Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Faculty

Friedlaender, Gary Elliott

Department Chair

Research Interests:Biomolecules for bone repair; Fusions and bone regeneration; Musculoskeletal oncology; Medical education; Osteoporosis; Healthcare delivery

Clinical Interests:Tumors and pathological fractures; metastatic disease to bone; fracture nonunions; infections; sarcoma; multiple myeloma; bone cancer; pediatric cancer; limb-sparing tumor resections.

Baumgaertner, Michael R

Research Interests:Adult learning principles and assessment science

Clinical Interests:Violent trauma and fractures; complex fractures and deformity, including the pelvis; fracture nonunions; complex and chronic problems caused from unhealed or poorly healed fracture adult joint reconstruction (hip and knee reconstruction and deformities)

Blaine, Theodore A.

Research Interests:Tendonitis; Bursitis; Arthritis; Anti-inflammatory agents; Novel Therapeutics

Clinical Interests:Arthroscopic, Reconstructive and Trauma Surgery of the Shoulder and Elbow; Sports Medicine; Orthopaedic Research; Arthritis and Joint Replacement Surgery.

Carpenter, Caren G

Research Interests:Function of non-collagenous bone matrix proteins with an emphasis on osteocalcin, a vitamin K-dependent protein synthesized only in bone; Animal Models; Biochemistry; Bone Disease; Bone Formation; Bone Markers; Cell Culture; Immunoassay

Carter, Cordelia Wheeler

Research Interests:Discoid meniscus; Pediatric sports injuries; Sports injury prevention; Femoroacetabular impingement; Pediatric ACL injuries

Clinical Interests:pediatric sports medicine; pediatric orthopaedic surgery; ACL injuries; meniscus injuries; osteochondritis dissecans (OCD); discoid meniscus; sports injuries; pediatric fracture care.

Cooperman, Daniel R.

Clinical Interests:developmental and congenital abnormalities like cerebral palsy; myelodysplasia; foot problems; dislocated hips; ambulatory childhood afflictions like in-toeing and Perthes Disease; victims of trauma.

Dodds, Seth D

Research Interests:Wrist fractures; Scaphoid fractures; Stiffness and instability of the elbow (heterotopic ossification); Wrist arthroscopy; Percutaneous fracture management; Minimally invasive hand surgery

Clinical Interests:Hand and upper extremity surgery; trauma and post-trauma reconstruction of the hand, wrist and elbow; congenital hand deformity; nerve injuries; hand and wrist arthroscopy; Shoulder, Arm, Elbow, Hand and Wrist; Arthritis, Arthroscopic Surgery, Deformity, Disability, Joint Replacement, Pain, Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Trauma/Fractures, Tumor/Oncology, Nerve Injury

Eswarakumar, Jacob V.P.

Research Interests:Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptors (FGFRs)

Fishman, Felicity

Clinical Interests:hand surgery; congenital hand differences; birth brachial plexus palsy; tetraplegia; hand fractures; wrist fractures; carpal tunnel syndrome; cubital tunnel syndrome

Gardner, Elizabeth Carpenter

Clinical Interests:Sports medicine, arthroscopy, shoulder/hip/knee injuries, injury prevention, women's health

Grauer, Jonathan Newman

Research Interests:Spinal care outcomes research; Clinical spine practices; Spinal imaging; Spine fusion studies; Practice of spine surgery

Clinical Interests:Spine problems; spine instability; radiculopathy; myelopathy; disc disease; herniated disc; scoliosis; spine tumors; spine trauma; spinal fusion; spinal deformity correction; cervical spine; thoracic spine; lumbar spine; stenosis; spondylolisthesis; discectomy

Horowitz, Mark

Research Interests:Osteoimmunology; Osteoblasts; Osteoclasts; Adipocytes; Bone remodeling; Mesenchymal stem cell differentiation; B cell transcription factors and bone

Ivancic, Paul Christopher

Research Interests:Human injury biomechanics; Spine biomechanics; Whiplash; Neck injury prevention; Injury mechanisms and tolerance; Injury prevention; Orthopaedic implant design; Spine biomechanics

Jokl, Peter

Research Interests:Musculoskeletal pathophysiology and the effect of rehabilitation and stress on surgical outcomes; Muscle injury and repair; Psychosocial impact on surgical outcome

Clinical Interests:Sports medicine; knee and ankle problems; arthroscopic surgery and meniscal repair; athletic foot injuries; muscular injuries; shoulder injuries; anterior cruciate repair; meniscus repair/debridement; orthopedics; elbow injuries

Keggi, Kristaps Juris

Research Interests:Bone graft alternatives; Procedures other than hip replacements for hip pain and disability, denervations; Modular hip prosthesis

Clinical Interests:Primary and revision replacement of hips; anterior muscle-sparing approach to hip replacement

Leslie, Michael P.

Research Interests:Pelvic biomechanics; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Orthopaedic Fixation; Nonunion infected fractures

Clinical Interests:Pelvic fractures;acetabulum fractures; intraarticular fractures; fracture problems including nonunions, malunions, post-traumatic deformity correction and polytraumatized patients;adolescent fractures;joint replacement.

Lindskog, Dieter M.

