Neurology Faculty

Hafler, David

Department Chair

Research Interests:Neuroimmunology; Multiple Sclerosis; Autoimmunity; Genetics; Immunobiology

Clinical Interests:Neuroimmunology and Multiple Sclerosis

Alkawadri, Rafeed

Research Interests:Brain Connectivity; Broadband intracranial EEG Analysis; Cingulate Gyrus Epilepsy and Connectivity; Clinical Neurophysiology and Epileptology; Cortical Evoked Potentials; Deep Brain Stimulation; Evoked Potentials (EPs); Functional Mapping; High Frequency Oscillations; Magnetoencephalography (MEG)

Clinical Interests:Clinical Neurophysiology; EEG; Evoked Potentials; Intracranial Electrode Recordings (Depth, and Subdural EEG Recordings); Epilepsy Pharmacotherapy; Epilepsy Surgery Evaluation; First Seizure Evaluation; Intraoperative and Extraoperative Functional Mapping and Monitoring; Magnetoencephalography (MEG); Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS); Video-EEG Monitoring

Amin, Hardik

Research Interests:ischemic stroke; cryptogenic stroke; hemorrhagic stroke; carotid disease; amaurosis

Clinical Interests:Ischemic Stroke; Hemorrhagic Stroke; Vascular Malformations

Azevedo, Christina Janelle

Research Interests:Neuroimaging; MRI; Novel outcome metrics for clinical trials in MS

Clinical Interests:Multiple sclerosis (MS), neuroimmunology

Baehring, Joachim M

Research Interests:Molecular markers of cancer; Nervous system lymphoma

Clinical Interests:Chemotherapy of primary brain tumors (high-grade gliomas, central nervous system lymphoma); neurological complications of brain cancer; general neurology; molecular markers of cancer.

Bailey, Mary Alice

Clinical Interests:MS; multiple sclerosis; autoimmune; immunology

Bangalore, Lakshmi

Research Interests:Program Development, Scientific Liaison, Grant Proposal Management, Research Dissemination, Biomedical Writing

Becker, Kevin Patrick

Research Interests:Primary brain tumors; Immunotherapeutics; Novel drug delivery; Nano-particles in the treatment of glioblastoma

Clinical Interests:evaluation, treatment and management of all forms of primary brain tumors; consultative support for the medical oncology community for patients with systemic cancer that involves the central nervous system either directly or indirectly; evaluation, treatment and management of difficult general neurology cases; future establishment of a comprehensive care experience for patients with glioblastoma.

Benjamin, Christopher Felix Ash

Research Interests:Epilepsy, MRI, fMRI, DWI, Language, Memory, Vision

Clinical Interests:Epilepsy; Brain Tumors; Traumatic Brain Injury

Beslow, Lauren Allegra

Research Interests:Pediatric stroke; Pediatric vasculopathies; Pediatric vascular malformations

Clinical Interests:pediatric neurology; pediatric stroke; neonatal stroke; pediatric vasculopathies; pediatric cerebral vascular malformations; neurological sequelae of congenital heart disease

Black, Joel Austin

Research Interests:Membrane structure in normal and pathological neurons and glia; Ion channel expression in normal and injured neurons; Neuro-glial interactions; Cell biology of neurological disease

Blumenfeld, Hal

Research Interests:Impaired consciousness in epilepsy; Epilepsy neuroimaging and electrophysiology

Clinical Interests:Epilepsy; Epilepsy surgery

Bracken, Michael B.

Research Interests:Perinatal and pediatric epidemiology; Evidence-based health care and medicine

Brown, Franklin C.

