Linda F Cantley

Research Associate, Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Selected Publications

  • Taiwo O, Slade MD, Cantley L, Fiellin M, Bayer, F, Wesdock J, Cullen MR. Beryllium sensitization in aluminum smelter workers. J Occ Environ Med. 2008 50(2): 157-162.
  • Vegso S, Cantley L, Slade M, Taiwo O, Sircar K, Rabinowitz P, Fiellin M, Russi MD, Cullen MR. Extended work hours and risk of acute occupational injury: A case-crossover study of workers in manufacturing. Am J Ind Med 2007 50:597-603.
  • Pollack K, Sorock GS, Slade MD, Cantley L, Taiwo O, Sircar K, Cullen MR. Association between body mass index and acute traumatic workplace injury in hourly manufacturing employees. Am J Epidemiology 2007 166(2):204-211.
  • Pollack K, Agnew J, Slade MD, Cantley L, Taiwo O, Vegso S, Sircar K, Cullen MR. Use of employer administrative databases to identify systematic causes of injury in aluminum manufacturing. Am J Ind Med 2007 50: 676-686.
  • Taiwo O, Sircar K, Slade M, Cantley L, Vegso S, Rabinowitz P, Fiellin M, Cullen MR. Incidence of asthma among aluminum workers. J Occ Environ Med.. 2006 48(3):275-282.

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