Mark R. Mercurio MD, MA

Professor of Pediatrics (Neonatology); Director, Program for Biomedical Ethics, Yale School of Medicine; Chair, Yale -New Haven Children's Hospital Ethics Committee; Director, Yale Pediatrics Ethics Program

Research Interests

Ethics; Medical Ethics; Pediatrics; Neonatology; Education;

Research Summary

My academic work focuses on studying the ethical problems faced by clinicians, patients and families, in all aspects of medicine, but particularly with regard to pediatrics.

Selected Publications

  • Zhong, R., Knobe, J., Feigenson, N. Mercurio M.R. Age and disability biases in pediatric resuscitation among future physicians. Clinical Pediatrics 2011;50(11):1001-4
  • Mercurio, M.R. Faking it: Unnecessary deceptions and the slow code. American Journal of Bioethics 2011;11(11):17-8
  • Cummings, C.L., Mercurio, M.R. Ethics of Emerging Technologies and Their Transition to Accepted Practice: Intestinal Transplant for Short Bowel Syndrome. Journal of Perinatology. 2012:32: 752-756
  • Janvier, A., Mercurio, M.R. Saving vs. Creating: Perceptions of intensive care at different ages and the potential for injustice. Journal of Perinatology 2013; Vol 33(5):333-5.
  • Cummings, C.L., Diefenbach, K., Mercurio, M.R. Counseling variation among physicians regarding intestinal transplant for short bowel syndrome. Journal of Medical Ethics. Published on line 8/21/13.
  • Mercurio, M.R. The ethics of newborn resuscitation. Seminars in Perinatology. December 2009.
  • Chapman, R., Peterec, S.M., Bizzarro, M.J., M.R. Mercurio. Patient selection for neonatal extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: Beyond severity of illness. Journal of Perinatology. 2009; 29: 606-611.
  • Mercurio, M.R., S.M. Peterec. Attending physician work hours: ethical considerations and the last doctor standing. Pediatrics. 2009; 124(2): 758-62.
  • Mercurio, M.R., S. Peterec, B. Weeks. Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, Extreme Prematurity, Comfort Care Only, and the Principle of Justice. Pediatrics. 2008; 122(1):186-189.
  • Mercurio, M.R. Rituals of Unburdening. Hastings Center Report. 2008; 38 (2):8-9.


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