Kirk H Shelley MD/PhD

Professor of Anesthesiology; Division Chief; Director, Ambulatory Anesthesia

Research Interests

Pulse oximeter waveform analysis; Photoplethysmography; Ambulatory Care; Anesthesiology; Biochemistry; Cardiovascular Diseases; Electrical Engineering Or Electronics; Internal Medicine; Medical Devices; Surgery; Medical Devices; Non-invasive Cardiovascular Monitoring; Patient Monitoring; Pulse Oximeter Research

Research Summary

Extensive experience in pulse oximeter waveform research and development of patient monitoring devices.

Extensive Research Description

As an ambulatory anesthesiologist, I am committed to the development of the best possible noninvasive monitoring technology. My focus has been on the photoplethysmographic waveform (PPG). My primary goal has been to understand the physiology that creates the PPG with an emphasis on its venous and respiratory components. My secondary goal is the utilization of this understanding to develop new methods of patient monitoring. I believe that the state-of-the-art digital signal processing methods combined with new understandings of cardiovascular physiology will allow for significant breakthroughs in this field.

Selected Publications

  • Alian A, Galante N, Stachenfeld N, Silverman D and Shelley K. Impact of Lower Body Negative Pressure Induced Hypovolemia on Peripheral Venous Pressure Waveform Parameters in Healthy Volunteers. Physiological Measurement 35(7): p.1509-20 (2014)
  • Amit Shah, and Kirk H. Shelley. Is pulse oximetry an essential tool or just another distraction? The role of the pulse oximeter in modern anesthesia care. J Clin Monit Comput, 27(3): p. 235-42 (2013)
  • Zachary D Walton, Panayiotis Kyriacou, David G Silverman, Kirk H Shelley. Measuring Venous Oxygen Saturation Using the Photoplethysmographic Waveform. Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing 24 (4), p 295 (2010)
  • Richa Wardhan and Kirk Shelley. Peripheral Venous Pressure Waveform. Current Opinion in Anesthesiology 22 (6), p 814-21 (2009)
  • Shelley, K. H. (2007). "Photoplethysmography: beyond the calculation of arterial oxygen saturation and heart rate." Anesth Analg 105(6 Suppl): S31-36.
  • Shelley, Kirk H., Jablonka, Denis H., Awad, Aymen A., Stout, Robert G., Rezkanna, Hoda, Silverman, David G. (2006) What is the best site for measuring the effect of ventilation on the pulse oximeter waveform?, Anesth Analg, 103(2)372-377,

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