Lori Ann Post, PhD

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine; Research Director; Faculty Affiliate - Yale Center for Medical Informatics; Research Scientist - Veteran's Administration

Research Interests

Research Summary

Dr. Post's area of research expertise is in the nexus of violence/injury prevention and health information technology. To this end, she has been the principal investigator on several federal, state, and foundation grants.

Extensive Research Description

ED Disability Diagnostic Tool: an HIT Feasibility Study

Consortium for Health Informatics

Health Information Technology to Prevent Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation

Selected Publications

  • Post LA, Griffore R, Phenice L. Modeling Indicators of Patient Long-Term Care Placement. International Journal of Health, Wellness & Society. (In Press)
  • Post LA, Biroscak B, Barboza GE. Prevalence of Sexual Violence. Violence Against Women and Children: Mapping the Terrain. Ed. by Jacquelyn White, Mary P. Koss, and Alan E. Kazdin. American Psychological Association, Washington, D.C. 2011; 4:101-123.
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  • Swierenga S, Abujarad F, Dennis T, Post LA. Real-World User-Centered Design: The Michigan Workforce Background Check System. Proceedings of the 2011 Human-Computer Interaction International Conference. Submission ID: 1613. (In Press)
  • Gold SJ, Wibert WN, Bondartsova V, Biroscak BJ, Post LA. A Capture-Recapture Approach to Estimation of Refugee Populations. Journal of International Migration. (In Press)
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