Michael Andrew Choma MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Radiology, of Biomedical Engineering and of Pediatrics

Departments & Organizations

Office of Student Research

School of Engineering and Applied ScienceDiagnostic Radiology: Bioimaging Sciences: Image Processing & Analysis Group; Choma Lab | Pediatrics

Research Interests

Optics; Optical Coherence Tomography; Microscopy; Random Lasers; Pediatrics; Heart Development; Cilia; Respiratory Disease more...


  • Ph.D., Duke University, 2004
  • M.D., Duke University, 2006

Selected Publications

  • Huang B, Choma MA, “Resolving directional ambiguity in dynamic light scattering-based transverse motion velocimetry in optical coherence tomography,” Optics Letters, 39: 521-524 2014.
  • Jonas S, Zhou E, Deniz E, Huang B, Chandrasekera K, Bhattacharya D, Wu Y, Fan R, Deserno TM, Khokha MK, Choma MA, “A novel approach to quantifying ciliary physiology: microfluidic mixing driven by a ciliated biological surface,” Lab on a Chip, 13: 4160-4163, 2013.
  • Redding B, Choma MA*, Cao H* “Speckle-free laser imaging using random laser illumination.” Nature Photonics, 6:355–359, 2012. *Equal contributors.



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