Research Interests:Visual memory; Alzheimer's Disease; Cognitive effects of medication; Multiple Sclerosis; Epilepsy; Vascular Disease

Clinical Interests:Cognitive Assessment for Patients with Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Strokes, Alzheimer's Disease, Movement Disorders, Concussions, Traumatic Brain Injury, and other degenerative disorders

Buchanan, Gordon

Research Interests:Sleep; Arousal mechanisms; Epilepsy; Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP); Circadian rhythms; Breathing; Serotonin; Animal models

Clinical Interests:Sleep Disorders, Epilepsy, General Neurology

Chandra, Sreeganga

Research Interests:Presynaptic Biology; Synapse Maintenance; Parkinson's Disease; Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, Neurodegeneration

Cotsapas, Chris

Research Interests:Genetics; Computational biology; Cell-based approaches to discover and understand the mechanisms that give rise to disease; Disorders of the immune system and brain

Dearborn-Tomazos, Jennifer Lea

Research Interests:brain vascular health; nutrition and stroke; secondary prevention of stroke

Clinical Interests:I treat patients with vascular disease of the brain, including ischemic stroke, intraparenchymal hemorrhage, intracranial and extracranial stenosis, among others.

Detyniecki, Kamil

Research Interests:seizure recognition; Seizure awareness; Consciousness in epilepsy; New onset seizures

Clinical Interests:Epilepsy; Epilepsy Surgery; Seizures; EEG; First Seizure Clinic; Spanish speaking patients

Dib-Hajj, Sulayman D.

Research Interests:Molecular biology of voltage-gated sodium channels; Quantitative analysis of gene expression in normal and injured neurons; Structure-function relationship of sodium channel alpha subunits; Identification of proteins that modulate channel properties

DiCapua, Daniel Bryant

Research Interests:Clinical research in myasthenia gravis and GBS/CIDP; Myopathies adult-onset muscular dystrophies inflammatory neuropathies

Clinical Interests:Neuromuscular Medicine; Neuropathy; Myasthenia Gravis

Dominguez-Villar, Margarita

Research Interests:Regulatory T cells; peripheral tolerance; autoimmunity; multiple sclerosis;

Duckrow, Robert Bradford

Research Interests:Electroencephalography; Epilepsy; Time Series Analysis; Regional interaction of brain electrical activity during seizure onset and propagation; Generation and influence of electrical fields in the brain; Computational methods of electroencephalographic analysis; Deep brain stimulation for epilepsy; Implanted medical devices; Ethics of medical research

Clinical Interests:Adult epilepsy; clinical neurophysiology

Estacion, Mark

Research Interests:Patch-clamp; fura-2 calcium imaging; genetic pain syndromes

Farooque, Pue

Research Interests:Epilepsy, Epilepsy surgery, Predictors of outcomes for epilepsy surgery, Outcomes of epilepsy surgery

Clinical Interests:Epilepsy; Epilepsy Surgery; Seizures; EEG, Transitional clinic

Fischer, Tanya Z

Research Interests:chronic neuropathic pain; sodium channels; diabetic neuropathy; erythromelalgia

Clinical Interests:multiple sclerosis

Ghosh, Sourav

Research Interests:Neuronal polarity and axon specification in neurodevelopment and regeneration; immune cells and regeneration; astrocyte polarity signaling and glioblastoma; immune cells in glioblastoma;

Gilmore, Emily J.

Research Interests:Neurocritical Care; Neuromonitoring; Cerebral Multimodality Monitoring; Status Epilepticus; Traumatic Brain Injury; Subarachnoid Hemorrhage; Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke; Sepsis Associated Brain Dysfunction; Encephalopathy; Delirium

Clinical Interests:Neurocritical Care; Subarachnoid Hemorrhage; Acute Stroke; Traumatic Brain Injury; Status Epilepticus.

Gottschalk, Christopher H

Clinical Interests:Headache Medicine, Facial Pain, Neuralgias; Migraine, Chronic Migraine; Cluster Headache; medication overuse or rebound headache; Botulinum Toxin (Botox) for chronic migraine and other facial pains; Neck pain and Cervicogenic Headache; Trigeminal neuralgia; post-traumatic headaches; NDPH (New Daily Persistent Headache).

