Linda Geralde Marc ScD, MPH

Lecturer in Public Health; Education and Curriculum Development Director, Harvard School of Public Health

Research Interests

HIV; Mental Health; Men who have Sex with Men; Sexual Violence; Women; Vulnerable Populations

Research Summary

Dr. Marc's ongoing research focuses on HIV and mental health in vulnerable populations.

Selected Publications

  • Marc, L.G., Shanks, A., Crooks-Smith, J., Anderson, E., Nelson, K. The Recruitment/Retention of Underrepresented Minority Faculty at Yale School of Public Health (2006-2008). Funded by the Connecticut Health Foundation and the Deans’ Discretionary Fund, Yale School of Public Health.
  • Marc LG, Raue PJ, Bruce ML. Screening performance of the 15-item geriatric depression scale in a diverse elderly home care population. Am J Geriatr Psychiatry. Nov 2008;16(11):914-921.
  • Marc LG, Patel-Larson A, Hall HI, Hughes D, Alegria M, Jeanty G, Sanon Eveillard Y and Jean-Louis E for the National Haitian American Health Alliance. HIV Among Haitian-born persons in the United States 1985 to 2007. AIDS, 2010. 24(13): p. 2089-2097. PMID:20543655
  • Marc LG, Zerden M, Ferrando S, Testa MA. HIV+ Caregivers and HIV+ Non-Caregivers: Differences in Demographics, Immune Functioning and Quality-of-Life. In Press, AIDS Care. 2011 Jul;23(7):880-91. PMID:21400310
  • Marc LG, Wang, MM, Testa MA. The Psychometric Properties of the HIV Symptom Distress Scale. AIDS Care. 2012;24(11):1432-41. PMID:22409246
  • Marc L, Honoré JG, Néjuste P, Setaruddin M, Lamothe NN, Thimothé G, Cornely JR. Uptake to HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis in Haiti: Opportunities to Align Sexual Violence, HIV PEP and Mental Health. Am J Reprod Immunol. 2013 Feb69 Suppl 1:132-41. PMID:23278979

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