addictive behaviors; Women's health research; Gender specific aspects of health and disease and the interplay of stress

Clinical Interests:Adult disorders; depression; smoking cessation

McKee, Sherry

Research Interests:Behavioral pharmacology; Gender differences; Medication development; Medication screening; Alcohol; Tobacco;

Clinical Interests:Evidence based; outpatient; addiction treatment; forensic populations

McMahon, Thomas J

Research Interests:Substance Abuse; Parenting; Fathering; Child Maltreatment; Parent Intervention

Clinical Interests:As a clinical child and school psychologist, I am interested in the psychological assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, and young adults with a history of child abuse and neglect, particularly in the context of parental substance abuse.

Miller, Rebecca A

Research Interests:My research interests include processes of recovery from psychiatric and substance use disorders, especially innovative and community-based collaborations

Morgan, Peter Thomas

Research Interests:Sleep; Cocaine; Learning; Dreaming; Lucid dreams; Consciousness

Clinical Interests:General Psychiatric Consultations; Substance Abuse Treatment; Forensic Evaluations

Morris, Evan Daniel

Research Interests:Kinetic modeling; Parameter estimation; Parametric imaging; Dopamine; Reward; Drug occupancy; Drug abuse; Alcoholism; Parkinson's disease

Nairn, Angus Clark

Research Interests:Dopaminergic signal transduction; Structure and function of protein kinases and phosphatases

Norko, Michael Albert

Research Interests:Psychiatric risk assessment; gun violence and mental health; forensic mental health care system delivery; religion, spirituality and psychiatry/mental health; sexual diversity and religion

Clinical Interests:forensic psychiatry; maximum security inpatient psychiatry; community forensic psychiatry; jail diversion; community re-entry

Olezeski, Christy L

Clinical Interests:Treatment of trauma and abuse; assessment and treatment of youth with gender dysphoria and/or sexual behavior problems; mindfulness-based stress reduction; inter-generational family work.

Paris, Manuel

Research Interests:Evaluation of cultural/linguistic adaptations of evidence based assessments and interventions; multisite training and fidelity monitoring; workforce development within behavioral health services.

Clinical Interests:Primary area of clinical focus is on the delivery of culturally and linguistically adapted evidence based interventions. Specifically, utilizing Motivational Enhancement Therapy and Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment to treat major psychiatric, substance use, and co-occurring disorders among monolingual Spanish speaking adult clients.

Parke, Susan Manejias

Clinical Interests:Post-traumatic Stress Disorder; Tele-psychiatry; Recovery. Board certified in General, Child and Adolescent and Forensic Psychiatry. Bilingual in Spanish.

Pearlson, Godfrey D

Research Interests:Endophenenotypes; multivariate genotype/phenotype relationships; psychosis; addiction; fMRI, DTI

Pietrzak, Robert H.

Research Interests:Epidemiology of trauma-related disorders; Dimensional models of psychopathology; Translational psychiatric epidemiology; Resilience; Stress and cognition; Geriatric mental health

Clinical Interests:Clinical neuropsychology

Pittenger, Christopher

Research Interests:Learning and memory; Habit; CREB; Adeno-associated virus; Behavioral neurobiology; Magnetic resonance spectroscopy; Glutamate; Obsessive-compulsive disorder; Tourette syndrome

Clinical Interests:Obsessive-compulsive disorder; Tourette syndrome; anxiety disorders; trichotillomania; Body dysmorphic disorder

Ponce, Allison N

Research Interests:Training and education; Homelessness; Services for adults with serious mental illness

Potenza, Marc N

Research Interests:Pathological gambling; Impulse control disorders; Substance abuse; Addiction; Gender differences

Clinical Interests:pathological gambling; impulse control disorders; substance abuse; addiction; gender differences

Powsner, Seth M.

Research Interests:Computer and Information Sciences; Computer graphics; Data Systems; Information retrieval; Medical informatics; Psychiatry

Clinical Interests:emergency psychiatry / crisis intervention; consultation and geriatric psychiatry; psychiatry/medical comorbidity

Prabhu, Maya

Clinical Interests:Forensic Psychiatry; Law and Mental Health; HIV Psychiatry; Global Mental Health/Refugee Mental Health

Quinlan, Donald Michael

Clinical Interests:Adult disorders; psychological testing; attention deficit disorders; depression

Ralevski, Elizabeth

Research Interests:Alcoholism; Dual Diagnosis; Personality; Personality Disorders; Psychiatric comorbidity; Pharmacology; Stress

Redmond Jr., D. Eugene

Research Interests:Dopamine; Fetal Neural Tissue; Gene Therapy; MPTP Primate Model; Neural Grafts; Parkinson's Disease; Stem Cell

Resnick, Sandra G.