Graf, William David

Research Interests:Neurodevelopmental disorders; Neurogenetics; Pediatric Epilepsy; Ethics

Clinical Interests:child neurology; neurodevelopmental disorders; neurogenetics; pediatric epilepsy; ethics

Greer, David M

Research Interests:Coma; Neurocritical care; Stroke; Neuroimaging

Clinical Interests:stroke; neurocritical care

Grutzendler, Jaime

Research Interests:Neuro-glio-vascular interactions, cerebral blood flow and metabolism blood-brain barrier, two-photon microscopy, myelin imaging, synaptic plasticity, development and pathology of the brain microvasculature, Neuroinflammationin, neurodegenerative diseases and stroke

Clinical Interests:Alzheimer's disease; vascular dementia; cognitive disorders; behavioral neurology.

Gunther, Erik Christian

Research Interests:Multi-dimensional assay development for the purpose of drug discovery and repurposing.

Hamid, Hamada

Clinical Interests:epilepsy, neuropsychiatric diseases, traumatic brain injury, veteran's health

Hirsch, Lawrence J.

Research Interests:Epilepsy; Antiepileptic medication; Brain stimulation for epilepsy; Epilepsy surgery; Sudden death in epilepsy (SUDEP); Status epilepticus; ICU EEG monitoring; Critical care brain monitoring; Video-EEG monitoring; Intracranial EEG; Electrocorticography

Clinical Interests:Epilepsy; Seizures; Seizure Mimics; Status Epilepticus; Epilepsy Surgery; Brain Stimulation for epilepsy; Antiepileptic medication; Critical Care epilepsy/EEG

Hwang, David Y.

Research Interests:Neurocritical care; Intensive care unit; Outcome prognostication; Family satisfaction; Consistency of communication by ICU staff; Family anxiety and depression in the ICU; Palliative care

Clinical Interests:Neurocritical care; Acute stroke; End-of-life care

Jabbari, Bahman

Research Interests:Parkinson's disease; Movement disorders (dystonia, tremor, chores, tics , tardive dyskinesias); New indications for botulinum toxin treatment in clinical medicine (variety of pain disorders, spasticity and rigidity, etc); Central and peripheral electrophysiology (EEG/EMG); Deep brain stimulation

Clinical Interests:Parkinson's disease; pharmacologic treatment and DBS treatment , clinical research Movement disorders; restless legs syndrome, spinocerebellar ataxias/degenerations, gait disorders, dystonias, tremors, Huntington's disease, Tourette syndrome and tardive dyskinesias, treatment of refractory medical and neurological disorders with botulinum toxins; chonic migraine , blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm, cervical dystonia (torticollis), limb dystonias, tardive dyskinesias, spasticity related to stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, , sialorrhea ( excessive drooling) and hyperhidrosis ( excessive sweaing). focal pain sndomes ( postherpetic or posttraumatic neuralgia, planar faciitis, low back pain, myofacila pain syndrome)

Kerns, Robert D, Jr

Research Interests:Behavioral Medicine/Health Psychology; Pain and pain management; Healthcare disparities; Self-management of chronic disease

Clinical Interests:Health psychology; behavioral medicine; pain and pain management; stroke care; clinical neuropsychology; integrative primary care

Keung, Benison

Clinical Interests:neuromuscular disorders; peripheral neuropathy; CIDP; GBS; disorders of the neuromuscular junction

Khokhar, Babar

Clinical Interests:Motor Neuron Disease; Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS); Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS); Neuromuscular Medicine; General Neurology; Headache Medicine; Peripheral Neuropath

Kocsis, Jeffery Donald

Research Interests:Transplantation-based approaches toward restoration; Preservation of function in the injured central nervous system; Axonal regeneration; Cell transplantation; Ion channels; Nerve injury; Remyelination; Spinal cord injury

Koo, Brian B.

