Neurobiology Faculty


Crair, Michael C

Director of Graduate Studies

Research Interests: Neural circuit development; Synapse formation; Visual system development; Cortex development


Schwartz, Michael L

Director of Medical Studies

Research Interests: Mammalian cerebral cortex


Arnsten, Amy F. T.

Research Interests: Molecular influences on higher cognitive function

Bruce, Charles Joseph

Research Interests: Neurophysiology of Sensorimotor Processing in Cerebral Cortex

Cardin, Jessica A

Research Interests: Neuroscience; Cortex; Inhibitory interneuron; Oscillation; Electrophysiology; Vision; Schizophrenia; Epilepsy; Intracellular; Network

Higley, Michael J

Research Interests: Synaptic Integration; GABAergic Inhibition; Dendrites; Electrophysiology; Multiphoton Imaging

Lee, Daeyeol

Research Interests: Neural mechanisms of sequence learning and selection, decision making under uncertainty, inter-temporal choice, token & conditioned reinforcements; Reinforcement learning; Behavioral economics and game theory; Function of primate prefrontal cortex and basal ganglia; Coding and transmission of information in a population of neurons

Mazer, Jamie

Research Interests: Vision; Attention; Cortex; Sensory processing; Coordinate systems; Neuroethology

McCormick, David A.

Research Interests: Cellular mechanisms of cortical function; Thalamocortical function and modulation

Sestan, Nenad

Research Interests: Evolution and development of neuronal circuits of the human cerebral cortex

Shepherd, Gordon M

Research Interests: Neuronal Dendrites; Dendritic Spines; Synaptic Organization; Olfactory System; Brain Microcircuits; Computational Neuroscience; Neuroinformatics; Functional Connectomes

Verhagen, Justus Valentijn

Research Interests: flavor; retronasal smell; optical imaging; optogenetics; neural coding; taste;

Wang, Xiao-Jing

Research Interests: Neural circuit function in the brain