Laboratory Medicine Faculty

Smith, Brian Richard


Research Interests:Inflammation-Coagulation Interface; Hematology; Bioethics; Biomedical Engineering; Laboratory Medicine Education; Therapeutic Pathology

Clinical Interests:Hematologic diagnostics; clinical pathology; hematopathology; hematology; pediatrics; laboratory medicine

Campbell, Sheldon Mark

Research Interests:Clinical microbiology; Point-of-care testing; Medical education; HIV and mycobacterial diagnosis

Clinical Interests:Bacterial, fungal, parasitic, viral, and mycobacterial diseases; point of care testing; drugs of abuse testing; physician office laboratory testing

Chang, Sandy

Research Interests:Mouse models of cancer; DNA damage; Telomere biology

Clinical Interests:Cancer diagnosis, molecular techniques

Cotmore, Susan F

Research Interests:Parvovirus entry and uncoating; Subversion of nuclear environment for viral DNA replication

Devine, Lesley

Research Interests:Effects of novel immune therapies on the immune system

Eid, Tore

Research Interests:Epilepsy; Neuropathology; Electron microscopy; Immunohistochemistry; Mass spectrometry; Clinical chemistry and toxicology; Therapeutic drug monitoring

Clinical Interests:Laboratory medicine; clinical chemistry; neurodiagnostics; epilepsy

Eisenbarth, Stephanie C

Research Interests:Pattern Recognition Receptors; NOD-like Receptors (NLRs); Dendritic Cells; T cells; Allergy/Asthma; Vaccines/Adjuvants; Red Blood Cell Alloimmunization; Autoimmune Diabetes; Influenza

Clinical Interests:The Clinical Immunology Laboratory integrates standard diagnostic immunology testing with an active flow cytometry and molecular diagnostics laboratory and therefore services a large and diverse patient population. The Immune Monitoring Core provides a core resource for clinical and translational research protocols at Yale School of Medicine that involve immunotherapy and/or that affect the human immune system. In addition to performing assays beyond the scope of routine clinical tests, this facility is involved in developing and utilizing new technologies and assays as needed for basic and clinical human studies on-going at Yale.

El-Khoury, Joe M

Research Interests:Liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry; method development and validation; kidney biomarkers; cardiovascular biomarkers

Clinical Interests:clinical chemistry

Haberman, Ann M

Research Interests:B lymphocytes; Germinal center formation; Cell migration in vivo; Two-photon laser scanning microscopy

Hendrickson, Jeanne

Research Interests:Red blood cell alloimmunization; Hemolytic disease of the newborn

Clinical Interests:transfusion medicine; pediatric hematology; alloimmunization; massive transfusion; sickle cell disease

Hodsdon, Michael Edwin

Research Interests:Biochemistry; Biophysics; Breast Cancer; Clinical Chemistry; Drug Metabolism; Health and Medicine; Laboratory Practice or Procedure; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance; Pathobiology; Pharmacology; Spectroscopy; Structural Biology; Toxicology

Clinical Interests:Clinical chemistry; toxicology and testing for drugs of abuse; therapeutic drug monitoring; tandem mass spectrometry; protein analysis for detection of multiple myeloma

Howe, John Greg

Research Interests:Molecular Diagnostics; Hematopathology

Clinical Interests:Molecular diagnostics; hematopathology; genetics

Jatlow, Peter I

Research Interests:Clinical pharmacology of psychotropic drugs; cocaine; drugs of abuse; ethanol; nicotine dependence;

Clinical Interests:Clinical chemistry; toxicology; therapeutic drug monitoring

Kavathas, Paula B

Research Interests:Gene Regulation; Immunology; Molecular Cellular Entities; Receptors; Structure or Function (Health or Safety or Medical); Transgenic Animals

Krause, Diane S

Research Interests:Bone Marrow Transplantation; Stem Cells; Cell and Molecular Hematology; Leukemia

Clinical Interests:Transfusion medicine; stem cell transplantation; stem cell processing; apheresis

Landry, Marie-Louise

Research Interests:Viral Load and Correlation with Disease; Impact of Laboratory Diagnosis on Clinical Management; Molecular Methods; Direct Immunofluorescence

Clinical Interests:Laboratory diagnosis of viral diseases

Murray, Thomas Scot

Research Interests:Pseudomonas aeruginosa motility and pathogenesis; Detection of drug resistant gram negative bacterium

Clinical Interests:Drug-resistant bacterial infections, cystic fibrosis

Peaper, David Ryan

Research Interests:Microbiology Diagnostics Mass Spectrometry in Laboratory Medicine Clinical Utility of Diagnostic Testing

Clinical Interests:Medical Microbiology: Laboratory Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases

Rai, Rekha

Research Interests:Telomere Function, DNA damage signalling and repair, Genome instability

Rinder, Henry

Research Interests:Biomaterials; Blood Or Blood Products Or Transfusions; Cardiopulmonary Chest Medicine; Cytokines; Hematology; Inflammation; Laboratory Practice Or Procedure; Thrombosis Adhesion Molecules; Blood Platelets; Cardiopulmonary Bypass; Coagulation; Hematology; Hemostasis; Reticulated Platelets

Clinical Interests:Hematology; coagulation; molecular diagnostics; bone marrow transplant; cancer

Snyder, Edward Leonard

Research Interests:Cytoskeleton; Health and Medicine; Membranes; Metabolism; Apheresis Technology; Pathogen Inactivation; Platelet Apoptosis; Platelet Storage Lesion Manufacturing Tissue Engineered Vascular Grafts for Pediatric Surgical Patients

Clinical Interests:Transfusion medicine; apheresis; stem cell collection and processing

Stack, Gary Edward

Research Interests:Blood group alloimmunization; Pharmacogenetics; Blood bank storage of platelets; Pro-inflammatory cytokines; Blood transfusion

Clinical Interests:Transfusion medicine; molecular diagnostics; pharmacogenetics

Tattersall, Peter John

Research Interests:Biochemistry; Genetics; Parvoviruses; DNA replication; Gene therapy; Oncolytic virus; Vaccines; Vectors; Viral replication and vectors

Tormey, Christopher Anthony

Research Interests:Transfusion Medicine; Platelet Storage; Red Blood Cell Alloimmunization

Clinical Interests:Transfusion Medicine; Laboratory Hematology; Coagulation

Torres, Richard

Clinical Interests:clinical hematology; flow cytometry, molecular diagnostics, and immunology