Research Interests:Restless Legs Syndrome; Periodic Limb Movements During Sleep; Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Stroke

Clinical Interests:Sleep medicine, restless legs syndrome, obstructive sleep apnea, REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

Kuruvilla, Deena

Clinical Interests:Headache Medicine, Facial Pain, Migraine, Chronic Migraine; Cluster Headache; new Daily persistent headache, hemicrania continua, medication overuse or rebound headache; procedural headache medicine, nerve blocks for headache treatment, trigger point injections for head, neck and shoulder pain, botulinum toxin for the treatment of chronic migraine

Louis, Elan D

Research Interests:involuntary Movements; tremor disorders; essential tremor; neurodegenerative diseases; neuroepidemiology; neurotoxicology; genetics; history of neurology

Clinical Interests:Patients with involuntary movements, with a particular interest in tremor disorders.

Machado, Duarte Goncalves

Research Interests:Clinical trials for early and advanced Parkinson's disease; New indications of botulinum toxins in clinical neurology, including pain, restless leg syndrome, adn tremor, etc; Novel applications of deep brain stimulation

Clinical Interests:Evaluation and management of patients with any movement disorder such as Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, dystonia, tics, myoclonus, ataxia and chorea; screening of patients with Parkinson's disease, refractory tremor, and refractory dystonia for deep brain stimulation treatment; management of patients with deep brain stimulators; treatment of various neurological disorders with botulinum toxins

Makhani, Naila

Clinical Interests:Child Neurology; Demyelinating Diseases

Marcolini, Evie

Research Interests:Critical care

Clinical Interests:Neurocritical Care, Surgical Critical care

Mattson, Richard Henry

Research Interests:Clinical pharmacology of Antiepileptic Drugs in clinical trials; Pathophysiologic and pharmacologic studies using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Clinical Interests:Clinical Interests: Primary interest is in clinical diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy in clinic and in the Epilepsy Inpatient Unit at YNHH in adults and children. Focus is particularly on difficult diagnosis or intractable epilepsy using pharmacologic methods and epilepsy surgery.

Ment, Laura R

Research Interests:Adaptive Mechanisms of Developing Brain; Clinical Studies of Pathophysiology and Gene Targets for Prevention of Injury to Preterm Brain; Volumetric, Diffusion Tensor and Functional Imaging of Developmental Changes; Preclinical Studies in employing Animal Models of Injury and Repair in Preterm Brain with MRI, Genetic and Behavioral Assessments

Clinical Interests:Neurology of infants and young children; Developmental delay; Pediatric, neonatal and fetal stroke; General child neurology

Meyer, Ana-Claire L.

Research Interests:Global health; HIV/AIDS; Epilepsy; Tropical medicine; HIV-associated neurocognitive impairment; Health services research; Quality of care

Clinical Interests:Neurological infections, HIV/AIDS, tropical medicine

Miller, Geoffrey

Research Interests:Outcome studies; Follow-up of high risk premature and full term infants; Bioethics; Pediatric neuromuscular disorder; Neurodevelopmental disorder; Cerebral palsy; Extreme prematurity

Clinical Interests:Neurodevelopmental disabilities; Muscle and nerve disease; Neonatal neurology; Follow up of high-risk newborns; Developmental delay; Neurogenetic disorders

Mishra, Asht Mangal

Research Interests:Abscence Epilepsy; Electrophysiology; Epilepsy; Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Neurophysiology

Moeller, Jeremy J.

Research Interests:Neurology Education

Clinical Interests:Pharmacological Treatment of Epilepsy; Electroencephalography (EEG); Surgical treatment of epilepsy; General Neurology

Navaratnam, Dhasakumar S.

Research Interests:Hearing and Balance Organs

Clinical Interests:Balance disorders; Cerebellar Disorders; Vestibular Disorders; Dizziness; General Neurology

Novella, Steven

Clinical Interests:Neuromuscular disease; general neurology; botulinum injections, erythromelalgia

Nowak, Richard

Research Interests:Myasthenia Gravis; Guillian-Barre Syndrome (GBS); CIDP; Immune Therapies, Neuropathy; Charcot Marie Tooth Disease; ALS.