Research Interests:Psychiatric rehabilitation; Recovery; Evidence-based practice; Severe mental illness; Psychiatric disability; Supported employment; Vocational rehabilitation; Veterans; Peer support; Implementation and dissemination

Rosen, Marc I

Research Interests:Substance abuse; Behavioral therapies; Representative payees; Contingency management; Medication adherence; Compensation and pension; Case management; Benefits counseling

Clinical Interests:Substance abuse; Psychiatric illness; Disability; Dual diagnosis; Forensic psychiatry

Rosenheck, Robert

Research Interests:Homelessness; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Roth, Robert Henry, Jr

Research Interests:Neurotransmitter function; Psychotropic drugs; Catecholamine-containing neurons

Rowe, Michael

Research Interests:Citizenship; Citizenship-oriented care; Mental health outreach; Recovery; Arts; Patient-doctor relationships; Medical errors

Sanacora, Gerard

Research Interests:Mood Disorders; Anxiety Disorders; Stress; Pathophysiology; Neuropharmacology; Neuroimaging; Drug Development; Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Clinical Interests:Treatment resistant depression, novel treatment strategies

Sartor, Carolyn E.

Research Interests:Alcoholism/alcohol; Substance abuse; Genetic epidemiology; Psychological trauma

Schottenfeld, Richard S

Research Interests:Addictions; Behavioral Treatments; Buprenorphine; Methadone; Opioid Dependence; Alcohol Dependence; Stimulant Abuse; Chronic Pain

Clinical Interests:Addiction Psychiatry

Sestan, Nenad

Research Interests:Evolution and development of neuronal circuits of the human cerebral cortex

Silva, Michelle

Clinical Interests:Child/adolescent; Latino populations

Small, Dana

Research Interests:Neurophysiology of feeding; Chemical senses; Neuroimaging; Dopamine; Addiction; Motivation; Psychophysics; Stress; Obesity

Smith, Megan Veenema

Research Interests:Mental health promotion and prevention in children and families; Mental illness in pregnancy and parenting; Community-based mental health research; Community-based participatory research in mental health; Gender disparities in mental illness

Snow, David L

Research Interests:Prevention; Health promotion; Workplace interventions; Stress; Coping; Social support; Intimate partner violence

Sofuoglu, Mehmet

Research Interests:Tobacco addiction; Cocaine addiction; Clinical trials; Human laboratory studies

Southwick, Steven M

Research Interests:Posttraumatic stress disorder; Resilience; Neurobiology; Epidemiology

Clinical Interests:Post Traumatic Stress disorder, Resilience to stress

Srihari, Vinod H.

Research Interests:Early Intervention for Psychotic Disorders; Delusion formation; Cost-Effectiveness

Clinical Interests:Schizophrenia; Early Intervention for Psychotic Disorders; Delusion formation; Evidence-Based Medicine;

Steiner, Jeanne L.

Clinical Interests:Adults with serious mental illness; Women with breast and gynecologic cancers

Steinfeld, Matthew

Clinical Interests:Psychotherapy for adults and adolescents; Psychodynamic psychotherapy; Mindfulness-based psychotherapy practices; Psychotherapy integration; Psychotherapy for musicians and performing artists.

Stevens, Michael C

Research Interests:Functional connectivity; developmental cognitive neuroscience; identification of disease endophenotypes; neuroimaging brain response to psychiatric treatment

Strambler, Michael J.

Research Interests:Academic achievement and engagement; Social, emotional, and behavioral health; Child development; Self-concept; Program development and evaluation; Culture

Styron, Thomas

Research Interests:Serious mental illnesses; Trauma; Mood and anxiety disorders; Parenting; Program evaluation: training and education.

Clinical Interests:Psychotherapy and couples counseling for adults and adolescents. Specializing in treatment of mood and anxiety disorders; problems related to stress; family, work and relationship conflicts; bereavement; body image and eating concerns; addictions; childhood abuse and trauma history; serious mental illnesses.

