Mark Estacion PhD

Associate Research Scientist in Neurology

Research Interests

Patch-clamp; fura-2 calcium imaging; genetic pain syndromes

Research Summary

My research interests are focused on detailed characterization of the role voltage-gated sodium channels play in neurological syndromes such as inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

Selected Publications

  • Estacion M, Dib-Hajj SD, Benke PJ, Te Morsche RH, Eastman EM, Macala LJ, Drenth JP, Waxman SG. (2008) NaV1.7 gain-of-function mutations as a continuum: A1632E displays physiological changes associated with erythromelalgia and paroxysmal extreme pain disorder mutations and produces symptoms of both disorders. J Neurosci. 28:11079-11088.
  • Dib-Hajj SD, Estacion M, Jarecki BW, Tyrrell L, Fischer TZ, Lawden M, Cummins TR, Waxman SG. (2008) Paroxysmal extreme pain disorder M1627K mutation in human Nav1.7 renders DRG neurons hyperexcitable. Mol Pain. 4:37.

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