Clinical Interests:Myasthenia Gravis; Guillian-Barre Syndrome (GBS); CIDP; Immune Therapies; Neuropathy; Charcot Marie Tooth Disease; ALS.

Patwa, Huned S

Research Interests:Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)/ motor neuron disease; immune mediated neuropathies; Peripheral neuropathy; Myasthenia gravis; intravenous immunoglobulin

Clinical Interests:Neuromuscular disease; peripheral neurology; myasthenia gravis; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; clinical neurophysiology; electroencephalography (EEG); electromyography (EMG); botulinum injections

Petersen, Nils H.

Research Interests:cerebral autoregulation; transcranial Doppler; multimodality monitoring

Clinical Interests:Stroke; neurovascular ultrasound; neurocritical care

Petroff, Ognen A. C.

Research Interests:Epilepsy & seizure disorders; Cerebral metabolism; Brain glutamate, GABA & glutamine metabolism; Antiepileptic drug actions & brain metabolism; CNS physiology & neurochemistry; Neuroprotection; periodic discharges, non-convulsive seizures

Clinical Interests:Electroencephalography (EEG); audio-visual EEG monitoring; ICU-EEG monitoring; epilepsy; symptomatic seizures; non-convulsive seizures; neuroprotection, therapeutic hypothermia, hypoxic-ischemic-injury, hepatic encephalopathy

Pitt, David

Clinical Interests:Multiple Sclerosis; Neuroimmunology

Rakic, Pasko

Research Interests:Central nervous system development

Rampal, Nishi

Clinical Interests:epilepsy

Robeson, Kimberly Rachel

Research Interests:Myasthenia Gravis; GBS/CIDP; Inflammatory Neuropathies

Clinical Interests:Clinical research in myasthenia gravis and GBS/CIDP; Myopathies; adult-onset muscular dystrophies; inflammatory neuropathies

Salardini, Arash

Research Interests:Amyloid PET scanning; Early detection of Dementia; Predicting conversion of mild cognitive impairment to dementia.

Clinical Interests:Dr. Salardini treats and diagnoses neurodegenerative diseases. In the memory clinic patient with all forms of dementia including but not limited to Alzheimer's Disease, Frontotemporal Dementia, Vascular Dementia and Lewy body dementia are seen. He also has an interest in Mild Cognitive Impairment. In his movement disorder clinic he sees Parkinson's disease and related conditions.

Sansing, Lauren

Research Interests:stroke; intracerebral hemorrhage; macrophage responses; innate immunity; microglial responses; phagocytosis;

Clinical Interests:acute stroke treatment; intracerebral hemorrhage; transient ischemic attack; neurovascular abnormalities; vasculitis; carotid stenosis; intracranial stenosis

Sasaki, Masanori

Research Interests:Cell Transplantation for Spinal Cord Injury and CNS diseases

Schindler, Joseph

Clinical Interests:Ischemic stroke; Transient Cerebral Ischemia (TIA); Hemorrhagic Stroke (intracerebral hemorrhage; subarachnoid hemorrhage), Intra- and Extra- Cranial Arterial Stenosis (carotid stenosis, vertebral stenosis); Cerebral Venous Thrombosis; Cerebral Vascular Malformation: Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM); Aneurysm; Sports Neurology, Concussion, Post-Concussive Disorder

Sharp, Emily Schoenhofen

Research Interests:aging, cognition, neurodegenerative disorders

Clinical Interests:clinical neuropsychology, dementia; neurodegenerative disorders, stroke, Parkinson's disease, depression, aging

Shaywitz, Bennett Arthur

Research Interests:Neurobiology of Reading & Dyslexia; Attentional Mechanisms in reading

Clinical Interests:General child neurology; neurobiology of reading and math difficulties; dyslexia

Sheth, Kevin N

Research Interests:Brain edema; Stroke; Intracranial hemorrhage; Neurocritical Care; Critical care; Prognosis; Biomarkers; Clinical Trials

Clinical Interests:Stroke; brain hemorrhage; brain swelling; traumatic brain injury, neurocritical care.