Suchman, Nancy E

Research Interests:Mother-child relations; Human attachment; Substance abuse; Intervention development and evaluation; Neurobiology of parenting and addiction

Clinical Interests:Parent-child relations; Parenting intervention evaluation; human attachment; psychodynamic psychotherapy, substance abuse

Sullivan, Tami P

Research Interests:Intimate partner violence; Posttraumatic stress; Substance use; Victimization; Aggression; Sexual risk behavior; Criminal Justice System Response

Taylor, Jane Rebecca

Research Interests:Addiction; Depression; Learning; Memory; Animal Models; Plasticity; Signaling

Tebes, Jacob Kraemer

Research Interests:Community psychology; Prevention & public health; Social justice; Resilience in vulnerable populations; Prevention of adolescent substance use; Culture and human diversity; Recovery from serious mental illness; Community research methodology, including CBPR, mixed methods, and program evaluation; Transdisciplinary team science; Philosophy of science

Tek, Cenk

Research Interests:Schizophrenia; Psycho-pharmacology; Cognitive neuroscience; Translational neuroscience; Working memory; Cognitive impairment in schizophrenia; Medical comorbidities in schizophrenia; Obesity and mental illness; Human reward mechanisms and appetite regulation

Clinical Interests:Schizophrenia; Psychotic Disorders

Toll, Benjamin A.

Research Interests:Smoking cessation clinical trials; Quitline studies; Smoking cessation with cancer patients; Secondary analyses of clinical trial data; Analyses of mediators and moderators of treatment; Assessment, methods, and psychometrics

Clinical Interests:Smoking cessation with cancer patients; Substance abuse disorders (tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs)

van Dyck, Christopher

Research Interests:Alzheimer's disease; Healthy aging; Cognitive aging; Pharmacotherapy; Neuroimaging; Genetics

Clinical Interests:Alzheimer's Disease; Cognitive Aging; Neuroimaging

Volkmar, Fred R

Research Interests:Autism and related disorders; Asperger's disorder; Childhood Disintegrative Disorder (CDD); Social development; Diagnosis; Neuropsychology

Clinical Interests:Child and adolescent psychiatry; Autism and pervasive developmental disorder; Asperger's disorder; Childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD), Social development, neuropsychology

Westphal, Alexander

Clinical Interests:Autism Spectrum Disorders; Forensic Evaluations; Developmental Regression.

White, Marney A.

Research Interests:Binge eating disorder; Obesity

Clinical Interests:Eating disorders; Obesity; Smoking cessation; Mood Disorders; Anxiety Disorders

Wilkins, Kirsten Matthews

Research Interests:Integration of basic and clinical science in the Psychiatry Clerkship; medical student mental health; novel applications of rTMS

Clinical Interests:Geriatric psychiatry; mood disorders; repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation

Woods, Scott W

Research Interests:Risk syndrome for psychosis; Psychosis prodrome; Attenuated psychosis disorder

Xu, Ke

Research Interests:Identification of gene and environmental risks on substance abuse; Ketamine associated persistent psychotic disorder (KAPPD); Identification of genetic risks for KAPPD

Clinical Interests:General adult psychiatry

Yang, Bao-Zhu

Research Interests:Substance dependence; Alcoholism; Depression; Psychiatric genetics; Statistical genetics; Genetic epidemiology

Yonkers, Kimberly Ann

Research Interests:Women's health; Psychiatric Disorders in Women; Gender Differences in Mental Health; Substance Use Disorders in Women; Perinatal Mental Health; Premenstrual Disorders

Clinical Interests:Mood disorders in women; Premenstrual dysphoric disorder; Managing psychiatric and addictive disorders in pregnancy

Zhang, Huiping

Research Interests:Psychiatric Genetics; Epigenetics; Functional genomics; Substance Dependence

Zimbrean, Paula

Research Interests:Impact of mental illness upon transplantation outcomes; Impact of organ transplant upon serious and persistent mental illness; Disease mechanisms

Clinical Interests:Adult Psychiatry; Psychosomatic Medicine; Addiction Psychiatry; Transplant Psychiatry

Zonana, Howard V.

Research Interests:Civil Commitment; Duties to third parties; Criminal responsibility; Competency to Stand Trial and to represent oneself; Sex offenders; Ethics

Clinical Interests:Forensic Psychiatry, Criminal Responsibility, Competence to Stand Trial, Forensic and Medical Ethics

Zuo, Lingjun

Research Interests:Genetics; Substance dependence; Alcoholism; Smoking,; Schizophrenia; Cannabinoid; Glutamate; Neuroscience; Epigenetics