Research Interests:Bone graft alternatives; Metastatic disease

Clinical Interests:Adult and pediatric orthopaedic oncology; bone tumors - benign and malignant; soft-tissue tumors; sarcoma; bone cancer; metastatic cancer; radiofrequency ablation of bone tumors; limb salvage surgery; limb sparing surgery; rotationplasty; tumor reconstruction; spine tumors; orthopaedic trauma; fractures; hip fractures.

Medvecky, Michael J.

Research Interests:Gender disparity of ACL injury rates; Surgical anatomy and innovations in surgical techniques

Clinical Interests:Sports-related injuries in children and adults; general orthopaedic injuries; orthopaedic trauma; arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgery; meniscus tears; meniscus repair/debridement; meniscus transplantation; complex knee ligament injuries; Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) reconstruction; revision knee ligament reconstruction; knee arthritis in young adults; cartilage restoration procedures (osteochondral transfer, carticel implantation); osteotomies around the knee; rotator cuff surgery; shoulder instability; shoulder arthroscopy; proximal humerus fractures

Pelker, Richard Raymond

Research Interests:Biomechanics

Clinical Interests:Adult reconstruction; arthroplasty; knee and hip replacement; complex reconstruction and revision; infected total joints; hip arthroscopy

Reach, John S, Jr

Research Interests:Advanced musculoskeletal ultrasound for the diagnosis of soft-tissue; Sports pathology; Lower extremity joint replacement; Tendon reconstruction; Cartilage restoration; Sports injuries

Clinical Interests:Foot and Ankle reconstruction; Tendon / ligament repair; total ankle replacement; rheumatoid arthritis; great toe arthritis and deformity; arthroscopic surgery and minimally invasive cartilage repair; lower extremity trauma & limb salvage; lower extremity sports injuries.

Smith, Brian G

Research Interests:Spinal mobility following spinal fusion; Effectiveness of bracing on idiopathic scoliosis; cavus foot deformity treatment; Neuromuscular scoliosis; fractures in children

Clinical Interests:Spinal deformities: idiopathic scoliosis: infantile, juvenile, adolescent; neuromuscular scoliosis, congenital scoliosis, spondylolisthesis; hip disorders: developmental hip dysplasia(DDH), Perthes disease, slipped capital epiphysis; foot disorders: clubfoot, vertical talus, cavus foot, metatarsus adductus, flatfoot; pediatric fractures; neuromuscular disorders: cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy, Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT); lower extremity disorders: torsional or angular deformities, Blount's disease, limb length inequality.

Sutton, Karen Michelle

Research Interests:Sports medicine; Biomechanical evaluation of repair techniques for tendons and ligaments; Novel distal biceps tendon repair techniques; Evaluation of various anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions

Clinical Interests:Orthopaedic sports injuries in the adolescent and adult female athlete, including meniscus healing and repair; knee ligamentous reconstruction; articular cartilage healing and repair; shoulder stabilization and rotator cuff repair; specific interest in women's sports injuries, including anterior cruciate ligament prevention

Swigart, Carrie R

Research Interests:Distal radius fractures

Clinical Interests:Hand surgery; hand, wrist and elbow fractures; wrist and elbow problems; peripheral nerve injuries; congenital hand deformities and reconstruction; hand, wrist, and elbow arthritis; rheumatoid arthritis reconstruction; trigger-finger release; carpal tunnel release; scaphoid repair

Vignery, Agnès M C

Research Interests:Differentiation mechanism of osteoblasts; Fusion mechanism of macrophages

Weis, Lawrence David

Clinical Interests:Adult reconstruction, trauma, and musculoskeletal oncology.

Whang, Peter G.

Research Interests:Biology of spinal fusion; bone graft substitutes; Emerging technologies for spinal surgery; Motion-sparing/nonfusion techniques for spinal fusion; Evidence-based medicine

Clinical Interests:Specialties Anatomical: Neck, Spine, Low Back; Treatment:Arthritis, Deformity, Disability, Joint Replacement, Metabolic Bone Disease, Osteoporosis, Pain, Rehabilitation, Trauma/Fractures, Tumor/Oncology, Motion sparing and minimally invasive surgery; Spinal conditions treated include neck and arm pain/numbness/weakness; lower back and leg pain (sciatica); degenerative arthritis of cervical/thoracic/lumbar spines; degenerative disc disease; disk herniations (C/T/L spines); spinal stenosis; spinal trauma (C/T/L spines) including cervical whiplash and osteoporosis compression fractures; scoliosis (adult and adolescent); spondylolysis (pars defects)/ spondylolisthesis; spinal tumors; spinal infections; Spinal surgeries performed include spinal fusions (C/T/L spines); spinal decompressions (C/T/L spines); microscopic discectomies; motion-preserving surgeries including artificial disc replacements and X-Stop; minimally invasive spine surgery; kyphoplasty (for compression fractures).

Yue, James J

Research Interests:Non fusion spine care; Motion sparing spine surgery; Spinal stenosis; Disc replacement surgery; Minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgery

Clinical Interests:Spine disorders including discs, arthritis, scoliosis, deformities and tumors; neck and back injuries; lumbar and cervical disc replacement surgery; spinal fusion and deformity correction; discectomy; Prodisc disc replacement; X-Stop treatment for spinal stenosis; fracture management; motion-preserving spine surgery such as artificial disc replacement; endoscopic minimally invasive spine surgery