Sico, Jason Jonathon

Research Interests:Ischemic stroke; Outcomes based research; HIV/AIDS; Neuropathy; Obstructive sleep apnea

Clinical Interests:Stroke General Neurology Neurophysiology HIV/AIDS Infectious disease

Spudich, Serena

Research Interests:HIV; AIDS; Central nervous system inflammation; Viral compartmentalization; Acute infection; HIV reservoirs; Magnetic resonance spectrocsopy; Diffusion tensor imaging; Neural markers; Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers

Clinical Interests:AIDS; HIV; neurological infections

Stransky, Martin J.

Clinical Interests:Clinical methodology and problem solving Headaches Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Neuropsychology

Strittmatter, Stephen M

Research Interests:Axon Guidance; Axon Regeneration; Spinal Cord Injury; Molecular Biology; Stroke; Neurodegenerative Disease; Alzheimer's Disease; Fronto-Temporal Dementia

Clinical Interests:Neurology; memory disorders; Alzheimer's Disease; fronto-temporal dementia

Szekely, Anna M

Research Interests:neuronal lineage specification of embryonic stem cells; disease-specific human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells; genetics of autism; genetic disorders of the nervous system; application of genomics and other high throughput technologies to understand disease mechanism (genome-wide RNA interference; next-generation nucleic acid sequencing, high-throughput cell-based phenotypic analysis)

Clinical Interests:adult and pediatric neurogenetics; evaluate and diagnose adults and children with complex neurologic disorders in which a genetic etiology or component is considered, offer potential treatment and counsel family members; long-term management of patients with a wide range of inherited disorders of the nervous system including: hereditary neurodegenerative disorders (dementia, familial movement disorders - Parkinson Disease, dystonia, essential tremor - ALS, hereditary ataxias); inherited neuromuscular disorders (muscular dystrophies hereditary neuropathies); mitochondrial disorders; familial epilepsy; genetic forms of stroke and other vascular disorders; familial neuroimmunological disorders; neurodevelopmental disorders of children; genetics of autism spectrum disorders

Tan, Andrew

Research Interests:Spinal cord injury; pain; spasticity; plasticity; CNS; glial scar; therapeutics; peripheral nerve injury; diabetes; electrophysiology

Testa, Francine Maria

Research Interests:Seizures, epilepsy in childhood - risk factors, prognosis, long term sequelae

Clinical Interests:Pediatric Epilepsy, Neurophysiology, Seizures

Thomas, Jean-Leon

Research Interests:Neural stem cells; Glial cells; Neurovascular niches; Cell proliferation and differentiation; Cell migration; Vascular growth factors and receptors; Axonal guidance molecules

Tokuno, Hajime

Research Interests:Peripheral nerve injury; Muscle physiology; Clinical electrophysiology; EMG; EEG; chronic myofascial pain syndromes

Clinical Interests:clinical neurophysiology; neuromuscular medicine; neurotoxin injection; chronic pain syndromes

Volpe, Darren C

Clinical Interests:Behavioral Neurology; Dementia; Alzheimer's Disease.

Walsh, Thomas J

Research Interests:Clinical Interests: decreased vision; diplopia; exophthalmos; medical diseases that impact the visual system

Clinical Interests:Clinical Interests: decreased vision; diplopia; exophthalmos; medical diseases that impact the visual system

Waxman, Stephen George

Research Interests:Axons; Electrophysiology; Genes; Ion Channels; Molecular Biology; Multiple Sclerosis; Pain Syndromes; Sodium Channels; Spinal Cord Injury; Stroke

Werdiger, Norman S

Clinical Interests:General neurology including stroke, movement disorders, epilepsy, cognitive disorders, multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular disorders, headache, and neurological complications of medical disorders.

Zaveri, Hitten

Research Interests:Epilepsy; EEG; Intracranial EEG; Brain sensors; Brain implantable devices; Brain-machine interface; Time-series analysis; Biomedical Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Computer Engineering; Neurosurgery;