Microbial Pathogenesis Faculty

Galan, Jorge E


Research Interests:Microbial Pathogenesis; Host/pathogen interaction

Agaisse, Herve Francois

Research Interests:Host/pathogen interaction; Shigella; Chlamydia; Vaccinia virus; Listeria; Dissemination; Actin-based motility; Non-vesicular lipid trafficking; Tyrosine kinase signaling; Type III secretion system

Ben Mamoun, Choukri

Research Interests:Malaria

Cappello, Michael

Research Interests:Molecular parasitology; Hookworm pathogenesis & vaccine development; International child health

Clinical Interests:Infectious Diseases; Tropical Medicine and Parasitology; International Adoption

Crawford, Jason Michael

Research Interests:Small molecule signaling; Antibiotic discovery & biosynthesis; Host-bacteria interactions; Bacterial secondary metabolism; Bacteria; Pathogen

Fikrig, Erol

Research Interests:Vector-borne diseases; Lyme disease; Human granulocytic ehrilichiosis; West Nile virus

Clinical Interests:Lyme disease; Anaplasmosis; General infectious diseases; Rheumatology

Goodman, Andrew

Research Interests:Microbiota; Microbiome; Genomics; Gnotobiotic; Germfree; Symbiosis; Gut; Flora; Bacteria; Pathogen

Groisman, Eduardo

Research Interests:Bacterial genetics; Signal transduction; Infectious diseases; Gene regulation; Bacteria-host interactions; Gut commensal bacteria

Jacobs-Wagner, Christine

Research Interests:Bacterial multiplication, cell division; chromosome segregation; cell cycle coordination; cell morphogenesis, cytokeleton, cell polarity

Kazmierczak, Barbara Irene

Research Interests:Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Staphylococcus aureus; Innate immunity; Host-pathogen interactions; Mucosal immunity

Clinical Interests:Inpatient management of and consultation for infectious diseases.

Kumar, Priti

Research Interests:RNA interference (RNAi)-based strategies for treating viral infections

Lindenbach, Brett David

Research Interests:Cell Biology; Enveloped Viruses; Hepatitis; Hepatitis C Virus; Molecular Biology; Positive-strand RNA Viruses; RNA; Virology; Virus

MacMicking, John

Research Interests:Cell-autonomous immunity; Constitutive and inducible host defense programs; Inflammasomes; Interferons (IFNs); Intracellular pathogens; Single cell analyses; Vertebrate and bacterial genetics

Mothes, Walther H

Research Interests:cell biology; retroviral replication; retroviruses; immune; viral biology; genetic; biochemical; cell imaging; Viral entry and exit; Retroviruses including HIV

Roy, Craig Russell

Research Interests:Molecular; Cellular; Microbial pathogens; Bacteria; Vesicular transport; Legionella pneumophila; Coxiella burnetii; Macrophages; Protozoan; Proteins

Sutton, Richard

Research Interests:HIV replication and the development of small animal models of HIV; HIV vectors; HIV replication and gene transfer into non-dividing cells

Clinical Interests:HIV and general infectious diseases