Kurt Eric Roberts, MD, FACS

Associate Professor of Surgery (Gastrointestinal)

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Research Summary

Dr. Kurt Eric Roberts is a board-certified general surgeon who is fellowship-trained in minimally invasive surgery. He specializes in laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgery; laparoscopic bariatric surgery; laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery and especially laparoscopic gastric banding; laparoscopic repair of inguinal hernias and abdominal wall hernias such as incisional hernias or ventral hernias; laparoscopic gallbladder surgery; cholecystectomy; laparoscopic surgery for reflux and achalasia (esophagus); laparoscopic colon surgery; laparoscopic emergency general surgery; endoluminal therapy (a revolutionary approach to Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease - GERD); laparoscopic surgery for pancreatitis. Additionally, he focuses on new technology and techniques in advanced minimally invasive surgery including Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS), i.e. removal of the appendix or gallbladder through only one small incision hidden in the umbilicus (belly button). He also performs scarless surgery (Natural Orifice Transluminal Surgery - NOTES) through natural orifices such as the stomach or vagina for patients with appendicitis or symptomatic gallbladder disease.

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