Ming-Kai Chen MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Radiology; Co-Medical Director, Yale University PET Center

Research Interests

Improving PET/CT imaging acquisition and quantification; Validation of new clinical radiotracer; Radiation exposure assessment; Internal dosimetry; Radioiodine treatment for thyroid disease; Molecular imaging in neuroscience and neurotoxicology; Small animal imaging; Receptor binding assay and autoradiography

Selected Publications

  • 1. M. K. Chen, M. Yasrebi, J. Samii, L.H. Staib, I. Doddamane, D.W. Cheng. The Utility of I-123 Pretherapy scan in I-131 Radioiodine Therapy for Thyroid Cancer. (2012) Thyroid. 22(3): 304-309
  • 2. M.K. Chen, I. Doddamane, D.W. Cheng, Recombinant Human TSH as an alternative for thyroid hormone withdrawal for thyroid cancer management (2010) Current Opinion in Oncology 22(1): 6-10
  • 3. M.K. Chen, H. Kuwabara, Y. Zhou, R.J. Adams, J.R. Brašic, J.L. McGlothan, T. Verina, N.C. Burton, M. Alexander, A. Kumar, D.F. Wong and T.R. Guilarte. In vivo PET imaging and neuropathology implicate the early selective loss of VMAT-2 in dopamine neuron degeneration in a non-human primate model of Parkinson s disease (2008) J. Neurochem 105(1): 78-90.
  • 4. M.K. Chen and T.R. Guilarte, Translocator protein 18kDa: molecular sensor of brain injury and repair. (2008) Pharmacology & Therapeutics 118(1): 1-17.
  • 5. T.R. Guilarte and M.K. Chen, Manganese inhibits NMDA receptor channel function: Implications to psychiatric and cognitive effects (2007) NeuroToxicology 28(6):1147-1152.
  • 6. T.R. Guilarte, M.K. Chen, J.L. McGlothan, T. Verina, D.F. Wong, Y. Zhou, M. Alexander, C.A. Rohde, T. Syversen, E. Decamp, A.J. Koser, S. Fritz, H. Emberger, J.S. Schneider: Nigrostriatal Dopamine System Dysfunction in Maganese-Exposed Non-Human Primates: Implications for Manganese-Induced Parkinsonism. (2006) Exp Neurol. 202(2):381-90.
  • 7. M.K. Chen and T. R. Guilarte: Imaging the Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptor response in CNS Demyelination and remyelination (2006) Toxicol Sci. 91(2):532-539
  • 8. Y. Zhou, M.K. Chen, C.J Endres, W. Ye, J.R. Brasic, M. Alexander, A.H. Crabb, T.R. Guilarte, D.F. Wong: Extended simplified reference tissue model for quantification of single dynamic PET studies with amphetamine challenge. (2006) NeuroImage. 33(2):550-563.
  • 9. M.K. Chen, J.S. Lee, J.L. McGlothan, E. Furukawa, R.J. Adams, M. Alexander, D.F. Wong and T. R. Guilarte: Acute Manganese Administration alters Dopamine Transporter Levels in the Non-Human Primate Striatum. (2006) NeuroToxicology 27: 229-236
  • 10. M.K. Chen, K. Baidoo, T. Verina and T. R. Guilarte: Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptor imaging in CNS demyelination: functional implications of anatomical and cellular localization (2004) Brain 127: 1379-1392

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